Exchange FAQ

Suppose you have a few extra tickets, and you’d hate to waste them on a Nebraska fan or a Michigan fan. How do you make sure they end up with someone who will wear purple?

Or suppose you’ve got a big group going to a sold-out game, and you unexpectedly discover you’ve got three more people than you do tickets. How can you get everyone in?

Lake The Posts is here to help with the LTP Exchange.

What is the LTP Exchange?

Think of it as Craigslist for Northwestern fans. If you have a need or if you think you can offer something of value to other fans, this is a free way to get the word out and connect you with the NU fan that you’re looking for.

What is it for?

The main motivation is tickets– if you have extra tickets to give away or need tickets, LTP should be your first stop. But other NU-related memorabilia and second-hand merchandise is also appropriate, which you can post under the “General” category.

What isn’t it for?

The LTP Exchange isn’t for anything non-Northwestern. If you’ve got furniture you’re trying to get rid of, please don’t post about it here. It’s also not intended as a message board forum or a platform for opinions. The LTP Exchange is for when you have something or you need something.

Needless to say, the LTP Exchange is also not intended for any illegal transactions. If users post listings that are inappropriate, we reserve the right to remove those listings without warning.

Why can’t I give or sell my tickets to fans of opposing schools?

You can if you want, and it’s certainly possible that you might have Nebraska or Michigan fans replying to your ads– we don’t have any way to control who contacts you with an offer. But that’s not in the spirit of what Lake The Posts is all about. We ask that you respect this and make every effort to verify that you are dealing with someone who will cheer the ‘Cats to victory.

How do I place an ad on the LTP Exchange?

From the main LTP Exchange page, click the link that says Place Ad. You will then be asked to fill out a form with basic information about yourself and your ad.

  • Ad Title – Choose something descriptive but concise, like “Two tickets for NU vs. Illinois, West Sideline”
  • Ad Category – Select the appropriate category from the dropdown menu. Do you have extra tickets, or are you looking for tickets? Home game or away game?
  • Display Name – Choose a name that you’re comfortable with the entire internet seeing. Instead of your full name, we recommend using initials (ie. “John S.”) or a username (ie. “NUCatFan1995”)
  • Contact Person’s Email – Enter a valid email address. This address will not be publicly visible, but it will be how people responding to your ad will contact you (see below).
  • Item PriceEnter numbers only. If you’re willing to give tickets away for free or to the best offer you get, leave it blank.
  • Ad Details – Tell us, in as much detail as possible, what it is you have or that you’re looking for. When applicable, reiterate price or terms.

After you submit your ad, you will automatically get an e-mail confirming your listing, with a URL to your ad. If you realize that you have made a mistake or you otherwise need to edit your ad, your confirmation e-mail will include a 10-digit Listing Edit Key. From your ad listing, click “Edit Ad” near the top of the page. With your e-mail address and Listing Edit Key, you will be able to log in and change your ad.

All ads expire after 30 days. Please keep this in mind when you write your ad.

How do I reply to an ad?

From an ad listing, there is a link that reads “Click here to reply to this ad.” Clicking it will take you to a reply page, where you can write a message that will be sent to the person who posted the ad. Your name, e-mail address, and message will be sent to whomever posted the original ad. From there, it is up to the original poster to decide whether or not to reply to your e-mail and whether or not to accept your offer.

Lake The Posts will not act as middle-man in any transactions. Communication after the initial contact and any transactions will not take place through the LTP Exchange.

The tickets never came/I never got paid/I was scammed! What can you do to help me?

Nothing, and that is not our responsibility. The LTP Exchange is a fantastic way to connect with other NU fans and help make Ryan Field purple, but ultimately there’s nothing that we can do to keep people honest. We hope that the Northwestern community will behave with integrity, but it is up to you to protect yourself and your personal information when you make transactions.

Please do not ask Lake The Posts to act as a mediator to resolve any disputes.