Football Recruiting Round-Up

With 10 commitments already on the board for Northwestern football’s 2014 class, a ton of attention has been paid to Pat Fitzgerald’s most decorated recruiting haul. Yet, there are still a handful of slots left to fill and as you’d expect, NU has many prospects on the board to do just that. Let’s take a look at some of the more likely candidates, with a noticeable emphasis on the defensive side of the ball, considering 70% of the current commitments are offensive players.

NU is in the final five for 4-star TE/SB Garrett Dickerson. We're up against Ohio State, Alabama, Michigan and Stanford.
NU is in the final five for 4-star TE/SB Garrett Dickerson. We’re up against Ohio State, Alabama, Michigan and Stanford.

Garrett Dickerson – SB/DE – The 4-star stud from Bergen Catholic (NJ) is one of the more unique candidates still on the board. A commitment by Dickerson – who has NU alongside Ohio State, Alabama, Michigan and Stanford as his finalists – and this class, despite its small size, would be cemented as a top 15 class in terms of quality.  Dickerson, as you likely know, is the younger brother of current WR, Cameron Dickerson. Yet, as recently reported, it is his fellow Bergen Catholic teammate and 2014 commit, Kyle Queiro, who is putting the full court recruiting press on him. You just get the sense with this momentum that Dickerson will go purple, which would be beyond huge. Garrett is currently listed as the #5 TE in the nation by

Noah Westerfield – LB/DE – The 2014 defensive standout from Frisco, Texas is pretty high on Northwestern as he counts offers from Duke, SMU and Boise State among his favorites. Westerfield has been high on NU since the day he received his offer and you get the sense it’s just a matter of time before he pulls the trigger.

Adarius Pickett – CB – Normally you’d consider a 4-star DB from El Cerritos, California a stretch for the Wildcats, especially considering his voluminous list of suitors includes the likes of Ohio State, USC, Oregon and oh, about a dozen others. However, based on the recent recruiting success, I’m done trying to predict what’s next in store for the ‘Cats. Pickett is unlikely to commit anywhere until the fall. Pickett perked my ears when he recently announced he’ll be paying a visit to the Northwestern campus  after the upcoming Rivals Five Star camp.

Ron Robinson – S – The 6-2, 195-pound DB from Santiago,  California is yet another top target in the secondary, a rather obvious theme for NU’s final third of the 2014 commitment list. recently posted a glowing feature on the “big hitter”, who has mostly been courted by west coast schools. Nick Medline painted the Robinson picture to be a classic NU profile – a head turning player who has somehow stayed off the grid, for the most part.

Brandon Lee – LB – The Indianapolis native knocked out a visit to Evanston last month, yet the 4-star outside linebacker reported that he’s not close to making a decision. Lee’s offer list includes the likes of Michigan State, NC State, Purdue and Louisville among others, which will likely only increase as Scout has him listed as the 25th best LB in the nation.

Parker Westphal – CB – Westphal is one of the few remaining crowned jewels in the Illinois area. He boasts 20 offers ranging from Florida to Syracuse to NU and now, Wisconsin.  The Bolingbrook, Illinois native has likely noticed the buzz in Evanston for this class, yet, Parker doesn’t intend to make a decision anytime soon.

Ladarius Wiley – CB – See a trend here? The ‘Cats are going west for their DB targets. Ladarius Wiley, of Cathedral High School in Los Angeles, has Northwestern atop his favorites list and the feeling appears to be mutual. The 3-star senior-to-be was offered early by NU, a very dominant theme in their recent success. Wiley holds offers from Cal, Cal Poly and Fresno State and the commentary on this rising junior reads like a classic NU tale – a diamond in the rough whom NU was confident in based on their own evaluations, not competitors offers.

There are several others in the mix for joining the ranks of the Wildcats, however, the above list seem to have a higher probability of being one of the next to create even more sizzle to a recruiting class that is now ranked 15th by and 17th by

Stoking the Illini Rivalry

Not a week goes by without some sort of jab between the Wildcats and Illini. Most recently, Illini blogger, The Champaign Room, posted this tongue-in-cheek accusation towards the Wildcats’ way as an explanation for our explosive recruiting results.

LTP Flag Project

OK, so today’s installment isn’t exactly a flag, but we still give props to Leonard Epstein (WCAS ’80) and his daughter, Sarah,  for sporting the purple on their recent trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia.  We’ve got some loose “rules” on what constitutes a flag, so thanks for the effort Espteins!

Leonard & Sarah Epstein put Cambodia on the LTP Flag Project Map!
Leonard & Sarah Epstein put Cambodia on the LTP Flag Project Map!


LTP Ticket Madness – Project Protect This House

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  • CliffG

    Champaign Room is right–what’s in the bags, though, is the value of an NU education over a UofI education!

    • Nucat09

      This is the comment of the week!

    • cece

      agreed, though considering the stupidity on the web, there are folks who will run with the U. of I. nonsense.

  • PFOS

    Those bags contain audio copies of interviews with Mike Thomas and Tim Beckman; they’re stuffed with clichés. For NU, that’s money in the bank.

  • gocatsgo2003

    1) A big reason many DB prospects come from the west coast is that is Coach Brown’s main recruiting area outside of Chicago.
    2) Jimmie Swain is another LB with whom we have a legitimate (albeit small) chance.

  • skepticat

    What, those Illini gift bags of limited edition cans of Coach Beckman Signature Select “Fightin'” Dippin’ Tobacco not selling the recruits?

  • Catatonic Joe

    you gotta admit, Champaign Room’s humor about how you can explain NU beating Illinois at recruiting is pretty funny.

  • Alaskawildcat

    With 3 CB’s with outstanding offers it sounds like the early bird(s) is/are going to get the worm. I assume with only 5 open slots left that more than two CB’s would not be in the cards. It will be interesting to see who wants it most by getting in before the door shuts.