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Today, I’m turning over the editorial to you.  We’re in a unique situation right now.  The basketball team is plummeting down the stretch and Wildcat spring football is a few days away from kicking off.  As for registering what registers, there are really two primary metrics I use. The first is comments. The more comments I see, the more I correlate that with a “good” post in that it at least sparked a good conversation (the post could be weak, but the topic can instill great banter). The second metric is site traffic. I’ve noticed a dip of late and I want to make sure we aren’t missing the boat.

So, let’s hear you. Are you tired of talking about NU basketball and the circular conversations about the next step for Carmody and the ‘Cats? Would you rather we be focusing more heavily on football? Are you liking the mix? Let us know.

PRR and I are in the middle of laying out a content calendar since many of the posts coming this spring require us to get out in front and do interviews and the like. Here are a few things in the works:

  • First look series – a 12-team series interviewing likely 11 opposing team bloggers (Maine could be tough to find!). It will be a “first look” because the info will change significantly between now and the actual game date, but it’s a good starting point for us as fans.
  • Football position battles – We’ll be keying in on the hot-topic positions that are in question (ex – CB, MIKE LB, OL) based on the current roster and results from spring practice.
  • Purple Mafia Profiles – These are my personal fav, but they take quite a bit of time to setup and execute. I’m trying to get John Shurna, Mike Polisky, Fitz, and several other fun ones that I’ll keep under wraps for a bit and surprise you.
  • Ryan Fieldhouse – We’ve seen the photos, but let’s dig in. What exactly is going in the facility and how will each team benefit?
  • Occasional lacrosse coverage – Our friends at have agreed to post occasionally and the next one will be in about two weeks.

We’ll of course be covering each of the four remaining B1G basketball games and the likely one-and-done B1G tournament game.  Inevitably, each game post springboards in to a “stay or go?” debate around Coach Carmody. As I mentioned in the comments of PRR’s well-written post on his view of the debate, I’ll be waiting until the day after the season to weigh in with my full blown “editorial” on the subject.

We’ve posted a poll to try and get your take on the content mix, at least for the coming few weeks, so we can be sure to stay connected with you. Thanks for your input!

KAH Interview

Be sure to check out SippinOnPurple as they posted an interview with Kelly Amonte Hiller and her personal take on this team.

Closing In?

Chris Emma of had promising news on 2014 OL target, J.B. Butler of Joliet Catholic. Emma’s interview suggests an offer is close and Butler was pretty clear that he believes NU is the perfect fit.  While other programs will be celebrating March Madness, you know that 2014 recruits will soon be committing, especially if the past couple of years trend continues of landing the overwhelming majority of the class before the season starts.

  • JimGoCats93

    I think we need to talk about ticket sale strategies.

    Suggestion for committed fans to try:

    This year I am buying two more and have one game/year set aside for my daughter ’03 to take. Then I have one couple so far committed to two games 1 conference/1 non conference. My hope is to layoff the other four home games to other perspective partners or as trial visits to perspective season ticket holders.

    We will serve them purple kool aid and brownies – they will be hooked for certain.

    Essentially, I am willing to risk the cost of two seats to get folks exposed – hope for good weather, 2:30 games, and WINS!

    I believe Fitz & Co have done their part, let’s do ours.


    • GTom

      I still say we should try to tie in free tickets to students of other local schools, maybe starting with Loyola and Northeastern Illinois due to proximity alone. Let those schools promote it as part of their own experience. Start hooking them young and build a base for the future. Do something to fill up the empty seats in the north corners.

      • JimGoCats93

        I think there are league restrictions on free tickets – someone can confirm….

    • cheesemacaroni

      I also buy extra tickets with the plan to hook people in. This then works out great because I can transfer those tickets next year to the people that want to sign on for the full season. It’s been very successful. But as others have complained, I get the same number of points whether I buy one season ticket or six. There is no incentive for “bundlers” to pull in a critical mass. It woudl be nice if there were — with priority points or something else.

      • Alum Dad

        I wasn’t aware that you didn’t get more “points” for more tickets. I recently upped our NU football commitment from 4 season tickets to 6. Between 6 tickets, 6 seat backs and two parking passes I’m shelling out a pretty penny. I thought a larger purchase would ultimately be to my benefit but it doesn’t sound like it. I guess I need to pay more attention to the details in the future.

    • RazzmaChas

      There are several comments about season tickets and priority points. What
      value to people put on priority points? East and West stadium parking are an
      obvious benefit. Just curious what else people care about. Doesn’t seem like
      there are a lot of other benefits.

      • cheesemacaroni

        Great point. It would be nice if those things had more value. That said, I value them for parking passes, but also you get first dibs on seat location. We like our spot, and have passed up opportunities to “improve” it, so we tend to be among the most “senior” group in our section. Which means, anytime a seat opens up, we can be the first to grab it for newcomers. It all ties back to the “bundling” thing. Otherwise, it’s much harder sell to friends who are potential season ticket holders if we have to tell them “sorry, you can come to our tailgate, but you have to go sit in the endzone away from us during the game.” Instead, I can transfer my ticket to them.

  • Looks like i should’ve added more on season ticket sales!

    • JimGoCats93

      Why do we exist?

      My favorite attendance/home field advantage story (or really lack of home field advantage) is the 1995 Miami of Ohio game. As badly as we let down and M of O came back, we would have won that game with the right level of crowd support. You may recall we piled on a tackled running back as the time ticked off the clock. Officials stopped the clock allowing M of U to reset and score. I always have said, that call would never have been made in Ann Arbor or Columbus for a visiting team. We would have had a safety against Nebraska last year…..
      Our guys were 10- 3 playing away and on neutral sites. We need to change that!


  • old fat bald guy

    Not proud of this, but I’ve sworn off Northwestern men’s basketball. Actually I’ve done that several times, but this time it’s sticking. Every time you get your hopes up about this program it stomps your heart flat. I’m a Class of ’79er and the first home game of my freshman year was a victory over Kentucky, so I go back a long way with this. There have been years I got sucked in because they were absolutely, finally going to the Dance and years I’ve resisted even though they were absolutely, finally going to the Dance. I’m done. I’m mostly a football guy but I’m happy to hear about any other NU team. With men’s hoops, I will glance at the score and keep moving. And lest anyone think I’m a front-running dilettante, I’m also a lifelong Detroit Lions fan. Northwestern men’s hoops is worse.

  • Alaskawildcats

    Don’t envy the challenge of trying to come up with content when the big sports news is college basketball and we are not in the national conversation like we were last year. Maybe some articles on Northwestern’s current academic accomplishments could tide us over.

  • PairofCats88

    Poll did not give me this option, but we would love to see more of the non-revenue sports, too. Love WLAX!

  • CMF

    It sounds crazy, but I am starting to plan out my trip to the Cal game. I’ve never been there or to SF before. Maybe an article on that as a travel destination?

  • Arnie Fabrikant

    How about a column on Wildcats currently playing in the pros?