‘Cats Land Lucky #13: Noah Westerfield

Nothing like Northwestern recruiting to spice up seemingly news-less NU summer days. Today, multiple sites reported that Noah Westerfield, a 2-star(boo Rivals!)¬†3-star (go Scout!)DE, who elected to use Twitter as his means of announcing his commitment to NU after this weekend’s visit to the Evanston campus. Westerfield, a 6-3, 205 pound native of Frisco (Wakeland), Texas cited “family atmosphere” and an amazing conversation with Fitz as the final piece of his college search journey. However, as InsideNU.com posted awhile back, this recruiting story was atypical from the start. Westerfield recruited Northwestern, actually contacting the staff originally, saying he wanted to go to NU.

In the process, several other suitors stepped-up their games and NU beat out Boise State and SMU among a list that numbered in to the double-digits. As far as ratings star power, Westerfield is on the lower end of the star-studded scale for the ’14 class, but as Fitz will be sure to tell you, that means nothing. Personally, I love this story. A Texas high school player going on the proactive and contacting NU saying “I’m all in” from the get-go. That kind of love of the program combined with a level of skill that actually earned an offer in this class is something that you just get the sense will play out on the field in years to come. Westerfield becomes the 13th member of the 2014 class and by most accounts, including Fitz himself (who mentioned at one point he believes this will be a 15-person class), there are just two spots left.

Welcome aboard Noah, we’re thrilled to have you.

LTP Purple Plunge Final Push

In case you missed this morning’s post, we’re in closing time for the LTP ticket program. We’ve picked up even more momentum and are now just 15 season tickets and 20 single game tickets away from reaching our 2013 goal! Click here or scroll down to get the update from this morning. ¬†Shout outs forthcoming.

  • Fitz4Life

    Why call him a 2-star DE when only Rivals sees him that way? Scout, 24/7 and ESPN all rank NW as a 3-star DE – I like the majority opinion much better!

    • LTP

      I’m with you. Screw Rivals!

  • cece

    Noah, welcome to NU. your tenacity in getting the attention of Coach Fitz is mighty impressive. that will no doubt be something you put out on the field. well done and can’t wait to watch you play.

  • CliffG

    Welcome, Noah! Gotta love proactive. Bodes well for success on the field, I think.

  • cebpd

    we may think that this is an “unheralded” recruit, but it is guys like this that really build a solid foundation for the team. remember, it’s not like every player in a class is going to start and be all big ten. out of this years seniors, how many do were barely mention? A lot of winning takes place in practice, with the practice squad guys providing great competition for our starters to get ready for the game.

  • Catatonic Joe

    2 star, 3 star, whatever. What matters is that Noah is going to be our star. Welcome aboard Noah!

  • CliffG

    Was just looking at recruiting rankings. How the heck did Virginia land 3 Top 100 players?

  • Hudie

    All these recruits (even the 4-stars) will need to improve to make the starting squads. And they’ll need to improve even more to make All Big Ten.

    So the star system might be good at evaluating tangible stats (height, weight, speed, strength), it does little to predict work ethic, intelligence, and overall fit in a program. All those factors determine whether a player will develop into a major contributor.

    I always find it funny how we often expect a highly ranked recruit to step onto the field and be a star. Even the best high school players need to improve dramatically to match a college-level player. Running backs, who rely so much on natural ability, may be the one exception.