>The Arms Race Goes Public

>Over the Memorial Day weekend many of us fell “behind” on the news. LTP was no exception and in my usual sweep of all things Northwestern, I realized this Teddy Greenstein piece had slipped past me. In the article, Greenstein actually was able to get quotes from AD Jim Phillips, Bill Carmody and even Fitz. […]

>Turkey Week Malaise

>As we prepare for the annual Thanksgiving week football gorge on games we really don’t care about, we have five weeks to fill to keep the tremendous momentum built by Northwestern football. I truly believe whichever opponent we face in the Champs Sports Bowl (most likely) we will be ready and are going to be […]

>Can Nice Guys Finish First?

>Sports Illustrated released their massive survey of fans in all conferences and Northwestern was the run-away winner in the “most polite fans for visitors” with a whopping 33% of the vote. Amazingly, Iowa received third place which is likely because Iowa is one of the more ardent responders to said survey (Indiana was #2 with […]

>Hmmm….What if…?

>Thanks to an LTP reader tip, I was sent this link which at first glance gives you the sense that you’ve stumbled upon some double-secret probation Chicago 2016 inside information displaying Ryan Field Olymp-ified. Upon further digging, it turns out there is some talented graphic designer with a lot of free time on his hand […]