LTP Last Minute Holiday Shopping Guide; Plus More on 2014 Commit, Jordan Thomas

Everyone could use some cheering up these days. I’ll try to continue to do my very small part, so I’ve bumped up our annual LTP Last Minute Holiday Shopping Guide.  Yes, Northwestern hoops is back in action tonight against Texas State in the first game of the Drew Crawford-less season. All the more reason to try and spread some cheer this morning. Let’s get in to it.

The Hurry Up Already Gift $60-$125

The ‘Cats are playing on New Year’s Day in Jacksonville, Florida in the Gator Bowl for cryin’ out loud. If you haven’t purchased your ticket then hurry up and do so. Better yet, give one as a gift as they range in price from $60 to $125.  If you can’t make it, donate one in someone’s name as it will go towards selling out our allotment. Of course, if you want to be Santa this season, you can also put together a whole trip, either on your own, or with the help of the Northwestern Alumni Association. Purchase tickets here.

The Of Course LTP Recommends This Present, Present  – $100-$265

No spoiler alert here. A single season ticket for 2013 is only $262 for the best available seat at Ryan Field. Think about that for a second as you comparative shop for the electronic game you’re buying or that nice outfit you’re buying for someone. The 9-3 ‘Cats boast an incredible home schedule in 2013 with multiple sellouts certainly to happen, meaning the only way you’ll be able to even go to the big games is by paying triple digits via StubHub, or you can simply buy someone a ticket now. Consider the 2013 home schedule:

Sept. 7 vs. Syracuse

Sept. 14 vs. Western Michigan

Sept. 21 vs. Maine

Oct. 5 vs. Ohio State

Oct. 19 vs. Minnesota

Nov. 16 vs. Michigan

Nov. 23 vs. Michigan State

The ‘Cuse is a 2012 bowl team and our B1G schedule couldn’t get much sexier with both Michigan, Ohio State and seemingly always-down-to-the-wire Michigan State all coming to Ryan Field. All you have to do is call 888-GO-PURPLE (467-8775) and ask for my man Tony Devito and he’ll take care of you.  Tickets go on sale January 1, but I’m sure they’ll be happy to reserve them for you. Keep in mind, youth tickets are only $99 for the entire season! ALL THE DETAILS ARE HERE.

The It Looks Even Cooler Up Close Present – $70 range

Game jerseys. You saw them all season long, but now you can buy one and marvel at the intricate detail that Under Armour put in to the Northwestern game jerseys. Players and recruits love them and commentators continue to talk about one of the more distinct looks in all of college football. Oh yeah, and we’re 9-3 in them, so if you’re superstitious, the record is on your side. CLICK HERE to outfit your favorite person in a game jersey this holiday.

Old School – $30-$80

OK, so you can’t exactly get a Lee Gissendanner game jersey, but many of you are like me in that you love retro and nostalgia. Northwestern has come out with an entire line of retro wear, with particularly cool stuff for women.  Check out the array of stuff ranging from $30-$80 here.

LTP Book Club $20-$30

These books have nothing to do with Northwestern other than the fact that their authors are Wildcats. First, if you haven’t read Rawhide Down, do yourself a favor and get a copy for yourself. Former Wildcat baseball player, Del Wilber, won a Pulitzer Prize and earned his way on to the New York Times Bestseller list with his incredible minute-by-minute account of the attempted assassination of  Ronald Reagan. It is truly gripping and a book I consider a must-read. Find out more about it here.

I’m embarassed to say I haven’t read the next selection of the LTP Book Club, but Clifford Garstang, a regular LTP reader, has several books on the market, most recently What The Zhang Boys Know. He does a much better job previewing the DC-based novel about a Shanghai native on a quest to find a new mother for his sons. Read all about it here.

Vintage NU Cards – $20


An LTP Recommended "Must Have"

These are classic. Literally. Asgard Press makes blank cards that feature old NU gameday covers on the cover and I love using them as thank you notes. I have a set of these and am running low (hint, hint), and am hopeful they will continue to add more editions. It’s only $20 and a truly unique gift. Check it out here.

Add Your Ideas!

I’m sure you have ideas to add to this list as it is relatively brief, so please do. Email us at or list it in the comments section below and we may add it to this list.


Sunday we posted about 2014 safety commit, Jordan Thomas, a 6-1, 180 pound 3-star recruit from Klein Collins, Texas. Thomas became Northwestern’s first 2014 commit by doing so this past Saturday while he was in Evanston on his unofficial visit. Originally, I posted he had one other offer, from Utah. However, Jason Howell of scored an interview with Thomas about his choices and he said it really was between Northwestern and Stanford, but ultimately the family atmosphere and feel of Northwestern just felt better. Thomas was being courted by Stanford, LSU, Cal, and Oklahoma State in addition to the Utah offer.

Dan Vitale Props

‘Cats freshman SB, Dan Vitale was named to’s first team All Freshmen list two weeks ago. However, he may very well have deserved the ‘Cats most improved award overall as he transformed from a smart blocking back to a legit Dunsmore-like receiving threat as highlighted by his breakout performance at Michigan State. Chicago Sun-Times’ Neil Hayes offers this great piece on Vitale with several quotes from former ‘Cat SB Drake Dunsmore, which is likely the highest praise that Vitale could get.

Contemplating Crawford

Tonight at 6pm ct the men’s hoops team returns to the hardwood when they host Texas State. It marks the first game in more than a week thanks to final exams, but more significantly is game one without Drew Crawford. Skip Myslenski offers a perspective on what this means for the ‘Cats and gets some thoughts from Bill Carmody’s perspective.

  • Stephen Zgrabik

    heard on the big ten blog that they are piping in cow bells during practice.

  • zeek

    LTP, that home schedule is a doozy.

    Are we looking at an average of 40,000 potentially?

    • byebyefitz95

      Not even close. OSU and U of M will sell out. The rest will not though. In fact that non conference schedule wont get much considering when students come back for the fall.

      • Louis M

        Ahh ByeBye, what a surprise to see your consistent negativism and pessimism still intact. When we win on New Years and beat Cal Aug 31, We roll into Ryan 2-0 and ranked top 15. That will put plenty of adult butts in their seats. And if season goes as hoped, very good chance we do average close to 40K. As they say, we were only 3 plays short of meeting ND for the 2012 BCS title.

        • Why do you have to be such a jackass? Really.

        • Bostonwildcat

          Clearly a simple typo. And you just premised an entire post on something that all the rest of us quickly recognized as such. Ironic that you call him stupid, don’t you think?

    • I believe that is a no-brainer. Considering you get 2 at 47,130 with Ohio State and Michigan, we’ll get lift again on season tix sales based on those just wanting to get access to those two games. Hopefully, they move SU to night like Vandy. MSU will get close to 40k if we’re like we think we will…should be able to get more than 33k for the others to keep the average over 40.

      • hellohellofitz96

        Look for some sort of 2 game combo packs – OSU & Maine and UM & WMU – a “forced buy” might be a way to drive tix sales for those less attractive home games.

      • byebyefitz95

        Sorry. 48K for UM and OSU as well as 40k for MSU and 33k for the rest (33k against Maine and Western Michigan is pushing it) of the games is 268,000 butts in the seats. Divide that by 7 games we get 38,285 a game. That sounds about right. Also I tried 48k against MSU as well and it’s just below 40k and not enough to round up. Sorry again.

        • If we enter season 10-3 and beat Cal in opener, I’m guessing the SU game (likely night game) will get upper 30s. If Cats can be 1-loss by time of Minnesota, that game will be well attended.

  • bandcat

    Nice to see that we are in position to be recruiting DBs instead of converting players to play the position. Next years defensive backfield has the talent to be a force to be reckoned with in my opinion. Former Proviso and USC player Kyle Prater likes the brotherhood of the NU system that i am sure Fitz exposes. Naysayers beware…..Build it and they will come….Welcome home Jordan.

  • CliffG

    LTP, thanks for including me on the list!