Sweet 16…for some

The LTP Tourney Pool has been a roller-coaster ride and now that the Sweet 16 is set, our community bragging rights are starting to take shape too. Damischlaw is in first place clinging to a 10-point lead that is going to be short-lived. With only 640 points remaining, he/she is soon going to be overtaken by Johnathan Wood, Willie Weinbaum or Roob417, the frontrunners for the title, all with 480 points and all with exactly 1200 points remaining.


LTP Tourney Pool Sweet 16
LTP Tourney Pool Sweet 16

I can’t help watch this Madness through purple-tinted glasses. I was loving the purple of Stephen F. Austin and happy to see them get a win. I can’t help but think about NU alum Rachel Nichols post-game interview with Mercer and think of it as the wildest interview of the NCAA Tournament. Northwestern’s Craig Sager has his own TV commercial for crying out loud. And, any team getting love for their first March Madness win, well, that’s an obvious visceral celebration. And then there is that smart kids’ school with the former Duke assistant winning another upset…hey, wait a minute…

More on the Madness and NU Sports tomorrow.

  • Johnathan Wood

    Best year I’ve had in at least 5 years. here’s hoping it doesn’t all fall apart. Lotta people all close together though.

  • cece


    here’s how another blog sees basketball at their university.

    and the women play at Indiana on Thursday night.

    • Arnie

      I can’t believe the lack of attention from LTP on our women’s NIT progress!

      • cece

        LTP has made some mention of the women’s NIT in a few columns. but there is much more attention to the Men’s NCAA and we don’t have a team in that. and there is also bashing on this blog of sentiment that attention must be paid equally to men’s and women’s hoops, so that makes such discussions difficult, at least for me. I’m consistently surprised at the sexism displayed when all that is asked is equality. a la Cate Blanchett, it’s a round ball people!

        Go ‘Cats! Beat Indiana! you did it once on their court, you can do it again.

        • LTP

          cece – indeed missed the WNIT info. You’re more than happy to cover it for LTP. Calling me sexist for lack of coverage is a bit too much, however.

          • cece

            the sexist comment was about those who bash on the blog, not about your coverage. sorry for any confusion in my comment. perhaps you may recall that there have been many posts on this blog which criticize comments where there are requests for equality, for example, when I post that basketball means basketball, not just men’s basketball and those commenting deliver sexist comments in return. sexist comments by those posting are very disturbing and that is what bothers me. I know you have no control over those posting….although other blogs have commentary guidelines and I have pointed that out before…..and that is what really bothers me on this blog.

            besides, you did not miss the WNIT info, you did post some things about it….I wrote that to defend you with only a mild critique of lack of emphasis on the ‘Cats. it just got lost in all the hoopla about a bracket in which we do not have a team. sports is an area in which I am a fan, and not expert enough to write a post, but thanks for offering.

  • Piano1956

    I’m so glad that I had bragging rights for two days. Yes. I see an iceberg. But for the moment, I am a winner with a great deal of self esteem