Mike & Mike broadcasting from NU, Greeny is Grand Marshal

It was already announced but became a formal announcement Tuesday morning.

Mike and Mike will broadcast from Northwestern University on October 4. ESPN, at least some of it, is indeed coming to Evanston, Illinois. Mike Greenberg has already been to Evanston to be a (honorary) team captain for the home opener against Syracuse in the Prose Bowl. Greeny is having a great year as Northwestern’s unofficial representative — or as Golic put it, PR shill.

Greenberg also officially announced he will be the Grand Marshall of Northwestern’s homecoming parade on October 4.

So that leaves us with only one question for homecoming weekend: Will GameDay make its way to Evanston?

With Northwestern looking to go 4-0 and Ohio State dominating its way into Big Ten season (the Buckeyes play the Badgers next week in their Big Ten opener), the possibility continues to increase. Now, we know ESPN will already have a presence on campus for the weekend outside of the game coverage at Ryan Field. ┬áThe inevitable seems to be coming — so long as neither of us screw it up . . .

Get excited for homecoming. It is going to be a wild weekend.

  • NUCat03
    • GoU_NU

      The IP address that performed the edit is based in Naperville. Might be a little homerish, but I’ll take it!

      • DanMan1976

        Wikipedia- best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject, so you know you’re getting the best possible information!”

    • NUinVa

      So… Delaware State vs. ND State is really this week’s game?

      • Mike1999

        Actually, it is. Chris Fowler was on the College GameDay podcast today explaining the reasoning behind it… basically it’s a combination of (a) the subplot of this year as being “The year of FCS” with all of the upsets and near-upsets that have happened to date, (b) ND State being unanimous #1 in the FCS polls and celebrating the success that they’ve had (10 national championships), and (c) no real big/national game or matchup this Saturday.

      • skepticat
      • DanMan1976

        Pretty comical that NDSU gets Gameday and their fans are griping about the location of the broadcast.

        • LTP

          I’d be lobbying too if I were an NDSU fan. The location is nowhere close to where students live/tailgate. They just want to make it the best visual, just like we will on 10/5.

    • briandonaldson

      Just checked the wiki link again — 10/5’s location is back to TBA…

    • briandonaldson

      Just checked the wiki link; the 10/5 game has been changed to “TBA”.

      • Lake The Posts

        Thanks for the update!

  • zeek

    I’m not really sure on this, but I assume they’ll wait until after that Ohio State-Wisconsin game to announce it?

    If Ohio State wins that game, I assume we’re a virtual lock for Gameday.

    • Jonathan Hodges

      In past years ESPN has usually announced the week’s GameDay location on the prior Sunday, though this season they have been making the announcement during the prior week’s show. Not sure if that will continue, but it’s possible that the selection could be made before that week’s games.
      Also, it’s important to watch out for the prime time TV selection for ABC, since Herbstreit announces that game and he’ll have to have enough time to fly to that site and get to the game (of course, if the NU game is put on ABC, that would make it that much more convenient).

  • JEP

    Does anyone know the parking situation at SPAC these days? Could we leave a car overnight Friday to make sure we got a spot or will it get towed? I expect OSU will be coming full force…

    • SB

      SPAC is completely torn up due to construction. No parking at all available.

      • GoU_NU

        Kemper is available. You can park overnight but only after permit parking is done being enforced on Friday. Also there’s a height limit for vehicles in the Kemper lot, and it’s pretty small.

    • NUCat03

      A secondary option is to park at the Linden CTA stop, 5 min north of the field. $4 to park, and easy to maneuver foot traffic before and after games. Great for tailgating too.

    • LTP

      It looks like a war zone. The lakeside facility is under construction..there IS NO SPAC parking lot.

  • Go Cats!

    Slow down. #Go1-0thisweek. BeatBlackBears!

  • Indycat15

    A lot of excitement brewing but to quote the late Randy Walker, “Let’s keep the Maine thang the Maine thang.”

    I always assumed he was talking about the University of Maine.

    • Chicagocat12

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