Kevin Coble Part II; Cal Kickoff & Other NU-ness

On Tuesday, we posted part one of our Purple Mafia Profile with former Wildcat hoops standout, Kevin Coble. Today, we continue the conversation as well as several other Northwestern related tidbits. Let’s pick it up with #44…

LTP: We discussed the Michigan State win, but what other games or moments stick out in your memory bank?

KC: The Ohio State game at home when we won sticks out. I remember that Craig and I combined for more than 50 points that night and I just remember showing that burst, it was a glimpse of what we were capable of doing. Normally, we’d be outmatched physically with a Michigan State or an Ohio State, and it would be frustrating to not be able to do that every single night like we did against Ohio State, but when we did we had some exciting times. Beating Purdue and Indiana on the road, the games we mentioned (Michigan State, Ohio State), there are a lot of great memories from those games.

LTP: Who recruited you to NU?

KC: Paul Lee, before he left to go to Marist.

LTP: How did you find out about NU, what was the draw and what put you over the top to commit?

KC: I honestly didn’t know about Northwestern when I was being recruited, because it was mainly the Pac 12 schools and Ivy League schools that were recruiting. I had talked to some Big Ten schools, but I wasn’t really aware of Northwestern. I wasn’t really interested in going to the Midwest, but one of my club basketball coaches had grown up in Chicago and he suggested that I take a look at the school. I said “talk to me about it” and at that time I had been getting letters from them, but had just been putting them to the side. I then started doing some really good research about the school and learned about the outstanding academics and the program and Coach Carmody and how they played. As I learned more about the Princeton offense and the motion it created combined with my game and the things that I do, I felt it offered a framework for me to play my own game at the next level.

I went up there on a couple of visits and just really liked everything about the school. I really liked the guys on the team, the campus, everything. It was almost a surreal experience, stepping on that campus and getting that feeling that this is where I should be.

LTP: You mentioned that you would at times, get frustrated, that despite some very positive nights, you and the team couldn’t be more consistent. As you look at Coach Collins, what is it really going to take to get this program to the next level?

KC: I think it’s going to primarily come down to improving the talent level. I feel the talent level is just a notch below the other B1G schools. You can get away with that at times with the Princeton offense, the 1-3-1 and the match-up zone, and some smoke and mirror things to keep teams on their toes, but the talent level must increase. You look across the roster of other teams and some of the guys that aren’t even playing would come right in at Northwestern and play right away. We’d have six or seven guys and it would drop off and then you’re relying on guys who might not make another B1G team to really make the difference.

It’s tough. If you look at playing time, guys like Mike (Juice Thompson) was playing 37, 38 minutes per game, I was playing 36 or so and over the course of the year, if you break that down over the course of the year, if you play a total of 20 minutes less, that’s one half you didn’t have to play. That is saving considerable amounts of energy down the stretch when it counts. I think that’s going to be key to develop a sustainable bench and a system that can compete nightly with the Michigan States, Indianas and Ohio States. I think it really comes down to personnel.

LTP: One thing that intrigues me is the fact that Coach Carmody spent 13 years developing the Princeton offense as a system. It’s what attracted you (among other things). Now, Coach Collins inherits a team that was built for a specific system and he’s been vocal about creating a system that adapts to the players that he has. Talk about the transition of going from the Princeton offense to what this very next year could possibly look like.

KC: The Princeton offense is really impressive if you have five guys that are really suited for it. We were usually one guy short. At times it was the center who we relied on to step out and be able to hit that three to pull out the defense. You’re also asking a ton from that center. You’re asking them to go in to the post, you’re asking them to dribble, hand-off, pass. Most of the guys that are really, really good at it are pros. It’s tough for some professional players to even pull it off at that position.  If you’re not suited for the system, it can be tough to try and adapt your game to fit the system. I personally think it is a better philosophy to mold a system around the players that you have and bring in versus this is the system. So, maybe it will be a good shake-up.  Again, it comes down to personnel.  I think it could be really good to customize the scheme around the players that you have.

LTP: Do you have a relationship with any of your teammates or the administration?

KC: I stayed in touch with Johnny during his scoring record. I’d email him from time to time and I was texting Juice last year when he was playing overseas and Drew Crawford when he got hurt. I kept in touch with Coach Robinson at Oregon State and Mitch (Henderson) at Memphis and just emailed Tavaras congratulating him and of course Coach Lee. I also communicate with Dr. Phillips and was excited to see him get promoted to whatever long title it is that he now has (laughs)…deep down he loves NU and the kids and in someway I hope that there may be an opportunity to work at Northwestern, whether in player development, as a coach, or in some other capacity. I’d like some way to give back given the way things went down. Nothing would make me happier to be a part of that team or that program, especially with the new regime in place, there seems like a fresh start.

LTP: While I can’t speak for NU, I can speak, to some degree, for the fans in this community and on behalf of many of them, I think we would love to see you get back involved in NU basketball. I appreciate the time and we look forward to connecting soon. Anything else?

KC: Yes, I just want to say how much I appreciate what the fans have gone through. We were very disappointed we weren’t the ones to break through because we so badly wanted to and know the fans wanted it just as much. They stuck with us and were great and based on everything that went down with me I’d very much like to figure out a way to pay them back, even if it is in a small way.

LTP: Thanks Kevin! Your message is now shared….

Cal Kickoff Set

Wow. Northwestern kicks off the season against Cal in what will be billed as the Late Late show in Evanston and points east. The PAC-12 announced kickoff times for several games and NU gets an 10:30 pm et/9:30pm ct start time. You can bet Fitz will be none too pleased with this deal.  The game will be on ESPN2 so at least we won’t be scrambling for bars that carry the Pac12 network.  That is going to be one heck of a long day for Wildcat Nation.  I get so pumped up for games, I’ll be drained before kickoff even starts that night.

Cal Unis

The arms race has become almost silly in the team uniform game. Cal is the latest to announce new unis, with a new logo and new Nike uniforms, which will first be worn against NU on August 31.  Click here to check them out. 


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Link Love

Kevin Trahan of offers a robust post on the final four slots for the NU 2014 recruiting class. It’s a great up-to-the-minute look at how few spots remain for so many interested parties. This is where the inside info would be fascinating. NU has several needs on defense with this class, yet some big name offensive players are out there.  You wonder how they manage this process, as the heat surrounding so few spots has to create some leverage.  You also don’t want to miss out on a spot for someone that is a special talent like Garrett Dickerson. I’d love to see the inside out view on how this process is managed.

Rodger Sherman over at SippinOnPurple is doing another year of another NU-specific, Paul Myerberg-esque countdown. Each day is another number relevant to NU. For example, yesterday, day 94 until kickoff, featured #94, Dean Lowry. Rodger somehow finds the time to do anagrams on each players name which gets all kind of props for novelty and brain space used. It’s become a daily joy to see what he comes up with.


LTP Ticket Challenge – Project Protect This House

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  • Catatonic Joe

    On the recruiting front, I noticed that Inside NU lists OLB Tay Evans as having mutual interest with NU, but no offer yet. That site also showed his tweet a couple days ago that he would definitely be committing somewhere soon. Even without an offer, he lists NU as in his top 5. The tweet sure sounded like, “Come on Cats, give me a call before I have to go elsewhere.”

    • Ron

      I’d translate that to mean he’s waiting on admissions.

      • GradCat

        He is. I’ve seen in previous tweets/coverage that he’s waiting on NU to review the transcripts from his most recent semester.

        • ExpectVictory!

          Looks like he has offers from Stanford and Rice…so not sure what the hold-up might be. Due to his relationship with teammate and incoming recruit Brad North, I’d think we’d have a great shot at him. Academics appears to big priority for Tay. 24/7 predicts he will end up at Stanford.

  • HartlCat#46

    I think it may be too late to sign up for Saturdays NGN Auction as we are only two days from the event, but anyone can still participate using their phones.
    See below:

    Go Cats!!

  • Alum Dad

    Sorry, but I have a hard time feeling sorry for Kevin Coble. I think he needs to spend significantly more time in the “penalty box” before NU welcomes him back to the fold. I will always believe that he quit on NU and his teammates. Sorry to sound harsh, but this isn’t a feel-good story.

    • virginianu

      …or his teammates and the admin quit on him

    • Mark

      If my treating physician says something different than the school’s doctor I go with my treating physician.

      • Alum Dad

        I believe this was ultimately a clash of egos between Coble and Carmody. If this was strictly a health-related issue, why wasn’t a redshirt medical exception requested? He could have taken the Drew Crawford route if he was all that committed to NU basketball. Granted, my take on the matter is complete speculation, but I don’t believe Kevin shed much light on the subject even when he was presented with a perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean.

        • Mark

          I thought he was being pretty diplomatic in his responses and I believe Coach Carmody would also be diplomatic. My reading of the comments is that the disagreement broke down the coach-player relationship to such a degree that Coble didn’t think he could go forward in that relationship.

          • This would be my exact sentiment based on the interview. Kevin would agree with this assessment.

  • TEP

    247 sports had Fred Wyatt listed at 80 overall before his commitment. They just bumped him up to 86 which moves Northwestern to 11th in their team rankings. Obviously this doesn’t change what kind of player he is but I think it’s a positive indication of the coaching staffs scouting ability that they were high on a guy that didn’t get a lot of press and was apparently greatly underrated.

  • Next Cat

    Sorry bout that late TV start in the midwest & east for the Cal game but those of us who will be there have to be relieved. The visiting team’s fans are seated in a part of Memorial Stadium that can really bake in the sun on hot days in August. Instead, we’ll get the treat of a game under the lights, a sunset over the Bay and through the Golden Gate that will climax just as the game starts . . . and, of course, a Cats victory. Sounds like a glorious way to start the season to me. . . .

  • buffcat

    didn’t Mitch Henderson go to Princeton?……not Memphis

  • Daniel Knickelbein

    Hi Season Ticket Holders,

    Help keep Ryan Field purple for the big game against the Buckeyes. I am looking for four tickets to the game, and if you are willing to help me get them (through your season ticket account) it would be much appreciated! I posted an ad at LTP exchange but I am still looking.

    Please email me at: and let me know if you can help!

  • Mark

    Big Ten: Gordon Gee’s latest idiotic statements about Notre Dame and Catholics, the ongoing debacle at Rutgers (no, they’re not in yet but the Big Ten owns them in public opinion), Maryland athletic department’s fiscal irresponsibility, the pedophilia scandal at Penn State, the knowing lying to the NCAA by Tressel at OSU, Gee’s earlier statement that he was just hoping that Tressel wouldn’t fire him, etc. Glad I’m a Cats fan, but I think all this means that none of us can claim some moral or intellectual superiority to the SEC, Big 12, etc. Really disgusting. Go Cats!

  • nwildcat

    The Cal start time is a mixed blessing. Yes, early evening in the Bay area is nice. The players will be excited to be on ESPN “primetime” I live on the east coast– coffee will be needed. The problem I see is that the Cats will miss a full day of practice the following week getting ready for the Orangenmen. Speaking of schedule, we have to admire our Cats for playing two big programs. Has anyone seen who Ohio State and Alabama are playing? At any rate , I think we can feel pretty good about going against two teams with new quarterbacks AND coaches.

  • curdog10

    I read this site regularly but rarely post (just too lazy)
    however the Coble interview inspired me to reply. If you take KC at his word (and I do), then I
    don’t blame him for leaving the team. It’s
    his foot, his future, and his decision whether he could play or not. If my doctor told me I couldn’t do something
    without risking further injury, I wouldn’t do it. Period.
    I’m shocked that BC couldn’t/wouldn’t understand that.

    My guess is this conflict led to a deterioration in
    coach/player relationship to the point where it was irreparable. I’m not saying it is all BC’s fault, but in
    my view he mishandled the situation.

    • HDB

      It takes two parties to end a relationship. BC lost the chance to take the team to the NCAA tournament for the first time and subsequently got fired. He’s accepted his situation and is moving on. KC decided based on what he strongly believed was a valid reason to leave the team. Like BC he should accept the path he chose and keep on walking.