Northwestern goes to black alternates for Sunday’s game with Indiana

Northwestern will be unveiling a new black alternate jersey for Sunday’s game against Indiana, hoping to bring back the luck the black jerseys gave the team in wins over Illinois and Michigan State last year.

I have to say, these alternate uniforms are pretty sleek. Like the black jerseys for the football team, these jerseys really bring out the ivy-clad brick inlay design that Under Armour touted when it announced the design for the jerseys. This aspect of the jersey was really difficult to see on TV, although if you buy the football jerseys you can clearly see them. Here though, the brick is clearly visible on the purple sleeves and collar.

They should look pretty good on the court. Hopefully Northwestern is up to the task on the court too. The Wildcats will play the Hoosiers, who will be coming off a home loss to the Badgers last night. First things, first, Northwestern plays Illinois in Champaign on Wednesday.

Sunday’s game against Indiana is sold out, so it should be a rocking good time at Welsh-Ryan Arena this weekend.

Gator Bowl Celebration on Campus

Northwestern is still reveling in its Gator Bowl victory as fans continue to celebrate the first bowl win in 64 years. At some point we will stop saying that and say first bowl win since the beginning of the month!

Pat Fitzgerald has already taken the Gator Bowl trophy to a basketball game for recognition. Jared Carpenter and the Wildcats received special recognition from the Evanston City Council — with another trophy and a stuffed Gator to go with it (not ripped to shreds like that monkey). The next celebration will take place Friday.

Pat Fitzgerald, Jim Phillips, Morty Schapiro, the cheerleaders, Willie the Wildcat and NUMB will be celebrating the victory once again at the Louis Room in Norris at 4 p.m. Doors open at 3:30 p.m. and all students and fans are invited to attend.

Fans will be able to take a picture with the Gator Bowl trophy after the event. Should be another fun pep rally event to celebrate the bowl win!

Editor’s Note

My journalism conscience has been tearing at me since I posted that report on JamesClark, so I am going to clear some things up.

It was pretty presumptuous of me to take Clark receiving and listening to other offers and hearing little news from the Northwestern recruiting writers to mean that NU was out of the running. By all accounts, Clark is still considering Northwestern and it is among his finalists. While he has recently taken visits to other schools, as many of you pointed out to me, he cannot take another official visit to Northwestern and it is obviously much easier for a school like Florida to shoot across the state and visit him.

It appears his finalists are Florida, Clemson, Northwestern, Nebraska and Ohio State. He has said that he will not make a decision until he completes all his visits and so we may not hear from him until at least after his January 25 visit to Florida.

I should not have taken an article written in the Orlando Sentinel and seemingly favoring Florida and the bigger schools to mean that Northwestern is out of the running. My gut tells me that Northwestern is falling behind to some of these bigger-name teams, but that does not necessarily mean that is so. I should have made my opinion much clearer in the post.

There my conscience is cleared! Internet reporting can be scary — especially with things like recruiting where sourcing is not always perfectly clear.

  • bandcat

    maybe with that type of camo the 3 man weave will be more effective…the black juju might have worked last year.. not this time around..

  • PurpleHayes

    Really? Black jerseys, the way the basketball team is playing right now? Feels like a contest where “best caption” wins a prize. (I remember in the pre-glory Gary Barnett days when the FB team went to black-and-purple jerseys, and the Tribune said we were appropriately the only team in history whose uniforms looked like a bruise!) Let’s spend our basketball energy retooling the offense…

  • Nubobby95

    Well if you’re going to suck, might as well look good. Bye bye Bill.

  • skepticat

    How jolly and droll of the City Council! Gotta admire the efficiency with which they checked off that bullet point on the agenda!

    And timely too! As residents sue the university to stop construction of the new South Campus parking garage and visitor center, after the Evanston Preservation Commission had already attempted to bring construction to a halt.,0,3052116.story

    And speaking of the Evanston Preservation Commission, they just declined to green-light the start of construction on the North Campus parking garage that’s to be part of the new athletic complex.

    “One of these things is not like the others,” as they say….

    • Noah Kimmel

      while I disagree, I understand why people might object to the visitors center.

      But objecting to the parking garage (read: phase 1 of new lakefront facility) is ridiculous. The area is on NU’s campus and hidden from the city and community and would have 0 impact on residents (well, maybe positive impact as football and event parking would shift to the garage from the street). The objection of its size is crazy! We need this development. We not only hire professionals, but the best architects and designers in the country to do this stuff! Surely they have come up with an acceptable plan. Evanston city council does not need to interfere in such a ridiculous way–it is infuriating!

  • internetlol

    It’s Schapiro not Shapiro. I don’t want to be rude but I think you need an extra proof-read before you hit that publish button. I know it’s the internet and all but LTP sets a really high standard.

    Now I’m not trying to hate… I like reading your stuff but sometimes I feel it comes out a little raw. Keep doing your thing – I’ll keep reading it and enjoying it.

  • Country Boy

    I would be much more excited about changing coaches than uniforms. It is generally accepted that a team takes on the personality of its coach. A prime example is Bo Ryan at Wisconsin. He is tough, confident, and relentless with high expectations, and his teams play that way. His teams do very well year in and out without the best talent in the Big Ten. He develops players who tend clearly improve over their 4 years. Carmody is fidgety, negative, and gets tighter the tighter the game.He does not adapt or recruit. All this translates to his teams. I am convinced Bo Ryan would win more games with this Northwestern team as now constituted than Carmody will. We are not going to get Bo Ryan, but we can easily trade up with a new coach. That will do much more than new jerseys, but I do think they are cool.

    • AdamDG

      So Butler is unassuming and dorky? Enough with the indefensible statements — basketball is about Jims and Joes first, then Xs and Os. Billy C’s system creates open shots and usually neutralizes opponent tempo.

      Want to know why we look like crap? Our best “Joe” is out for the season.

    • AdamDG

      Oh, and we can “easily trade up” with a new coach? Ask Illinois (a program leaps and bounds better than ours) how easy their last coaching search was — even with a ton of cash involved.

  • Country Boy

    Who is responsible for recruiting those Jims and Joes and then teaching and developing them? Granted, “easily” was a poor choice of words but we have to improve at the head coaching position.

  • Country Boy

    Brad Stephens looks calm and unassuming on the outside but inside I believe he has the heart of a lion and his team plays that way. I watched the Butler full team warmup before the NU game. It was one of the most organized and disciplined I have seen. To our credit it was a very competitive game.

  • Alum Dad

    Black uniforms = rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Better watch out for the IU iceberg this Sunday.