DT Fred Wyatt Commits!!

Gator Bowl hug player

This is getting downright crazy. PurpleWildcats.com reported that the Lawrence, Kansas native, Fred Wyatt became the 11th member of Pat Fitzgerald’s 2014 class, after a very positive weekend visit. Wyatt’s father, Buddy, is an assistant coach for the Kansas Jayhawks and was also an assistant under Gary Barnett in the late 1990s in Evanston. In the end, Wyatt chose NU for the 1-2 combo of academics and athletic upside.  The 6-4, 255 pound defensive lineman follows what many predicted in the back of this class – a shift towards defensive players.

Wildcat fans are getting spoiled this recruiting season. Fitz has projected only 15 scholarship offers for this class, based on his five year (via redshirts) spreading of the scholarship wealth. The recent barrage of 2014 commitments, including several four star standouts has NU fans now conditioned to beating out big name schools. Wyatt’s choosing of NU over Oklahoma State, Arizona State and the less heralded Kansas Jayhawks (and Rice Owls) seems almost ho-hum in comparison. Yet, don’t forget folks, it wasn’t long ago we were beating out three MAC schools and Indiana for the players that have been a key part of last year’s 10-win season. While the offensive skill players receive all the flash in recruiting, the foundation for success starts on the line and it starts with guys like Fred Wyatt. Welcome to Wildcat Nation!!!

  • CliffG

    Welcome to NU, Fred!

  • cece

    Fred, thanks for making the decision to come north to play for the ‘Cats! welcome!

  • Catotonic Joe

    Last year’s successes often began or ended with the defensive line stopping the run. 3rd and long begins with a tackle for no gain on 1st or 2nd down. Welcome, Fred.

  • GreenLantern411

    Just announced today, the opener at Cal will be a 9:30 Chicago time kickoff on ESPN2. start time not ideal but at least it’s not on Pac12 network. I’m getting married the next day…need to make sure the rehearsal dinner ends early enough!

    • Sherman and Noyes

      A lot of press is focused on how bad B1G teams have been on the west coast, and how a night game increases the impact of the time change. We aren’t in school yet – why not just bring the team out west 4-5 days early and have them practice at a high school or community college outside of SF so they can get fully adjusted?

      • Ron

        Teddy G just tweeted that NU is “ticked” about the kickoff time. I don’t know how they can be upset.

        I realize I’m in a minority here by not liking home games in the evening; but if NU thinks that evening home games are so swell, who are they to deny the same thing to their opponents?

        • Richard

          Right, and personally, when I was in college, I was a night owl. Maybe the coaches are too use to getting up early, but as school hasn’t started yet, it’s shouldn’t be hard to get the kids to get use to getting up at noon Chicago time to get adjusted.
          With 3 of the next 4 contests definitely being night games as well, that could even be the routine for the first half of the season (maybe moving it up slowly to 10AM). Tell the players to sign up for afternoon classes.

        • Chasmo

          Excellent point. I’m sure NU will complain that its kids will be playing the second half in Berkeley when it’s after midnight Chicago time. But it is hypocritical when Phillips and Fitz get all excited about playing at night at Dyche.

        • CliffG

          Plus, wasn’t there a mandatory NAP for one of the games this past season. Give ‘em 2 naps.

      • Chasmo

        It’s easy to forget that it’s not a professional sports franchise, but bringing the team out to California five days early would surely be an expensive proposition for NU. It might make the football team better prepared for its opener. But perhaps the money spent on those additional hotel nights, meals, and expenses could be better spent on the soccer, cross-country or field hockey programs this fall. Just a thought.

        • Richard

          Right, plus there is no reason.
          Just have the kids get up at noon Chicago time if you usually get them up at 10AM. Conduct everything on a West Coast schedule. School wouldn’t have started yet, so I don’t see why you can’t schedule everything the way you want to.

  • Indycat15

    Great to get Fred on the team. I remember Buddy when he was the d line coach with Barnett. I think Fred was still in diapers at that point- sounds like hes all grown up now. Obviously Buddy thinks we’ve got something special going on if Fred signed with NU over the local Kansas squads. Great get for the cats.

  • http://www.northwesternmix.com/ NUMBSpiritLeader

    Welcome to Northwestern Mr. Wyatt. Trust me on this – the degree will be worth the work. We’re looking forward to seeing you (and your classmates) on the field.

  • Wildcat Fan

    As an active member of the Kansas City alumni club, we are excited to have another Northwestern football player from our area. The last player we sent to NU wasn’t too shabby, Drake Dunsmore. We will be cheering you on at our watch parties, Fred! Although football and basketball get all of the attention, we are just as proud of our other Kansas City Northwestern athletes that include a women’s and a men’s soccer player, a wrestler and a men’s swim team member. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for these young men and women to handle the academic workload of one of the most competitive schools in the country while putting in the time to excel at their chosen sport!

    Kansas City is also thrilled to see Pat Baldwin, who hails from the our area, return to his alma mater to help transform the Wildcat basketball team.

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