Northwestern Gator Bowl Open Game Thread

With PRR on site and in the stadium we turn over LTP to you the readers. Comment here throughout the game, but be sure to keep it clean and don’t attack one another please. Should we win you’ll see me dancing around the Hyatt Riverfront lobby. Should we lose, I’ll be buried in my hotel room. Let’s go get this…

  • Dan

    Go Cats!!!

  • Buffalo_Joe

    Go U Northwestern!

  • Piano1956

    Here at the 49 . 4th row. Psyched up!!!! Been to all 9. This is IT! N n

  • Purple Buffalo

    Lets Go Cats!

  • David

    Great start

  • Jimmie

    Great Start, lets keep it up for four quarters

  • JBonez

    Let’s go Wildcats!!

  • Jason G

    Great way to start the game!!!

  • Jason G

    Run the ball… Keep coulter in as QB.

    • James Klock

      Mixing Coulter and Siemian was, in the end, a great game-plan. MSU’s defense was completely on their heels during the 3rd quarter, utterly baffled and with no idea what was coming next. Trev did a great job running the quick-strike, and had some phenomenal 3rd-and-long plays.

      Given our success with that mix this year, I expect to see our offense next year to look a lot like it did this year. Hopefully they’ll iron out the inconsistencies that we faced a bit of in the middle of the season.

      Not freakin’ bad for a rebuilding year, my friends! 2013 will bring a pretty tough schedule, but really, we drop Indiana and Penn State for Ohio State and Wisconsin. OSU is a fierce opponent, but Penn State’s been our absolute bane. I think we have a real shot at Wisconsin next year– but the real issue is beating Michigan, Nebraska, and Michigan State, to put ourselves into the B1G championship game. If we do that, we’ve likely got a second shot at the Buckeyes, in Indianapolis.

      Not to put the cart before the horse…. :)

  • bandcat

    Impressed with our depth both sides of ball….keep em fresh…FINISH!!!!

  • Next Cat

    Is Kain hurt? He took quite an elbow to the side of the head. Looked stunned and then two very poor passes after that. Way to go Trev, tho’ Go Cats!

    • Next Cat

      Never mind. Just got my answer.

  • bandcat

    Come on Offense lets get 7 before the Half….

  • JBonez

    Entering Cardiac territory….

  • bandcat

    Well…which staff makes the adjustments? Which team comes out an executes? Who wants it more? Lets Go Cats!

  • Gary68

    On the Miss State touchdown, did he get a foot down in the end zone?

    • UVA Cat

      Yep, it was pretty clear on the replay

    • Gary68

      Unfortunately the answer is yes.
      The momentum is clearly the wrong way. Offense has stalled completely.
      Obviously we need to regroup at half time.

    • capitalcat

      Yep, I was there, right at that corner of the end zone, and there was no question that he got his foot down.

  • Preston

    That FG by MSU looked no good.

  • bandcat

    Our tongues are hangin out and it isn’t from fatigue….Lets FINISH…Go Cats

  • TT

    cmon cats! lets get this win!

  • NUBobby95

    Great win!!! ByeByeFitz needs to go bye bye.

    • byebyefitz95

      haha…not sure about that haha.

  • double.wildcat

    Finally!!!!! The jinx is dead! Long live Pat! Go Cats!

  • old fat bald guy

    I really enjoy these games that end with repeated sacks off a three-man rush. Not the first time that’s happened this year. It’s such a emphatic punctuation mark.

    • James Klock

      Yeah, let’s hear it for a defense that’s dedicated to finishing games!

  • Thank you Coach Fitz. Thank you LTP. Thank you PRR. Thank you seniors. GATOR BOWL CHAMPIONS.

  • Noah Kimmel


    • zeek

      Can’t say enough how much this win means to the program.

      10th win of the season (3rd ever 10 win season – best since ’95).

      The bowl win itself; getting rid of that monkey off the backs of the program.

      Fitz’s 50th win making him all-time winningest coach.

      Top 20 ranking to end the season (probably 17-18 range).

      Top 25 ranking to start next season likely as well?

      Huge positives from this win; easily one of the biggest in the history of Northwestern football.

  • David

    It wasn’t perfect…but I don’t care…it was beautiful!

  • Purple Flag on Saturday

    A Very Happy NU Year!

  • Buffalo_Joe

    Woooohoooo! Great win for the Cats.

  • DarkSide

    Just remember, you cannot spell ‘Bitches’ without ‘SEC’ and you cannot spell ‘Own’ without NORTHWESTERN.

  • Wildcat86

    LTP, great call on your pick to click! Very good game by Vitale.

  • Keep the great comments coming.