Wildcat Marketing Push Time

Today is going to be a great day on LTP. We will very likely break BOTH the LTP Purple Pledge goals of 200 NEW season tickets and 500 single game tickets.  As of 6:30 am, when this post was crafted, we are just 11 season tickets away and 4 single game tickets from doing so. Unfortunately, there is no magic Willy Wonka bar for the person who puts us over the edge, but you will get the shout out! Our goal being met dovetails in to the explosion of Northwestern’s marketing push for football.

The half dozen or so billboards are up in the Chicagoland area (I passed two this morning on 94E on my way downtown) featuring a very simple brand image with the continued slogan “Chicago’s Big Ten Team”.  The “N” in the word “Ten” is the Northwestern “N” and is part of a Wildcat football helmet being raised in the air.  The now ubiquitous Under Armour purple stripe stretches across the billboard as well (waiting on images from NU and will insert when I get them).  As I listened to ESPN1000 this morning and they cut away from the Mike & Mike Show to the local insertion, the announcer read that SportsCenter (local) was brought to you by Northwestern Wildcats football and went on with a call for action for season tickets.  And, if you picked up a Chicago Tribune sports section this week, you saw this advertisement along the bottom of the sports section’s front page:

NU's marketing efforts are in full court press including the launch of this ad campaign in the Trib.
NU’s marketing efforts are in full court press including the launch of this ad campaign in the Trib.


For those more progressive digital media consumers don’t scoff at the old school marketing tactics. The more traditional (print, radio, billboard) campaign is just a small part of the overall campaign. Many of you may have noticed digitial ads popping up all year long seemingly wherever you went. Northwestern has invested in a significant digital campaign that has some dynamic campaign customization for its target audience. And then, yesterday, Northwestern launched a single game ticket email campaign specifically for the October 5, Ohio State game targeted at Northwestern alumni.  It read:

On Saturday, October 5, Ryan Field will be the site for one of the most anticipated Homecoming games in NU football history when your Wildcats host Ohio State in a primetime, nationally-televised battle.

As a member of the Northwestern alumni community,we would like to invite you to be present for what promises to be an incredible night in Evanston and help us show off the passion of our fans by ensuring Ryan Field is a sea of purple.

Season tickets are still the best value and the greatest way to guarantee your access to the most desirable seat locations for all the great games this season. However, we realize this commitment is not possible for everyone, thus we are offering you the chance to purchase single-game tickets before they go on sale to the general public.

Using the personalized, one-time use promotional code below, you have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the Homecoming game – or any Wildcats home game – before they go on sale to the general public.

I look forward to seeing – and hearing – you at Ryan Field this fall as we challenge for a Big Ten title.

Go ‘Cats!

Pat Fitzgerald (SESP97)

Dan and Susan Jones Family Head Football Coach


There was a specific promotional code that entitled me to recepients to four single game tickets only, up until July 31. I’ll check to see if this was just for Northwestern alumni and season ticket holders, but based on my email inbox, many of you received this. It’s clear the July 31 deadline sets the stage for an early August general public launch. I’m guessing the Ohio State and Michigan games will sellout within hours of the general public sale, yet I can guarantee you NU will hold back a few thousand tickets for season tickets. The campaign of “the only way to now see the Ohio State and Michigan games is to buy a season ticket” with the parenthetical (or good luck paying more than a season ticket for one game on the secondary ticket market) sets this season up as the likely year Northwestern breaks its ALLTIME season ticket record.

Northwestern will not share with me what that number is, but I do know that after the 1995 and 1996 B1G title years, the season ticket mark was around 20,000 and in 1997 we averaged on the plus side of 40,000 per game. I’m always stunned by how large the percentage of NON season ticket holders comprise any game. Several of you have mentioned that NU may have been inspired to do this promotion based in part on our community’s efforts to move the needle. While I’m not sure that is the case, I am sure that NU is very well aware of your efforts. Mike Zoller has informed me that the phone lines have been lighting up with LTP readers purchasing single game tickets and he wanted me to share the following with you:

  • 2013 season tickets will eclipse the 2012 total any day
  • Mike believes they may double the season ticket base from 2010, which is obviously almost hard to believe
  • The seat improvement process is complete so those looking for new locations should call 888-Go-Purple and inquire now.

As if not to be outdone by the football push, Northwestern basketball made some marketing noise as well, as they announced they will be playing Missouri and UCLA in the Las Vegas Invitational. The ‘Cats will face SEC-foe (still sounds weird) Mizzou on Thanksgiving night at 9:30 pm ct and play UCLA on November 29, the first meeting between the two programs since 1969 at Chicago Stadium (I smell a great post). PRR will have more on this in a bit.

So, let’s go close out this campaign with a bang….

LTP Purple Pledge – Our Ongoing Efforts To Pack Ryan Field Purple

New Season Ticket Goal: 200
Current Status: 189
Percent of Goal:  91%

Single Game Ticket Goal: 500
Current Status: 494
Percent of Goal: 99%

The flurry to the finish line continues. We’re up to 189 season tickets thanks to Mark Lapekas moving to town and +2, Alexandra Basse took the plunge with a pair of season tickets and +2 single game tickets for OSU, Michael Donovan +1 and John Harris had +4, but I only gave him credit for +2 yesterday. ONLY 11 MORE SEASON TICKETS. LET’S DO THIS TODAY!!

On the single game ticket front, we’ll be blasting through the goal TODAY. Adam Laursen +10 for the Michigan and Ohio State combo, Jason Elson +5 for his friends and Noah Kimmel +1. Chad (@RevDJesq) +4 for Ohio State, Karen Erickson +2 for OSU on top of her +8 from yesterday and Derek Linkous went +5 for OSU and Joe DiMaria +4 for OSU  to get us to a grand total of 494!! WE NEED SIX MORE!!!

Call Mike Zoller at 888-Go-Purple and hit extension 0969 and tell him LTP sent you. He’s got great upper deck season tickets available as well as seats at about the 10-yard line still left.  You can also get him to order single game tickets for your friends. Also, the LTP TICKET EXCHANGE IS OPEN! Please post ticket needs/wants there to ensure they go to your friends in purple.







  • SB

    Let me know if anyone needs up to 8 tix for Michigan. I have 2 season tix on my account and can facilitate a purchase for Michigan to any purple fan.

  • Cat Fan

    I will be in Saint Petersburg Russia from September 7-20 and will miss the first few games. I wonder if there is the Russian equivalent to BWW that would have any of the NU games on. If not, perhaps I’ll ask for the satellite dish to be turned to Wildcat football :) I am coming home the night before the Maine game. Perhaps we’ll have leftover vodka at our tailgate. :)

  • Andy Day – WestLotWarriors

    Just bought 2 single tickets to OSU on top of my season tix… Not sure how to tell you to add to the pledge drive though. #GoCats

    • LTP

      Consider it added!

  • LTP

    We have blown through the 500 single game ticket goal. Next 2 season tix in the door get us to 200!!!!