Credit Roll

Closing Time

After seven and a half years, LTP is coming to an end. Our final post will be TOMORROW January 15 and we’ve been spending our final week going in to memory mode and the big picture on all things Northwestern Athletics.  If you’d like to read the post announcing why I felt it was time to close you can read Closing Time part one here and part two of “Closing Time” here. Please note, we’ll be leaving the site up so you can access the archives and all of the content that started in June of 2007.

Credit Roll

It is long overdue to throw out a laundry list of heartfelt thank yous to so many people. If this was an awards show, I’d be getting the orchestra to play loudly as I went on and on and quite candidly I wouldn’t care. It takes a village and LTP was no exception. Let’s get on with the show…but, first:

LTP Bowl Mania Winner:

“Fire McCall” won the 2014 LTP ESPN Bowl Mania challenge with an impressive 539 total points. McAdams Family took home second with 510 and Purple Haze squeaked out the bronze with a 509 point mark. Thank you to every one who participated.  The final top ten list is below.

Bowl Mania 2015 FINAL

Roll The Credits….

Thanks to so many of you for everything you did to make this happen. I’d like to start out with my wife Tanya and my family – Eva, Janel and Nora. The countless nights and weekends you sacrificed for me to go all-in on a passionate hobby…thank you. Several of you asked to see a photo of the girls and here they are, my pride and joy:

Girls for LTP

Yes, I have countless photos of them in NU gear at games, but with the fire hose of this final week, I was unable to get them organized in time.

To the writers…

An incredible shout out to Philip Rossman-Reich, aka “Rise NU” for co-piloting the last several years. You’ve been a life saver and produced consistently stellar work. Thank you. For all the contributors over the years – Jeffrey Eisenband, Kevin Vedder, Jeff Schell, Macray Poidomani, Ben Goren, Megan O’Brien – you’ll never know how much I appreciated the effort.

To the man behind the curtain…

Brian DeConinck, the site webmaster – thank you. Multiple site redesigns, customized solutions like the LTP Ticket Exchange to help make the community better and the hundreds and hundreds of hours helping to make this site run – thanks a ton! To Tim from thank you for manning the LTP Flag Project integration.

To the media brethren….

Guys like Teddy Greenstein, Adam Rittenberg, Dave Revsine, Dave Eanet, Chris Emma, Louie Vaccher, Kevin Trahan and many more – thank you.

To Northwestern…

Thank you Morty and Jim. Thanks to the hard working staff – Mike Polisky, Paul Kennedy, Scott Hammer, Nick Brilowski – thanks for always taking care of our requests professionally and in a very timely manner. Kevin Leonard, Northwestern University Archivist – thank you for what you do and your dedication and support throughout the years.Mike Wolf, even though you’ve long departed, you were there for me in the beginning. Thank you!

To the fans…

Whether it is free copy editing services from you Willie Weinbaum or providing me a place to bounce ideas to so many of you – thanks. The daily links from you “in case you missed this” all became very much part of the community approach to creating daily content. I’ve read every single email you’ve sent me over the years

To the former players…

From Dan Persa to Zak Kustok to Steve Schnur to CJ Bacher – the list goes on and on. Thank you for always being so approachable and willing to help whenever I asked. I don’t think I ever heard the word “no” from any of you. Guys like you are what make rooting for Northwestern so easy to do.

To the parents of players…

Thanks for the support and trust.

To the fellow bloggers….

Yes, that even includes you BHGP – thanks for the camaraderie over the years and always being willing to help one another out whether it was an interview, some background context or just plain trash talking.


Tonight will be the final live game coverage for LTP and I intentionally wanted to include the game against Illinois as the last one. Ben Goren, who recently announced on Twitter that he’ll be moving over to, will be manning LTP for live in-game coverage. The first big memory I have relating to NU hoops involved Cedric Neloms hitting a half-court buzzer beater in 1992 to upset the Illini.  Despite the fact I’ll be going to games for years to come, in my mind there was some symmetry in closing with an Illini game. NU has won five of the last eight against Illinois and I just have a great feeling about tonight.

We’ll be back in a bit.


  • You have a beautiful family! Hope you enjoy spending more time with them in the future (I’m sure you will).

  • PurpleHayes

    For any of us, myself included, who wondered “How does this guy DO it?”, it’s interesting but not surprising to peek behind the curtain and see the answer: hard work, sacrifices, and cooperation from a lot of people. Thanks for all of it.

  • Jbonz

    Thank you Lake the Posts, PRR, and fellow bloggers for a wonderful blog. I read the blog religiously and always enjoyed the community you created. I will miss reading this every day! I am one of the folks that started purchasing season tickets a few years ago based on your encouragement. It allowed me to reconnect with a bunch of old classmates. Sad to see the blog go!

  • Greg Rossiter

    Thank you, LTP, for leaving such a positive and indelible mark on the Northwestern athletics community. Aside from your family, that’s the best legacy you can leave behind.

  • cece

    thanks LTP for providing a space to share all that is the ‘Cats!

    so in that spirit…. DT, if you are still out there, still hoping to encounter you IRL, not that I know who you are, but you were always interesting here. to all those who are down on football because of the off field issues, please don’t give up on the Evanston game experience. I’m not, even despite frustrations. we all need each other, and they need us even if they don’t realize it sometimes!!!! besides, it’s a blast.

    • DT

      Thanks, C… Still hanging out on venerable LTP until in the spirit of the late, great, Dandy Don Meredith, LTP “Turns out the light and the party is over”… I’m going to miss it.. Once again, very much appreciate your kind words, support and the opportunity to interact with you via Jay’s little experiment of sorts the last few years.. I wish you and yours the very best… You are a great fan and NU is most fortunate to have you aboard… Maybe, one of these days we do that IRL over a beer in the West Lot.. Maybe, The Good Doctor will join us! :-)
      Along those lines, wanted to offer a shout out to a few other folks who I always enjoyed and for that matter appreciated the support, when being “contrarian” was not in style here as recently as a couple years ago.. Polymersci, thanks for the kind words and encouragement.. G Tom, your and my civil debate being on different sides of the spectrum might give the world hope that polar opposites can co-exist! Always a pleasure and viv la difference! PBR Cat.. Keep em chugging at that VFW Post, pal.. And last but not least, Henry in CT/Pasadena/Rose Bowl Country.. Enjoy that PAC-12 ball you now love.. At the same time, proof positive again the other night, Midwest size and toughness, beats that flash and dash on the coast! Don’t forget your Big Ten roots!
      Go Cats…

      • cece

        great to hear from you one last time!!!! via con…tequila!

        • DT

          Viva Cuervo!

        • PBRCat

          Pave the parking lot and fight the good fight, cece.

          It is going to pain me to remove LTP from my favorites.

          • cece

            aw shucks! to the lots!

      • Polymersci

        Thanks for the shout-out. It has been a blast interacting with you, cece, GTom, Henry in Rose Bowl country, Jonathan Wood, and many others. I always thought the comments section was full of good interactions, with a lot of thoughtful comments and interesting points of view. I recognize it got a little rough at times last football season but the majority of the commenters interacted in a civil way. Nonetheless, I will miss the blog and the spirited interactions. Will have to figure out a way to hoist a cold one with you in the west lot (after dodging the potholes!, this one’s for cece!) when I am back in Evanston for football games next fall. I usually get back for 3-4 games. Our season tickets are in section 128, so I think I am close to you. Have a great year!

        Go Cats!

        • cece

          happy trails, Polymersci!

          • Polymersci

            Thanks cece, loved your perspectives. Keep those guys in line. You are a hoot! It’s been fun.

      • PBRCat

        It is the Evanston American Legion Post, DT. Right next to the golf course down the street from the stadium. I owe you a drink.

        • DT

          Thanks, PBR…