A Harlem Shake

I do not quite know what the Harlem Shake is. I have been roped into doing one and was completely confused (I might be traumatized actually). Everyone seems to be doing it though. If you can post an explanation as to how this thing got big, please enlighten us.

But of all the ones I have seen, Northwestern football might take the cake. The Wildcats did their version of the Harlem Shake and posted it online Saturday:

Note sophomore offensive lineman Matt Frazier slow dancing with the Under Armour mannequin. And I cannot figure out who dressed as Wolverine in the video. The guys seemed to have fun with it.

Spring practice is coming up at the end of the month in about a week and a half. Glad to see the guys are getting ready.

Northwestern basketball plays Illinois tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Welsh-Ryan Arena. It sounds like the suddenly revitalized Illini are taking the Wildcats seriously after the Cats went down to Champaign and upset the Illini and after the Cats’ near upset in Columbus. Should be a good game.

  • cece

    this meme is not as fun as Gangam Style, but it’s fun that the boys are having a good time.

    maybe they could invent something to some other music….Alabama Shakes was pretty awesome on SNL last night!

  • Al

    I don’t get it.

  • skepticat

    Ha! Don’t know, don’t care: awesome. I love our team.

    For other interested nerds out there: