Closing time – Part I

It is time. It has been an awesome run, but it is time to close up shop on the daily dose of Wildcataganda after one wild ride. The actual final post for this blog will be January 15, the day after the ‘Cats home tilt with Illinois and just days after Ohio Sate or Oregon is crowned the 2014 College Football National Champion.

This news may be blasting you just like that arctic slap in the face Chicago’s frozen temperatures and wind brought many of us today. After pulling up a chair to this community whether it has been since June of 2007 when I launched or if you’re a relative newcomer, you deserve an explanation.

With the help of a great crew of contributing writers and my main man, Phillip Rossman-Reich, LTP has produced nearly 5,000 posts.  The goal of the blog was rather simple at its launch – “help pack Ryan Field with almost all purple”.  There was a second motivation I had back in the spring of 2007 as well – learn about social media by diving in as a participant.

Many of you don’t know the real impetus for launching LakeThePosts, a blog name created by Northwestern alum, Dan Shanoff (Medill ’95), was for my own personal gain at work.The name, as the sidebar of this site explains, is a nod to the pre-Gary Barnett era Wildcats who won so infrequently that a win, any win, became a student section mission of ripping down the field goal posts, exiting the stadium and marching them down Central Street to north campus and throwing, or “laking”, the field goal posts in to Lake Michigan.

In 2007, blogs were crossing in to mainstream media influence and as the recently named CEO of TeamWorks Media I felt I needed to get a deep understanding of how to connect the social media dots. I’m a tactile learner  and as I thought about the one topic that I felt I could write about every single day to keep a blog robust and provide value online more so than 99.9% of the world’s population the answer was painfully easy – “Northwestern football”. I quickly expanded that to include Northwestern Athletics as a whole, but the name is no doubt a nod to football.

As the days turned in to months and then years the goals expanded and so did the community. Northwestern football had a voice among the sea of Big Ten-related blogs and though I couldn’t control the on-field product, I went on a crusade to protect the brand,blogger by blogger. I developed great relationships with all sorts of media types ranging from local blogs to national college football experts. Much more rewarding, though, were the hundreds and hundreds of relationships I developed because of LTP. Some have only been through email, some via Twitter and many have been in person.

When I think about the various types of people for whom I otherwise would never have connected with it makes this journey so worth it. I’ve come to know all sorts of people from wide ranges of age and interests all connected by our love of the Wildcats.

The life journey has changed as well. When I started LTP, I was in a parental haze having then three kids three and under in age. Now, my oldest daughter, Eva, is about to turn 11 and my youngest, Nora, is 7 – they are in the sweet spot of childhood.  The demands of LTP are double-digit hours per week and during football season it gets up to nearly 20, and those are hours I’ll never get back with the kids.  I’m now 41 and priorities change in a good way.

My wife Tanya has been a saint. She’s been very supportive of LTP and has gone all-in on Northwestern despite previously having had zero connection with the school. We tailgate at every home game in the west lot and she plays host to 20-40 people on any given Saturday. She’s also seen me be completely engrossed in my own world on weekends solely dedicated to LTP.

The overwhelming majority of posts are created on the Metra train to and from work, but as a Lake Bluff native who works downtown, that’s an 1:10 minute train ride each day and those two plus hours could easily be used all-in on TeamWorks, which has a much better ROI. She often jokes that best-selling author, Scott Turrow,  made millions on his train rides while I work for free.

As my career at TeamWorks has grown over the years, I’m engaged in a daily battle of growing a company that specializes in purpose-driven marketing, getting to the heart and soul of an organization and helping them connecting with their desired audiences by helping them tell their story in various ways. Take what I’ve done with Northwestern Athletics, take double digit communication touchpoints and you get the gist. You can see how LTP has been a breeding ground for helping others benefit from building engaged communities, just as I had hoped when I started.

But, the time has come to call it a day. I had envisioned dropping the microphone and walking off stage left after a season average of 47,330 with mostly purple and the ‘Cats heading to Indianapolis for the Big Ten Championship. To leave now, after back-to-back losing seasons and a very frustrated football fan base makes it that much tougher for me.

Despite Sunday night’s waxing by Wisconsin, I do believe the ‘Cats will have a legitimate shot to crack the NCAA Tournament next year if things fall their way. And when that day comes, man will it be a party and you can bet I’ll be there with you, packing some overwhelmed city like Albequerque and creating the most ticket demand ever for a first round game.

As with most things in life there is never a “perfect time” for just about anything. You can always rationalize putting things off until tomorrow. For me, at some point in the past year or two the daily passion started to turn in to a daily grind.  At first I blamed it on writer’s block, but after it persisted, at some point the daily posts became more obligatory than exciting.

Even if the ‘Cats had put together back-to-back 10-win seasons I believe this feeling would have been there. I’m not ending LTP because of two down football seasons, that much I know for certain.

In the final week plus of LTP, I’ll be sharing great moments from the past as well as addressing some topics that I’ve never gotten around to -the big picture ones that are worth addressing and will spark conversations.

As Wildcat fans, you are in good hands. So many options have emerged since I started the blog. In addition to the mainstream beat writers you’ve got the voluminous work being done by Kevin Trahan and InsideNU, you’ve got Scout’s PurpleWildcats site, Chris Emma and friends at Wildcat Digest and of course Louie Vaccher and which was here before I joined the party.  Throw in the Big Ten blogs like ESPN’s and OffTackleEmpire and there is no shortage of Wildcat coverage.

Just like there were staples before me – being the most impressionable on me – there will be more Northwestern outlets in the future. Like attendance, it will most likely uptick with on field and on court success, but there is no doubt brighter days are ahead.

It is a day of mixed emotions for me. On one hand it is cathartic for finally typing the words “LTP is ending.” On other hand it is tough to let go of something that has become part of my identity. I look forward to celebrating the next week plus with you.

Coming up tomorrow…Closing Time Part II, which could also be called “The Hypocrisy of LTP Anonymity”.

  • HB

    Thank you very much for an awesome seven year experience. I can say as a ’67 grad that LTP is one of the gems in my continuing interest in NU football. It will seem strange not checking in daily with your posts and keeping abreast of what’s going on inside the program but I fully understand the family and career commitments and wish you well in the future. Again thank you very much for an outstanding job in revving up interests in Wildcat football. Dave Burge

  • Bela Barner

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your entertaining and insightful articles over the years. Thank you for teaching more about my Wildcats than any other web site. Thank you for enabling this community of Wildcat fans.

    We will miss your weekly commentaries, your humor, and your perspective. Best wishes for continued success. Go Cats!

  • NU68

    Revived my interest in NU sports …. Many thanks.

  • Next Cat

    Huge thanks for all you’ve done. Will miss LTP enormously but congratulations on having made this decision and for what lies ahead for you personally and professionally.

  • JM

    LTP, thanks so much for all the work over the years. This site has been a great read, as well as a fun place to celebrate and (more recently) vent with other Cats faithful. Hugely appreciated. – JM

  • Michael Carmody

    Thanks for everything the last 7+ years. Been a great read as a fan/alum/athletics family member. You should know that BC used to forward links to your posts along to me when he was still at NU, and since he still basically doesn’t use the internet, that’s a huge compliment to the quality of your work. Looking forward to the last week.

    • LTP

      Michael – Thank you for the comment. Wow, that is indeed a compliment of the highest order. Your kind note struck a chord with me and further underscored the class act BC was and still is. You made my day. Thank you!

  • H George

    Thank you for providing this venue for me to vent! – lol. Greatly appreciate all that you’ve done.

  • CatsFTW


    no but really, quite sad :(

  • Jason

    Thank you for everything over the years and best of luck with all of your future endeavors! I’m looking forward to the next week in review!

  • Jason

    Why not just whittle it down to once a week or occasional posts rather than shut it down completely? It seems you still have a passion for writing and a rabid audience and it would be great to get a once a week post rather than none at all!

    • Alaskawildcat

      An added vote for Jason’s suggestion. Even if the occasional post is not in the cards, it would be great to have the site continue at least for archival purposes including that great flag map project you undertook.

      • LTP

        Thanks for the suggestion. I will clarify in the next post, but I will be leaving the site up for archival purposes. Should have made that clear.

  • Gladeskat

    Thanks for enthusiastically drumming up support for the team, bringing thousands of fans to games who otherwise would have missed all the fun. Good luck with your career and family.

  • Mark Wheaton

    So sad to see you close up shop. I read LTP every day and find the content interesting, thought provoking and intelligent. I haven’t agreed with every point of view and that is why I will miss it. Good luck with your professional activities and thanks very much for the years you have run this blog!!!!

  • PurpleHayes

    Wow. Cold slap indeed, but like the others here, it immediately turns to words of gratitude. You’ve emphasized, appropriately, that these games are about entertainment, and I hope the highest compliment we could pay is that you and your co-posters have enhanced that entertainment markedly these last several years. LTP has been a source of accurate information, deep insights, debate topics, humor where it could be found, mostly good commenters, and yes, a few idiots to rail against (most of whom were ironically chased off just recently). I often wondered how you could sustain this effort, but this post reiterates there is no substitute for hard work, and I understand and respect the decision completely. Thank you, LTP–this has been terrific and we will miss it.

  • Wildcattaganda

    Huge thanks for enourmous amount of effort you’ve put in. No question, this has been the go-to for the NU athletics community of fans.

    Could you turn it over to a group of students or young alums looking to get into sports journalism? They could perhaps form the LTP club. Why not pass the torch?

  • LondonAlum

    LTP helped reawaken my interest in Wildcat football even though I live 4,000 miles from Evanston. Now, much to my British-born wife’s dismay, I spend every evening in the autumn watching the Cats over the internet, for better or (all too often lately) for worse.

    Thanks, LTP for all of your hard work and your loyalty to NU. You are correct when you say there are a lot of other Northwestern sites out there, but LTP will always be the best!!!

  • NU’06er

    All I can say is a profound thanks.
    While you correctly acknowledge that there are more places to get Wildcat football information out there that there used to be, what set LtP apart, for me at least, was that this particular place to get information focused on our community and wasn’t just covering the team as a byproduct of catering to other Big Ten fanbases, etc. It was nice to have like-minded fans celebrating major victories and commiserating through crushing defeats together in one place rather than the ESPN board experience of being outnumbered and dismissed for any positive impressions of the ‘Cats when they managed to upset their bigger name foes. I’ll confess I was less active here in the last year of LtP for exactly that reason — our recent struggles have divided us in ways which sometimes make it feel less like we’re all on the same team and I went searching for a more unified community with that intent. But there is no me standing on Waveland with a “Lake the Ivy” sign three years ago at GameDay or any other number of communal experiences in which I fondly recall backing my school if not for the consciousness with which your work helped make Northwestern’s traditions something people could be aware of and proud of as uniquely our own, regardless whether they have the same “brand” equity as the Michigans and Ohio States of the world.
    So again, many thanks for your work.
    Go ‘Cats.

    • Louis M

      NU’06, You’ve captured the essence of my thoughts as well. The NU Wildcat flag flies at half mast today.

      LTP, your enthusiasm and passion has been a treasure. I’m grateful I got to meet you and revel in the events you orchestrated. I will very much miss my morning coffee with you.

      May you and your family enjoy great health and much happiness in your future journeys.

      Louis M

  • GTom

    Man, what a stunner. Thank you so much for your efforts over the years, LTP. I can’t imagine a better ambassador for fans of NU Athletics, and you should be really proud of some of the tangible things you have done to turn Ryan Field (and other locations) a bit more purple (ticket exchange, setting goals for new season ticket holders, Sailgate, etc.). I will really miss your work, and hope that our paths will cross at Ryan Field in the years to come.

  • I really don’t have anything to add that hasn’t already been said better that I would say it by somebody else, but I just want to add to the chorus of people saying thanks.

  • DT

    Heck of a job, LTP.. Solid run.. You should be proud of your efforts..

  • 4411

    Sad day, but you had a great run. This was the first site I visited everyday. You made a difference, you succeeded. Well done LTP, you the man.

  • Sorry to hear this… thanks for all of your work and passion that you shared here.

  • Hollywood Cat

    What a sad post heading to see! Guess I will need to find a new NU blog site to check every time I need to procrastinate from getting any real work done at my computer. Thanks for all the stories, scoops and sports reporting over the years. You helped make me a better NU fan for sure over these past several years. Good luck on your next adventure and thanks for all you did!

  • Purplebleeder

    I rarely posted, but always followed. This blog has certainly made a positive impact for me and many of my friends. I wish the best to you LTP as you close the doors on this blog.

  • das420

    Your fairly tireless efforts on this blog the last few years probably impacted significantly more people than you even realize. Job well done and best of luck to you in your future endeavors!

  • CatFan

    It will be a cold winter indeed without LTP to warm my day. Thanks for all you have done for NU. I know you and your family will enjoy more hours together now, but your NU family will miss you.

  • IndiaCat

    Echoing everything that has been said, thank you LTP. It has made me reconnect with NU Sports in a way I would never have, especially since I relocated to India a few years back. Don’t and can’t have enough praise for your work.

  • Andrew

    What a huge loss for the NU Community! As many have already mentioned, this is the place I turned good times and bad over the last few years and kept my energy up as a fan!! It will not be the same without LTP! Thanks for all the hard work to keep our Wildcataganda satisfied!

  • TennisCat

    Thanks for all the great content and discussion over the years. As a former athlete at NU that no longer lives in the Chicago area, it kept me up to date and engaged with my alma mater. For all that has been said about NU athletics lack of fandom and passion, this blog proved otherwise.

  • wildcat6

    LTP, thank you for all of the color you have provided Wildcat fans for the past 7 years. You’ve had a great run! Having 3 kids myself I can totally relate, and support your decision wholeheartedly. You will be missed!

  • Josh Walfish

    This was one of the first fan sites I heard about when I was accepted to NU back in 2009. It’s been an honor to get a chance to talk with you, Phillip, and to be able to cover so many great NU moments alongside this wonderful site. It will leave a hole that will be hard to fill.

  • garyca

    Thanks LTP. Obviously this was an affair of the heart for you. And all of us have benefited greatly. Best wishes on the future, family, job, etc.
    LTP has been where I get 90% of my NU sports news,,,,no time for anything else. I am curious if you, or others, have any thoughts on a “go to” place, that might replace this one. I know you have mentioned several, but if there is a top choice, I would appreciate it.
    Best regards,

  • Hob

    A huge loss to the NU athletics community. Thank you for helping to cure my ‘Cats cravings for the last seven plus years. I have been reading your blog since almost the beginning and your “retirement” from this endeavor will be huge loss to the start of each of my days. I look forward to seeing you at the games.

  • PBRCat

    I am sorry to learn the news and since I just emailed you a video clip from YouTube yesterday your decision comes as a total surprise.

    I understand what you are saying. I used to blog and contribute online columns on different subjects elsewhere and it can become time consuming and tiring. I did this for about five years and then stopped. Recently, I did a guest column and realized that it was the first posting that I had done since 2013. I still do some writing, but I had to change topics in order to become engaged and avoid being overly repetitive.

    Interestingly, the last two seasons of Wildcat Football have been so excruciating for me that I have even questioned whether or not it was time to let my season tickets lapse. No decision yet, but I am questioning my commitment of so many hours to an athletic team.

    I have appreciated the opportunity to take part in online discussions of the Wildcat football team. Visiting this board has been therapeutic for me at times.

  • RLembke

    I understand the reasons for shutting it down, but LTP will be missed.

  • bandcat

    LTP you have a lot of Really Important things to take care of…it just gets busier and busier with the young’uns…Enjoy the heck out of their childhood and best of luck in your career…I have enjoyed this site for many seasons and will miss the interaction with fellow Cats Fans. Go Cats!

  • quiverfull

    Love the cats. Oldest brother played for you all (I was playing at Michigan) and I always pull for you. Go Cats, Go Blue.

  • cece

    thanks for all the years of work. we will all feel a loss without this community, despite tensions at times. would be folly to think that someone else could step up and take it over at your level, but a girl can dream.

  • Woody6

    I second all the plaudits already posted about how wonderful this blog site has been.

    And I’d like to add another, one that has been so vital.

    LTP has been a fabulous freedom of expression site. You could always state an unpopular opinion as long as it was not a personal attack. And those who would respond almost always did so respectfully, even if they strongly disagreed with you.

    And you LTP, personally, have always encouraged and stood for that.

    In contrast, on Rivals, you sure can’t say what you really want to say without fear of being personally attacked, insulted. I’ve seen it happen many times.

    So, with the demise of the LTP blog, freedom of expression regarding NU sports is taking A BIG, BIG HIT.

    But bless you LTP, for the 7+ years you’ve given us.

    • Chasmo

      I would like to second Woody6’s kudos for LTP being a non-censoring site. Voltaire said, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it” and LTP put that belief into practice. He is to be commended for doing that as much as he is to be commended for his love of the Cats and for running an interesting blog.

  • Ken Rutsky

    Sad news, as a regular reader and a occasional poster, I will REALLY miss the blog. Best of luck LTP in all your ventures, the site will be sorely missed by Wildcat Nation!

  • Cletown Joe

    Wow…it is a sad day for the Northwestern loyals. Being the same age as you and also having a family, I have always been amazed at the commitment you have made to the NU community. Your site has been a morning ritual for me the past 4 years.

    While we would all be happy with you just posting once or twice a week (and paying so those Metra trips aren’t for free), I realize that a clean break is probably needed. While one would hope the void will be filled by the popping up of another blog (supply and demand, right?) unfortunately this is unlikely. Yes, there are other sites that blog on NU sports, but your coverage is much more for the people by the people.

    It has been a couple of rough years being a ‘Cats fan, but this might be the toughest blow of all.

  • SJ Wildcat

    Man oh man, what am I going to do after January 15th to feed my LTP jones? I get it. It has got to be hard work and very taxing on the family. Best wishes and thank you for providing a vehicle to allow the Northwestern sports community a place to gather in celebration and in sorrow/frustration. You will be missed.

  • JimGoCats93

    Thanks to you and PR-R.
    Great work!
    Who will remind me that I need to drink the purple kool-aid??????

  • Catville

    Thank you. Best wishes for you, your family, and your future endeavors.

  • formerlyanonymous

    It’s been several years since I read regularly, but I will always remember LTP as one of the originals in the B1G blogosphere, and one that I always valued for NU content.

    Thanks for the time, the content, and the insight. Good luck with TeamWorks, or wherever you end up.

  • Wildcat79

    Sorry to see you go. It’s been fun but after checking out your TeamWorks web site it’s understandable why you are doing it. Your company looks very impressive and good to know about. My only request would be to see if you can keep the program going for the underprivileged kids in Evanston ? It’s great outreach in Evanston which we all know is a good thing for NU.
    Thanks Again and good luck.
    Go Cats !

  • Mark Heller

    Thanks so much to you, Tanya, and your three children! It’s been a great way to communicate about the passion for Cats football and you have certainly exhibited that and encouraged and fostered that passion. LTP will be missed but best wishes to you and your future work!

  • Figrating

    There are other folks doing something similar, but LTP has been the best. Thanks.

  • FreeAirWilly

    LTP- Went to 90% of the home games during my tenure in Evanston and a handful of games in enemy territory. However, it wasn’t until I found this blog that I felt like my fandom was complete. I’m a pessimist by nature and your daily dose of optimism and positive spin was much needed to get me through some of the rougher stretches over the years. You were a great (unofficial) ambassador of the University and don’t underestimate your contributions to NU Athletics.

    There will be a day when Ryan Field is full to the brim of purple-clad fans and on that day, I’ll think of this blog! Thanks for the leaving the NU fan community better than you found it and enjoy the extra family time

  • Buffalo_Joe

    Thanks LTP. You did so much for alumni living outside Chicagoland by helping keep their NU fandom burning bright.

  • NUinNY

    Thank you LTP. You’ve been a major part of my fandom for many years. This blog and your insight will be missed.

  • NUmanager

    Recently my wife made me pitch all the old free t-shirts I never wear. But there was one at the bottom of the pile that I refused to toss. Sailgate will go down the road trip to end all road trips. It was a great day to be an NU fan. Even with the loss to Army it was everything that’s great about being a fan. Thanks LTP.

  • NUWildcat

    LTP…thank you for your tireless efforts on behalf of NU athletics. Your blog was a daily “must read” by so many of us and will be missed.

  • Al

    Thanks for everything!

  • Wildcat Fan

    I, too, would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your time and dedication. I have read your posts forever and will miss them sorely. Many years ago when I was at a luncheon with Pat Fitzgerald I even shared with him how much I love your blog. I’ve never seen a college blog even the ones that you pay for that can compare to yours.
    As a 1983 grad who went to every home game during the entire losing streak I feel a strong connection with the name of your blog because I took part in “laking the posts” in the two home victories my senior year; the Northern Illinois game where we one our first game since the day I moved into my dorm freshman year and then when we beat Minnesota for our first Big 10 victory since before I came to NU.
    I’m so sad but I understand.

  • Purple Flag on Saturday

    Nobody does it better.

  • Brian Tumpowsky

    It’s been a great ride. Thanks for letting us on board. Reading this blog has become a daily, religious observance. It will be missed. All the best!!

  • Gounorthwestern

    I for one would proudly rip down the goalposts and carry them to your front yard as a heartfelt thank you for your fantastic blog.

    • NUinNY

      Should it trouble me that my first thought here was, “there has got to be a way to make this happen”?

  • Mike Hlas

    Sorry to hear it. All the best to you going forward. Mike Hlas

  • PastorCat

    Thank you for all the work you’ve put into this. Much, much appreciated!

  • wolfcat

    LTP…We are honored to have known you through this vehicle and deeply appreciate every keystroke you added and inappropriate comment you endured over the years. Thank you for consistently trying to maintain positivity in this space and your efforts to fill Ryan Field in purple were successful in our eyes. You will be greatly missed as the shining purple beacon you have become. Enjoy your children and family…you deserve it tenfold! Bravo!! Dan and Catie Barron (Wolfcat)

  • Drew

    I’ve been in denial all day since you put this post up. LTP has been a daily, regular routine of mine for so many years that I can’t even fathom not having it around. Of course, I admired your passion and dedication to NU Athletics, but more than anything, I appreciated your perspective on the games and the issues. I often felt “that’s exactly what I wanted to say.”

    Thank you for creating such a terrific community around Northwestern sports and I look forward to seeing you tailgating in the parking lot in the years ahead (and at that first NCAA Tourney game…).

  • Lakeside Cat

    Thank you so much. Regardless of your stated purposes for your blog, I know your true purpose was as a voice for Northwestern football (and athletics), and it is painful to see you go. I have read daily since 2008 (with a few days skipped during the commotion surrounding the unionization issue) and you were always one of my first sites during my morning “browsing.” While I rarely posted, I learned a great deal about our program and the fan base (even if I didn’t always agree with all opinions) from your site. I always thought the other Northwestern sites were “different” and yours was simply the best. You cannot imagine how many times my wife has heard me say “I read on LTP…” While I do not question my dedication to our Wildcats, it has certainly been a tough two years, and this makes it even tougher. Hopefully our program will get everything sorted out for the better in the long run. I would still be a Wildcat any day over any other. Go ‘Cats!

  • Boston Rag

    This is my first post, and probably my last since LTP will be no more as of the 16th, but I couldn’t let this moment pass without expressing my deep appreciation for what you have done to bring NU sports lovers and particularly Cats football and hoops lovers together to share the particularly unique experience of being an NU sports fan. You, PRR, the other writers, and this great blog will be missed dearly.

  • sailingcat

    I know I can’t be the only one who got a little choked up at this news and reading all the comments. Feels like I’m losing the best friend I commiserate with every morning about all the trials and triumphs of NU Athletics. You or someone in the comments always says what I’m thinking or offers a new perspective I needed to hear.

    But the memories of Sailgate, Howells and Hood, and all the new or re-energized NU fans and season ticket holders we’ve been hearing from all over the world through these comments will live on (in addition to your archives) as a fantastic legacy.

    I just wanted to echo the thanks that everyone has already given for your contributions to NU, our LTP community, and me, personally (for all the assistance you have provided to the Northwestern Alumni Club of Chicago with our bus trip initiatives). Your support of Northwestern Athletics is pretty well unmatched and we all know it’s not wavering, even if the daily blogging is no longer realistic.

    Wishing you nothing but the best at work and at home and many Wildcat victories in front of an all purple crowd…we’ll do our best to keep the momentum going!

  • FelisSilvestris

    Thanks LTP. I will truly miss the best forum that exists to read about and discuss NU athletics. Best of luck!

  • Roy Lamberton

    As I found out with Purple Reign – you eventually run out of gas, and someone else is always lined up to take your place/position. One morning I woke up and just couldn’t continue, welcome to the club, LTP.

  • NUProf

    It’s always good to go out on top. As all of this community attests, this endeavor has been a stunning success. Best wishes for all future success.

  • Noah

    What a blog. We will miss you!

  • CatInTheHat

    Wow. Your impact on this community and fan base has been immeasurable. Without LTP, I genuinely don’t believe that any of the other venues you listed would exist or exist at the level of strength that they do today. I’m sure I can’t add anything that hasn’t already been said, but if it were possible for every player, coach, fan, journalist, and alum who has somehow been reached by your work to give you a standing ovation, it would be richly deserved. Thank you for everything.

  • Cat-in-the-Buff

    Thank you for your service! You will be missed. Best wishes to you and your family!

  • 70sPhiSigAlum

    Am a relative newcomer to Lake the Posts but will miss my daily dose of NU athletic blog.
    U-grad ’68 ; Grad School ’70; season football tickets & tailgating (west lot) since ’74 when I worked for NU.
    Seen a lot of sucky football, and been to a batch of bowl games. Winning feels a lot better —– that’s why the past 2 years feel so bad —- we ‘be proven that NU is better. Our expectations are higher!

  • jeffkosnett

    Thanks for a wonderful, informative and frank community, one that I have relied on for years and years. This is like seeing one of my favorite bars and restaurants closing because the owners just are exhausted.

  • LTP

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your sincere outpouring of support has been overwhelming. Seriously. Wow. Thank you. Without you there would be none of the sense of loss.

  • Thank you for all that you’ve done for Northwestern and for the fans. You stayed classy. You will be missed.