Best of…LTP “N Flag Project”

Closing Time

After seven and a half years, LTP is coming to an end. Our final post will be on January 15 and we’ve been spending our final week going in to memory mode and the big picture on all things Northwestern Athletics.  If you’d like to read the post announcing why I felt it was time to close you can read Closing Time part one here and part two of “Closing Time” here. Please note, we’ll be leaving the site up so you can access the archives and all of the content that started in June of 2007.

Best of LTP N Flag Project

Just so every one is aware, we’ll be keeping the entire site up and even more archive focused as we shutter day-to-day blog posting here at LTP. We’ve got some work to do to make that happen, so bear with us if everything isn’t quite good to go next week. One such Wildcat distraction of rabbit hole proportion is the LTP “N Flag Project” we started years ago.

I asked for fans to send in visual proof of their Wildcat pride by taking photos of the Northwestern “N flag” flying proudly whether it was at their house or on a road trip. We then integrated the photos in to a Google Map to show off the location and just like that we had a steady stream of amazing shots from all over the globe from you. We have 49 states (no Connecticut if you can imagine that), dozens of stadium shots and dozens and dozens of countries on the board. I could do one photo a day and we’d go for more than a year. It’s actually not a bad idea considering almost every photo came with an email back story that I just found fascinating.

Please don’t be offended if yours didn’t make this list. The below is a small sample of the” best of” and I’d love to show them all.

We’ve got a photo from the northern most location in the United States…

Amy and Stephen, both NU Class of ’99, put some purple in Barrow, Alaska, the northern most city in the United States.

Wildcat fans ventured even further north like this shot way north in Alaska near the arctic circle.

The Wildcat flag flew in Anaktuvuk pass, Alaska, north of the arctic circle thanks to Ernie K and his wife.
The Wildcat flag flew in Anaktuvuk pass, Alaska, north of the arctic circle thanks to Ernie K and his wife.

If you go all the to the other end of our planet, a Wildcat posse put some purple on the board in Antartica:

'Cats fans in 2009 in Antartica!
‘Cats fans in 2009 in Antartica!

Most courageous…Michael and Cody flashing the purple pride in Pyongyang, DPRK, the capital city in North Korea.

North Korea

There are so many that just had amazing background shots, here a few that stuck out:

Ben in Japan…
Japan Ben

Mark and Debbie, flagless, but improvising with NU garb in front of the Taj Mahal…

Taj Majhal Bauer

Rebecca in Vietnam…

Vietnam Rebecca Orr

Belvedere Palace in Vienna…

Vienna Belvedere Palace

The Arabian Desert….

Arabian Desert

A Navy aircraft carrier….


Kigali Airport in Africa…



A rice paddy in Bali
A rice paddy in Bali

Jason Ullner in Baghdad, Iraq


On a ship near Finland…

Finland kemi

Santorini, Greece….


New Zealand…

New Zealand Milford Sound Adam and Alicia

Jim Hoff in Venice…

Venice Italy Grand Canal Jim Hoff



And a few stadium gotchas….

From Alabama….


to Iowa

Notre Dame…

Notre Dame TD Jesus Bauer


Nebraska Memorial Mike


Auburn N Flag


the Illini, of course…


and the wishful thinking of the Rose Bowl….



And the best prank of all was one fan who was able to sneak in to Cal’s stadium and hoist the Wildcat purple….

Cal Memorial Stadium

These don’t get old for me. We’re all connected by our love of the ‘Cats. I’ve had several wedding photos over the years, and here are a couple that caught my eye:

Mr. & Mrs. Foster…

Wedding Photo Jeff Groto

And a fantastic shot of a wedding in New Mexico that I wish I could blow up to show you the happiness in the shot.

NM wedding Charles and Meli

Thanks to every one over the years who submitted photos and great stories that accompanied the emails. We’ll be keeping the map, along with everything else, up for your review.