LTP Tourney Pool Update

Perhaps “GoU!NU!!!” should be hired by Chris Collins. Anyone in the top percentile of the overall ESPN pool at this point should be getting props for knowing something the rest of us don’t. The LTP Tourney Pool leader is slightly ahead of the pack with a phenomenal 410 point total and is in the 99.9th percentile in the entire ESPN pool in a crazy March Madness opening weekend.  However, if Saturday is any indication of what Sunday may bring, the leader of our leader board may be fleeting.  Actually, perhaps more impressive is the current favorite to win the pool, “rco3rd 1”, who is in second place with 400 points and an amazing 1360 possible points remaining. Rco3rd is in the 99.5 percentile of all ESPN brackets.

Yours truly is in 106th place with only 330 points. Somehow, I’m clinging to the fact my Final Four is still in tact (Florida, MSU, Wichita State, Michigan) as reason for hope. [Eds. note: PRR is in a tie for second]

Here’s a look at the current top ten. It’s important to note “PPR”, or possible points remaining, as well as the national champion pick. For example, the very last entrant in the top ten is in big trouble having picked Syracuse to win it all.

The Big Ten, aside from Ohio State, is faring pretty darn well. Michigan State staved off a massive comeback from Harvard to advance to the Sweet 16 again. Michigan looked very, very good in dominating Texas and is making me look smart with my Final Four pick. Wisconsin showed what a home court advantage can do in a game with an amazing comeback against Oregon.  Buckle up folks, and may your Final Four stay in one piece.

LTP Tourney Pool heading in to Sunday action
LTP Tourney Pool heading in to Sunday action
  • Purple Haze

    Anyone watching the instant classic of Wichita State v. Kentucky. What a great battle of David v. Goliath but more like a great team versus a collection of talent. Fred Van Vleet is showing why he is the best point guard in the land. WSU up at half by 6.

    • Mark Wheaton

      Fun game to watch. Fred missed the game winning shot but was solid. KY played as a team for the first time all season and could be trouble as the tournament goes on.

  • CliffG

    plus the Wildcats cruised into the 3rd round of the WNIT . . .

    • cece

      Yes! lead 13 at the half and doubled and then some. awesome win.

  • NU’06er

    Glad this was the year I forgot to toss my hat into the LTP ring alongside my family’s non-money/bragging rights/just for fun pool. My bracket is a tire fire. I called Stephen F. Austin over VCU and that’s about the only good thing I can say — three of four final four teams are gone and the fourth is Florida (as if picking the top overall seed would impress anyone).

  • Johnathan Wood

    Easily my best year in a while. Holding strong in all my pools with my Final 4 still intact.

    Most importantly, I’ve got a chance to win Bears tickets in the Lance Briggs bracket still if things fall right.