Hat Trick! ‘Cats land third ’15 commit

You kind of knew it was coming. Late last week I posted about how The Masters usually seems to kick off Northwestern football commitment season. WildcatReport.com announced today that RB John Moten, a three star back from St. Louis (John Burroughs High School), Missouri, committed to Northwestern. Moten, a 6-foot, 188 pound back chose NU over Missouri, BC, Wake Forest, Illinois, Purdue and Syracuse, according to WR. Welcome aboard John!

Nathan Fox, a Texas 5A second team All State selection was NU's first 2015 commitment.
Nathan Fox, a Texas 5A second team All State selection was NU’s first 2015 commitment.

Moten is the third 2015 commitment for Pat Fitzgerald as earlier this week LB Nathan Fox of Houston (Clear Lake), Texas earned the distinction of being the first member of the class. Fox chose NU over Mississippi State, Wake Forest and Utah. Then yesterday morning Tommy Vitale, another LB and younger brother of current starting superback, Dan Vitale both received and offer and accepted.  The ‘Cats have done an absolutely incredible job of landing younger brothers in the program including some recent blue chips. It’s clearly part of the overall strategy and in the coming weeks we’ll dive in to this tactic which results in what may be one of the more unique recruiting storylines in major college football.

Welcome to Wildcat Nation John, Tommy and Nathan! Let’s keep the recruiting mojo going!


  • David

    Congratulations to our three new Wildcats. I am happy for Fitz and the team to have some positive FB news. It will be interesting to find out how the whole union debate impacted the players decision. I had wondered if the recruits might hold off on decisions until after the 25th. Though the voted will remain sealed…how people voted may be leaked by the players to get the distraction off the table.

    It struck me that Missouri has not been a fertile recruiting ground for NU. I checked the roster…only Mike McHugh is fom Missouri. I wonder if John Moten is a one off situation….or are we making progress there?

    • Richard

      MO in general isn’t a terribly fertile state for football talent. Burroughs is an absolutely stellar school academically, so I’m sure that Fitz was able to play up the academic angle there. Would that be as successful with kids at other schools?

      As for the union thing: Give kids credit. Unlike what many folks on here may think, I daresay that most kids who are NU material think long-term when it comes to school choices, and long-term (unless the administration does something crazy like threaten to end college football here), an NU degree and NU network means something, whether the players are unionized or not.

  • David

    David and Andrew Dowell… 4-star brothers from Ohio just committed. Huge.

    • Old Fat Bald Guy

      From St. Edward in Lakewood, same school Deonte Gibson is from.

      • Richard

        Fitz and company definitely going the friends and family route in recruiting, which makes sense considering that they really try to strengthen and sell NU’s more family-style culture (compared to many other programs, which have more of an NFL-style what-have-you-done-for-me-lately culture).

      • PurpleHayes

        And Jeff Mogus, as well as another name I hope will become a lot more familiar this season: DT Greg Kuhar, who should be a big part of NU shoring up its defensive middle. I have a friend whose son was a St. Ed’s teammate with these guys and plays D1 FB elsewhere. My friend says the Dowell’s are both decent prospects, but there is a younger brother in junior high who may eclipse them both. Keep that family pipeline going and stay tuned, Fitz!