Memorial Day Moment

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I was able to attend a local service in my hometown this morning with about 1,000 other residents at the village green. With the streets lined with American flags and a somber tribute now behind me, I came home to find the below PSA for the well-known Wounded Warrior project in my email inbox. It features former Wildcat football standout, Fred “the Hammer” Williamson. I’d love to have you folks share some of your memories of Fred from his playing days, but today, as a host for this important organization, we feature a tip of the cap to all those who serve our country so that we can enjoy the freedoms we so dearly cherish, including college football Saturdays.

Fitz has long embraced the military as part of the Northwestern program. Whether it is an exhibition at Great Lakes Naval Base, correspondence with Wildcat fans overseas in active duty or the much publicized Navy Seals workout last summer, the armed forces are near and dear to the Wildcat Football Family.

  • Alaskawildcat

    I see in an interview Fred identified his position at Northwestern as that of a “flanker back” and how he was generally catching the ball and making plays unlike his pro career. Somewhere I think I recall reading that he was involved in one of those trick plays where the ball is stuffed into someone’s shirt (his?) that is no longer allowed. It would have been on FarEast Wildcat’s website or possibly GoUPurple’s

  • DT

    LTP– Great to see the Fred Williamson link.. What he is doing on behalf of Wounded Warriors is outstanding and both patriotic and altruistic.. The Hammer was a heck of a football player in the AFL… To my way of thinking, skill for skill, era to era, one of the better Pro Football players NU has every produced.. Chicago area product no less out of Gary, Indiana.. “Interesting” life in the entertainment biz post his football career as well..
    Curious story, in that I was at Subway this afternoon after a run here in the North burbs and wound up in line with a Naval Officer from Great Lakes.. Nice guy and we talked about a few things including my dad’s service.. Somehow, I mentioned Northwestern Football and the gent brought up the fact how appreciative they are of NU bringing the football practice session and the program et al on base as has been the case under Fitz.. Mentioned how his young son looks forward to that as well.. We also touched on the SEALS workout our players get as well.. Anyway, very cool to hear how Northwestern Football is appreciated and respected on that basis.. We concluded the conversation wishing each other well with me offering sincere thanks for this gents service to our country..

  • cece

    Nice to put this up here! somehow FW does not seem to be associated enough with NU. too bad, cause he’s pretty interesting and this work is great.

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