Keeping Bill Carmody

LTP made the case in a post earlier this week why it is time for a change and time to move on from Bill Carmody. Many of you have made your case in the comments that came attached to that post. And there is a lot of merit in those arguments.

Despite all the successes in his tenure — and I will not rehash those since I made them a few weeks ago in this post — we all want more and we all want to see the Wildcats break through. This year it seems like the team is farther away than ever. That might be because of the injuries.

There are a lot of reasons against Bill Carmody.

He has had 13 years to get Northwestern to a level of consistent winning and has failed to do so. His offensive and defensive schemes have both enabled some of his lesser talented teams to compete with many of the Big Ten’s best, but has also held it back when the team has more talent than its opponents. It has stifled the development of a “star” willing to improvise and break through.

The recruiting has been lacking.

The Wildcats have never been able to bring in a center with the skill set — the ability to hit 3-pointers and pass the ball while remaining a presence defensively — needed to run the Princeton Offense. He has never been able to recruit well enough to develop a deep team that could keep the key players from playing less than 35-38 minutes per game. No image might have displayed this need more than that of Michael Thompson and John Shurna struggling to finish an NIT quarterfinal game at Washington State after playing pretty much the entire game.

These are big shortcomings for Northwestern. These are things that have held the program back. These are things that stop at the top with Bill Carmody. Ultimately the shortcomings for this program have to fall at his feet. He is the boss.

However, zooming the camera out, you have to realize how far Carmody has built the program. Telling a Northwestern fan back in 2001 that NU fans would complain about missing the NIT for the first time in five years 13 years later might get some eye rolls. Tell them it is the same coach and the frustration might begin to fester some.

That is where we were at. If Northwestern had fired Carmody back in 2008, the new coach would get the leeway after this season (even if he had a healthy team) if NU missed the NIT. It is the fact that Carmody has had 13 years that frustration and a sense that “it is time” is growing among the Northwestern fan base. I get the sense that the fan base appreciates everything Carmody has done to get the program where it is.

Things though since that disastrous season have consistently improved.

Northwestern’s recruiting has gotten better. John Shurna, Luka Mirkovic and Davide Curletti came in the next year (along with Kyle Rowley and Nick Fruendt who did not quite pan out and develop). All three were key contributors throughout their careers at Northwestern and all three did not experience a season without a postseason appearance. Again, an incredible accomplishment.

That was followed by the recruiting of Drew Crawford. Then Dave Sobolewski and JerShon Cobb. The next big recruit is Jaren Sina, a four-star point guard from New Jersey who many see as the kind of gamechanger we all thought Ifeadi Odenigbo might be in football. Except of course, in basketball one player can make a much bigger impact.

Even though several recruits did not pan out — Kale Abrahamson has been up and down this year, Tre Demps is a good shooter but lacks consistency, Michael Turner has looked overwhelmed despite a redshirt year and we all remember how Mike Capocci, Nick Fruendt and Kyle Rowley turned out — there is no doubt that the quality of recruits coming in are as good as they have ever been.

Again, it feels like Northwestern is trending in a positive direction if you consider this as Year 5 of a second Bill Carmody tenure. That may not be the reality of things but that is one way to view things. I would still argue that overall things are trending positively.

This year was an outlier. It may not have been a tournament team, but it was still a team capable of winning games. Injuries completely decimated the squad.

JerShon Cobb was suspended so he could focus on his academics at the beginning of the season. That was a key loss as he seemed poised to break out with a big roll on the team. Drew Crawford was playing with a torn labrum all year before he finally decided to shut his season down while he could still apply for a medical hardship. Sanjay Lumpkin, whom Bill Carmody said was the most ready to contribute of Northwestern’s hyped freshman class, missed the entire season with various injuries and mononucleosis at the beginning of the season.

There are reinforcements coming and the promise of a strong season in 2014 is there.

Then there is Jaren Sina and the sentimentality Carmody has with many of his players. Except for a few instances, you will be hard pressed to find Northwestern players who will say a bad thing about Carmody (especially if they stuck it out all four years, there are of course the outliers like Kevin Coble and T.J. Parker) but when you hear players and former players talk about Carmody you can feel the sort of reverence and respect they have for them.

That does not equate to wins. Not by any stretch. But as we have seen since Jared Swopshire went out with his injury against Ohio State twice and at Michigan State, this is a team that will still play hard for their coach and will still compete to the fullest extent they can.

Carmody is playing without a full deck this season. And that is completely not his fault.

Sina, that celebrated recruit coming in to “save” Northwestern next year with Crawford and Cobb’s return as well, has been glowing about his relationship with Carmody before he even stepped on campus. In several interviews he has mentioned how excited he is to play for Carmody.

If you are to believe Sina’s father in an interview with Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times (an article I am sure LTP and I will share more thoughts on in the near future), Carmody could be the key to his son even stepping foot on campus. Is Carmody really getting the keys to a New Jersey pipeline with Sina should he stay? Would Sina really go through with this veiled threat should Northwestern fire Carmody?

Again, questions for a different post. But suffice it to say, Northwestern is not the type of school to let a high school recruit hold it hostage. The decision about Carmody will not be dependent upon this one aspect. Much like the result of Thursday’s game against Iowa will not be the determinative factor pushing Jim Phillips one way or the other.

What it does say is that Carmody’s message is beginning to get through on a consistent basis. Yes, it might have taken far too long, but undoubtedly Northwestern’s program is improving and has a bright 2014 ahead of it.

With just one more year left on his contract, doesn’t Carmody deserve the chance to see it through?

Yes, there are problems with the offense and the defense. It has frustrated Northwestern followers for a long time. But in many ways, it still gives NU the best chance to win.

Yes, it should not have taken 13 years for recruiting to reach this point.

But undeniably, Northwestern has positive momentum to build from. This is an unprecedented time of success for the Wildcats.

The fear with the Wildcats is falling back too far and not taking advantage of the opportunities still in front of this team. And there is still opportunity. Lots of it.

Northwestern has the talent next year to take advantage of it. Make next year the “Tournament or bust” season, if you want. With perhaps Northwestern’s most talented roster in Carmody’s tenure and Carmody coaching on a contract year, if he cannot do it then he will not be able to.

  • Change

    I hope this is a moot point in about 48 hours. Time to move on.

    • Reich4Prez

      Thank you for your wonderful contribution…please go somewhere else.

    • Reich4Prez

      Thank you for your wonderful contribution…please go somewhere else.

  • cece

    with the comments in the Sun Times, it seems NU has officially entered big program territory. while it certainly seems that if we want to keep the kid we must keep Carmody, kinda frightening, a parent with such positioning. there are more reasons to keep Carmody than that, however. the recruiting is better, the injuries make it impossible to tell how the team would be if even a couple fewer injuries, the team played quite well in many games despite the injuries.

    keep Carmody, question the condition that the players are in, on the women’s and men’s team. there are too many injuries not to wonder about how the bodies are prepared to play.

    • Db

      Has anyone ever read an article where the parent of a kid says they would be cool if the coach got fired? Sina is obviously close with hill, and that story was planted. It shows desperation which while appropriate I think signals change is coming.

      If NU makes a decent hire I would be willing to bet anything sina comes. It would be an incredible opportunity for him and his family, and I think they know that. I do admire the loyalty and the willingness by them to go on the record in defense of the staff. But come on, this is a big decision and carmody isn’t going to stop him if they make a good hire.

      • I think LTP and I will have more thoughts on it after the Big Ten Tournament. We both agree that Northwestern will not let itself be held hostage by a recruit. If it is true though, getting a deep foot in New Jersey would be big. There is a lot of basketball talent there. Yet to be seen whether Northwestern could actually get it.

        • Go Cats!

          Meh. You know where else there’s some pretty decent bball talent that costs a lot less to recruit from? CHICAGO.

          • virginiaNU

            …if only we had a coach that could get this talent

          • Matt

            If only we had an administration that would give our coach the facilities to get this talent.

          • CatFan

            Virginia, why are you still an NU fan? You complain so much I would have thought by now you would have switched sides to Michigan or even that evil school in Champaign.

          • ctya


          • MNWildcat

            I’m curious just how many 4*, academically-eligible recruits you know from Chicagoland. Maybe you should call Bill or Jim with your imaginary pipeline of Northwestern-able talent.

          • Reich4Prez

            Thank you for stating something true on this board. These types of statements are too few and far between.

          • Reich4Prez

            haha…yea you go get a 4* or 5* city kid into Northwestern and we’ll hire you as head coach! Nice try, but we actually have better chances with the private school kids in the New Jersey my friend.

      • Chasmo

        Mr. Sina even said of his son in the article, “I’m not saying he’s not coming.” So there you have it. At this point in the recruiting season, Sina probably won’t have many better options. [For Crawford to leave, he will have to not only have to find a program with a scholarship to spare but one where he feels comfortable with and where his NBA ref dad to get to easily in order to see his son’s home games.
        Db is correct: IF Phillips makes a good hire who comes in and re-recruits the NU players, as new coaches must do, Crawford, Cobb, and Sina stay. If the coach is charismatic, the kids not only will give him a chance, they will get the message that the administration cares about winning and the level of success under Carmody is no longer good enough in Evanston. It might inspire them about next season.

        • CatFan

          haha…yea, it will “inspire” them next season. If Collins is the hire please remember he’s a defensive oriented coach and runs an offensive system designed for Duke Basketball (i.e. – NBA players)! Last guy we had that ran a system like that worked out real well…you all remember that guy named Kevin O’Neill, right? Yes, let’s just go get him back in the form of a Chris Collins! We cannot win with a defensive-minded coach and pro-style system with the type of recruits we can get at NU. Sorry Chasmo, try again.

      • Reich4Prez

        haha…Sina has PLENTY of other options. And I guarantee you he WILL NOT come to NU no matter who they have as head coach if he’s not named Bill Carmody, Fred Hill, or Tavaras Hardy. You don’t understand the relationships that are built between coaches and their recruits. Melsahn Basabe and Fran McCaffery are a great point. Fran built up such a great relationship with that kid that he took a chance bringing him to Iowa. And while it’s paid off, it’s just an example of how close a relationship they build. If Carmody is fired, my guess is he’ll probably either take a year off or go somewhere else. If he goes to a major conference school, which is probably unlikely this season since there won’t be a ton of options in that realm, Sina would probably follow him there. Otherwise, Sina could follow Hill or just go to the dozen major conference schools that still have open scholarships and won’t be rebuilding. And I firmly believe we will be rebuilding from the ground up if Carmody leaves.

    • Reich4Prez

      Uhhh…the coach is not responsible for the upkeep of their bodies…NU has an entire athletic training staff for that! Good try though!

  • ChuckyNeubs

    Yes, we definitely need to keep Carmody. Don’t really understand why everybody always wants to fire this guy. He has changed our program for the better, and we had a blip year b/c of injuries. We’re on the up and up here in Evanston with Carmody, for sure. And the New Jersey pipeline thing is huge — we don’t want to lose Jaren Sina or Fred Hill, especially with Rutgers coming on board to the B1G.

    • Db

      If you think he shd be kept, fine, but please stop with you can’t see why people want a change. In 14 yrs he has never had a top 75 team. There is plenty of rationale.

      • Reich4Prez

        Yes, we’ve had a “Top 75” team each of the last four years and maybe even this season. Did you mean that we haven’t had a Tournament team because I hope you realize that we’d probably beat 10-15 of the NCAA tournament teams 9 times out of 10 (i.e. – we beat MVSU by 40 points or something last season and they won their conference and got into the NCAA’s while we suffered a bullshit 4-seed in the NIT). I know what you’re trying to say, but your numbers are a little off there.

      • bd005

        The everyday BB facilities went from a total embarrassment to barely adequate only in 2008 (no coincidence that that’s when we started to see an uptick in recruiting).

        And BB attained the 20 win mark TWICE and got post season wins a few years before FB, as well as winning a few early season BB Tournaments.

        FB didn’t hit the 10 win mark and a post-season win until this past season and a key to that was largely missing the injury bug.

    • Db

      If we are afraid of the Rutgers juggernaut it is all the more reason to take a step up.

      • Reich4Prez

        No, Rutgers won’t compete with us for recruits. All you have to remember is that Rutgers’ fan base and recruiting zones are all in Big East territory. For instance, kids in the midwest grow up wanting to compete in the Big 10, while kids in the New York/New Jersey (and other) areas aspire to play in the Big East. I suppose since the Big East is being re-manufactured so to speak this could change a little, but it won’t change much. They have Big Ten Network out there, but that’s not going to change recruits’ minds about their desires (or lack thereof) to play many of their games in the midwest.

    • das420

      Bill’s imroved our lot for sure, I don’t think there’s any denying that. I respect what he’s accomplished, while also recognizing that he had little way to go but up. In my opinion, he’s taken us as far as he can–and, that’s the precipice of the NCAAs/invitation to the NIT (in our best years). To be clear, I don’t give a damn about the NIT–no fan of a “serious” College Basketball team does. I found our NIT-appearance years to probably be more excruciating than joyous (i.e. to see us consistently get close to the “real” goal only to fail again and again). I think we should strive for more rather than simply accept that, at our best, these are the heights to which we can aspire as a program…

      • Reich4Prez

        And no one is saying that we shouldn’t aspire to be a Tourney team. It’s just that all of a sudden, after making four straight NIT’s, (which I agree should not be our end game) our fan base thinks we should carry a pro-laden team to the Tournament every season. Their eyes are getting too big for their stomach in my opinion until the administration does something to “HELP” Carmody and staff bring in better recruits. Guarantee if we had even Penn State or Minnesota facilities we’d be able to recruit much better than we currently can.

  • John the Cook

    Seems like we’re getting just a little too excited about Jaren Sina. Look, I’m sure he’s a great kid and I wish him an All-Big-Ten career. But I’ve watched him play…he’s good, yes …but he’s also a skinny 6-foot point guard who shoots a set shot and plays the same position as Sobo. Wake me when when we compete for, much less land, a “4-star” wing or (ahem) big guy.

    • das420

      Agreed. Can’t really figure out how a 6′ PG is going to be our “saviour” when our biggest problem historically has been an inability to find anyone with size and an abililty to play athletically above the rim…

    • Mike

      The kid is 6’2 190 thats skinny! I’ve watched this kid at the Deron williams pg camp. Hes for real,

    • Reich4Prez

      Nobody is saying Jaren will be our “savior.” Did you people not see how bad Sobo was last night? Heck, he wouldn’t even play a minute at most other B10 schools. He’s just not that good. After seeing Jaren play a few times over the last 1.5 years I can definitely see him taking a lot of pressure off Sobo, if not a lot of his minutes! Even yesterday, after about 10 minutes of suffering through Sobo I would have rather had a high school Jaren out there playing alongside Demps. He can make that pick & roll pass that Sobo has a lot of trouble with and definitely shoots the 3pt shot much better than Sobo.

  • CliffG

    The case for firing Carmody is no stronger now than it was a year ago, unless you blame him for the injuries. We’ve got a lot of guys coming back and some new talent next year. He hasn’t earned an extension, but he doesn’t deserve to be fired either. I don’t think he will be.

    • ctya

      I don’t think it was very strong a year ago. It definitely wasn’t strong back in ’08.

      • Reich4Prez

        Thank you for your great contribution to this post as well…great insight from your comment…

        ctya, I’ve read a lot of your work on these boards and you’re “analysis” could be amongst the worst I’ve seen. You’re one of the “let’s make a change for the sake of change” and “13 years” people. You just don’t have a clue. I, as an alum (twice) and former staff member, know what this program can go back to and I know I don’t ever want to see that again. And going off the last four years (and not the last 13) I know this program is heading in the positive direction. As long as Morty and Dr. P don’t make their decisions based on your stupid posts (and others) I think they’ll do the right thing this weekend and keep him around. Heck, I’ll even take an extension!

    • bd005

      Let’s look at what the FB and BB programs had done in the 4 years prior to this season where both programs made the post-season each year.

      FB: 6-7, 7-6, 8-5, 9-4

      BB: 19-14, 20-14, 20-14, 17-14

      Pretty comparable.

      In fact, one can make an argument that BB was BETTER than FB over those 4 seasons – hitting the 20 win mark twice (while FB didn’t manage to hit the 10 win mark until this season), getting a postseason win 3 seasons earlier than FB and winning a couple of early season BB tournaments.

      And this is all despite that the B1G was a better conf. in BB than FB over that period.

      Who knows if this year’s BB team would have made it to the tournament (likely would have been on the bubble as is Iowa) if they had the full roster, but they would have at least made it 5 postseasons in a row.

      It’s also no coincidence that recruiting for BB started to pick up around 2008 – that’s when the everyday BB facilities when from a total embarrassment to barely adequate with the renovation project (prior to that Carmody had to make up excuses for recruits not to tour the BB facilities – no coach should ever need to do that).

      Furthermore, tough academic restrictions make it more difficult to recruit for BB than FB (which is why Duke had allowed greater leeway for BB recruits).

      There are a good amount of BCS quality FB players coming from the suburban and Catholic leagues who have the academics to get past NU admissions while the top flight BB talent in the Chicagoland area comes from the CPL.

      And look at what Joe McKeown has done with the women’s BB program in 5 years.
      Despite inheriting an All-American at center and landing some good recruiting classes – the WBB team has yet to sniff the NCAAs – in part due to transfers and injuries.

  • JM

    Forget the NCAA, Carmody hasn’t even given us an interesting selection Sunday in 14 years.

    • Go Cats!

      This might be the most key point. I REALLY want to be a big CBB fan – but since my team has never really made watching selection Sunday worthwhile…it kind of makes all of the other questions moot. (And yes, I presume whomever we bring in will focus on winning with academic integrity – so spare me the – “you don’t care about graduating players at the price of wins” nonsense.)

    • Reich4Prez

      Last year we had a watch party…I’d say that’s definitely a step in the right direction. We spent the last 60+ years without one!

  • Stephen Zgrabik

    Instead of having this argument again, lets all just go back a year and re-read the posts from March 2012. And if we keep Carmody, we can keep these posts marked and we can all just re-read them again in March 2014.

    • cece

      I believe the situation is different this year. Last go round I was for the ax. this time, I am not. he did well with the team in spite of a large number of injuries. if they had been even half well, they would probably have done well. the injuries are not the fault of the coach.

  • NUBobby95

    We all thought there was a bright 2013 season too. A coaching decision should not be based on future expectations. There is no promise that next years team will have any different results than this years. 13 seasons no tourney appearances – time to move on.

    • Dozer

      Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but I thought coaching decisions were based on future expectations– those who want change have the future expectation that a different coach would be more successful. That’s no more guaranteed than an expectation that 2013-2014 will be better than this year sticking with Carmody.

      So I’m really not clear on what it is you’re trying to say, if the decision shouldn’t be based on future expectations. You want a new coach even though you have no expectation that he’d be better? You think the new coach may or may not be better, but just want change for the sake of change?

      Or do you want a new coach because you have an expectation that the new coach would be better? That puts you roughly in the same place as the Carmody supporters– trying to read the tea leaves and predict the future.

      I’m asking this in all sincerity, because often it seems like the lines of argument on Carmody are driven by whether people like him personally or not, as much as what he’s been able to accomplish as a coach. That’s not inherently right or wrong– a college coach’s role with his team and as the face of the university extends well beyond the win/loss record, so it’s absolutely legitimate to want a new coach if you just plain don’t like Carmody. I’m just not sure what it is you’re saying, here.

      • Reich4Prez

        I agree with Dozer here…and please please please stop using the “13 seasons no tourney appearances” thing. In my mind, people who use that excuse were obviously not NU fans before Carmody came to Evanston and even into his first 4-5 years.

        Look, here’s the problem with that argument…hopefully this solves it all for you people. It take a few years and maybe more for a head coach to do a complete 180 on a basketball program, which is exactly what Bill had to do after taking over for O’Neill. He had to kick delinquents off the team and had to completely change recruiting so that the players would fit his system. While you all can debate this point in terms of whether or not Bill is a good recruiter all you want, it’s not my main argument at all. In Carmody’s tenure, that timeline took a little longer than we thought. It took 8 seasons to finally get to a point where we put a competitive team on the floor…a team that could compete with the Big 10’s elite programs as well as others throughout the country (we actually have a pretty solid record, like 12-6 or something like that, against Big 6 conference teams over the last few seasons). Over the last five years we have finally been able to COMPETE with those programs, which in my eyes is a huge step considering we used to lose to MVSU type teams on a more consistent basis prior to that. My MAIN point here is that the first 8 years DO NOT MATTER…When Carmody was hired he faced FUTURE EXPECTATIONS, and although we can all agree it sucks it took us 8 years to finally hit the NIT mark, we finally did reach that mark and have sustained that success for the last 4 years. Obviously we had a ton of injuries this season, with Swop’s being the catalyst to our demise. I agree with the mob that we need to hit that Tourney mark soon and I think we will. We have not hit our plateau yet and until we do I say Carmody needs to stay on as our head coach.

  • NUdone88

    Who can Dr JP find to replace him? That is the ultimate decision!

    • Reich4Prez

      Ricardo Patton…sorry, low blow.

  • Farmer

    The case for firing the administration, or whoever is responsible for not giving our BB coach, the tools he needs to realistically compete, is greater.

    This inadequate support is old hat, 50, 60, years, and we always blame the coach.

    So, we get another coach, big deal…..5 or 10 years from now, we´ll be calling for his head or he´ll quit. Same old story. It´s wearing thin.

    The buck stops with the administration, as it has for years and years.

    • Matt

      Wow! That really makes sense. You´re spot on!

  • I’m pretty neutral about keeping/firing BC – tho’ I sometimes feel like he needs an INTJs of the World, Unite! movement to back him up. Look. Under the two previous coaches, NU BB moved from bad to bad comedy. He’s moved them at least to the “tough out” category. That’s not enough for some folks, and that’s fine. Be that way. The real devil is in the facilities and support that BC or a new coach can expect, and that’s sort of a mystery. Remember the facilities questionnaire of a couple of years ago? Lots of questions about what we’d like to see in a BB facility, then nothing. The reality is that NU has limited resources, has four (or is it 5? Ryan Fieldhouse, Admissions/Visitor, Bienen Music, new Kellogg building . . . ok, 4. 5 if you count Kresge Centennial rehab) big construction programs going now, and despite the high average wealth of its alumni, not too many of them. So I guess that unless they BofT can scrounge up a few million for BB investment, they may as well bring BC back. Absent investment, I don’t think we can get the upgrade in coaching that some folks are dreaming about.

    My own internal bet is that Carmody’s retirement timetable is set, that no big BB investment is coming soon for purely pragmatic reasons, and that the intention is to hand the program to Hardy after next year. But that’s pure uninformed guess.

  • Easy Decision

    You can’t recruit players if they know that if you don’t make the tournament next year (in 2014) you are not going to be the coach. This is an easy decision for Philips. Carmody has to be gone because you can’t sign him to a 3 or 4 year deal now and you can’t just say publicly that he has next year or he’s gone.

    • Reich4Prez

      I unfortunately agree with you here. It’s either an extension or a firing here, unless they try some SMU crap and make Hardy the “coach-in-waiting”, which I don’t think will be the case. If you can’t guarantee a kid that you’re going to be his coach, he’ll look elsewhere. Especially when we can’t even offer him the facilities or fan support that other schools can.

  • SFTFame

    How about the fact that he’s been able to accomplish all that he has- the NIT berths, the uptick in recruiting- with essentially 0 support from the athletic department? By all means, let’s get some other poor schmuck in here and see if he can make chicken salad out of chicken droppings. Or why don’t we actually put money into the program and THEN see if he can win or not.

    People seem to think that we can get some rah rah coach in here to fire up the troops and the money is going to come flying in and there will be a new facility and everything will be great. Any new coach we get will have the same crap to work with as Carmody. Do you think if NU were to announce they were looking to build a new arena that it is really going to ultimately matter to any potential donors who the coach is?

    • Reich4Prez

      YES! Thank you SFT for this…needs to be added here. I think it’s great that we’re even able to compete with the Michigan States, Ohio States, Indianas, and (up until this season) the Michigans of the world. Maybe with some new facilities we finally start getting the recruits that get us those wins in the last 4-5 minutes…cuz I’m tired of hearing that it’s Carmody’s fault we don’t win close games at the end. TALENT WINS CLOSE GAMES PEOPLE, NOT COACHES!!!

  • byebyefitz95

    Haha. I should change my name to byebyePRR after this article. The guy you want isn’t coaching worth shit right now.

    • Reich4Prez

      How is he not coaching worth shit? Would love to see any coach in the country deal with what he’s had to this season and even compete with the teams we’ve competed with. My guess is you’re a student who probably doesn’t even come to the games, judging by your immature post?

  • UVA Cat

    This NU-Iowa game looks like a JV vs. Varsity scrimmage.

    Maybe next year. Maybe a new coach. Maybe…

    • Reich4Prez

      Well, with 4 starters out (and yes Lumpkin would have started this season) I think we actually held our own after the first 10 minutes. But what do I know, I’m just a former basketball coach.

  • Nice post. Carmody’s coaching skill has always given NU an advantage over other Big Ten teams, but that wasn’t enough in the early years. The difference in recent years is his assistants have done an excellent job recruiting, considering all the negatives (terrible arena, bad fan support, high academic standards). It’s very likely a fantasy that a miracle man is going to come in and make Northwestern a consistent NCAA tourney team. Now, build a great new arena, get consistent full houses of fans in purple, then fantasy can become real. Meanwhile, Carmody is the best NU hoops bet.

  • magliarosa

    The decision has already been made. He’s gone. Tomorrow is day 1 of the Chris Collins Watch.

    We can always go with Plan B and appoint Fitz as the head basketball coach, and he can hire basketball coordinators.

    • Reich4Prez

      Can everyone on this board slap you in the face if you’re wrong? Seem pretty sure of yourself. Is this Jim Philips? Maybe Morty? Pat Ryan?

      • magliarosa

        If they don’t, I’ll meet you at Buffalo Joes.