B1G Doings; Plus ’14 QB Thorson breaks leg

This post was originally slated for the day the Kain Colter-led NU union story exploded. Now, nearly two weeks later, it still has relevancy, but I thought we could use a way to forget about the sting that was this weekend’s crushing home loss to Nebraska, putting the major brakes on an incredible three week NU men’s basketball run. The men return to action Wednesday night at Michigan State’s Breslin Center, a venue on par with the Kohl Center as far as NU’s success (one total win in the building).

Last night there was more bad news. Wildcat Report.com’s Louie Vaccher reported that 4-star 2014 QB commit, Clayton Thorson, broke his leg (fibula) when he came down on it “funny” during a church league basketball game in Wheaton Friday night. Thorson, a 6-4, 197 pound MVP of the Semper Fidelis All-American game, is the highest rated Rivals recruit (#136) in the 2014 class. Ugh.

Obviously, the national story of the day is SEC Defensive Player of the Year, Michael Sam, announcing he is gay. The Missouri LB is breaking new ground by coming out in advance of the NFL Draft.

Today, we get you up to speed on some off-season college football news of more Northwestern 2014 relevance.

Let’s dive in….

B1G General

Cal (Ryan Field, August 30)

Penn State (‘Cats play @Penn St. on 9/27)

Minnesota (@ Minnesota October 11) 

Indiana (Do not play)

Wisconsin (Ryan Field, Oct. 4)

Michigan (Ryan Field, Nov. 8)

Notre Dame (@ Notre Dame Nov. 15)

Illinois (Ryan Field, Nov. 29)

  • The buzz in Champaign surrounds QB transfer Wes Lunt. We’ll explore this with The Champaign Room in a few weeks.
  • Johnathan Wood

    Tough break for Thorson (no pun intended). Broken leg should be healed well before summer camp, assuming there are no complications. Ultimately he’s likely headed for a redshirt anyways.

  • GTom

    A real shame about Mr. Egu. At a base level, it’s reminiscent of the passing of Rashidi Wheeler before the 2001 season (without delving into the controversy around the circumstances or lawsuit that followed – its just a shame to lose a young man practicing to play a game that they presumably love). Thoughts and prayers with the team, his family and friends.

  • cece

    here’s hoping the same kind of team atmosphere exists at NU as is found at Missouri. Kudos to all involved at Missouri for recognizing it’s all about how a player does the job (SEC Defensive player of the year!) and nothing else. Good luck to Sam in the draft.

    • Chasmo

      The reaction of the Mizzou players didn’t surprise me because the younger generation is far more tolerant than older folks and the kids on the team knew him for a couple of years before he came out. I would assume NU players would react the same way for the same reasons plus one more — NU doesn’t have athletic dorms so players mingle with the general study body and there are no shortage of out gay students in NU’s general population so athletes are probably comfortable with it.
      The NFL is a different situation, as many of the players are not college grads and went to schools where they were isolated in jock dorms. But just as with Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese, all Sam will need is one of his new team’s star players to stand up for him in the first week of camp and all should be fine within the locker room.
      This kid is very brave and if he succeeds, let’s hope all the other gay college and pro footballers will feel free to come out of the closet.

  • Wildcat Fan

    So much for getting to play Penn State when they are down on scholarship players. Penn State just signed 25 players to our 15! The NCAA scholarship reductions that Penn State was crying about have turned out to be a joke! They also signed 17 players in 2013 and 19 in 2012. The NCAA never let up on USC who was limited to 45 players total over three years. Penn State’s reductions were supposed to be more harsh: 15 a year or 60 total over 4 years. It turns out the NCAA quietly reversed their decision so goodbye advantage NU. I just can’t believe they are signing more players than us.

    I hope we never get in trouble with the NCAA because they are so corrupt. I really am scared that some of the union activities our football players are engaged in are NCAA violations. Remember a player can’t even ride in a car of someone trying to help them. I don’t think the BIG10 will want anything to do with us. I hope we don’t lose our coach or athletic director over this as I’m sure monitoring the union’s involvement with our players will be a nightmare.

  • cece