LTP Bowl Mania Begins, ‘Cats Hoops Season Turns In To Glorified Tryout

After yesterday’s nightmare in Newtown, Connecticut I was really, really disturbed. Events like that make you take stock in what the heck you’re doing with your life and ask the big picture questions.  I realize my role here is not to offer commentary on world events, but rather offer you an oasis from the real world to amuse you with things related to Northwestern. I can’t deny this, along with things like the Penn State/Sandusky scandal haven’t made me wonder if my blogging/community building efforts couldn’t be put to better use elsewhere. However, in some small way, I feel that this community offers just that – a place to convene about trivial things that for some reason matter to us – and despite not meeting many of you, at least take comfort that we can come together to share our passion, our thoughts, our likes and dislikes. With that, I get back to the trivial things you turn to me for…

LTP Bowl Mania

LTP Bowl Mania begins today (I have Arizona for 1 point).  We are about to break the 200 entry mark and need just ONE more person to do so. CLICK HERE, search for the group named “LTP” and follow the 3-easy steps to sign up and pick the winners of all 35 bowls. The winner will receive a heretofore traveling trophy – a Gary Barnett Big Ten title year (’96) game-worn Wildcat jacket.

Wait Til Next Year…Again…and again…

With the news of Drew Crawford undergoing season-ending surgery on top of JerShon Cobb’s season-ending academic suspension, Northwestern basketball is done. I’m being a realist here. The conference is loaded like it hasn’t been since the early 90s, and frankly, the ‘Cats winning five conference games would be surprising to me at this point. In my opinion, Bill Carmody should turn this season in to a glorified tryout for playing time for next year.  Carmody, perennially on the brink of being replaced will most certainly get yet another “Cat life by getting another year based on the premise it is unfair to judge a year when your #1 and #2 players aren’t there. Early on he’s been awful at working in his bench as most glaringly highlighted by Tre Demps end-of-game explosion against Butler (as in, uhhh, Coach…he looks like the most athletic guy on the team).  I say play Kale and let him have the green light. Get Demps tons of minutes. Work Chier in to the rotation. Let Sanjay play 20 minutes per game. As obsessed as I am with NU Athletics, I am terrible at knowing things like scholarship slots. With top 100-ranked player, Jaren Sina coming in next year along with the Carmody prototype 6-7 shooting stud Nate Taphorn, the ‘Cats might have more players than scholarships. Only Reggie Hearn and Alex Marcotullio depart, assuming Crawford gets his likely 5th year medical hardship from the NCAA. I already find myself fantasizing about next  year’s team, but based on a huge growing experience from a ton of ‘Cats THIS year.

I feel terrible for Drew Crawford. ‘Cats fans, including myself, were beginning to criticize his increasing ability to disappear for huge stretches in games.  Drew, sorry bud, we had no idea that you were injured! We wish you a successful recovery and now that you are the key central point for this team getting across the barricade threshold of making the Big Dance.

Illinois FB  Gatorade Player Of The Year Visits NU This Weekend

WildcatRepor’s EdgyTim interviewed RB Justin Jackson, the Glenbard North 6-0, 180 pound 4-star state champion will be making an unofficial visit to a bowl practice in Evanston tomorrow. Jackson exploded on to the scene this year and led his team to the IHSA title game, defeating ‘Cat commit Matt Alviti along the way.  Surprisingly, only NU, BC, Vanderbilt, Purdue, Illinois and a few others have offerred to this point. I expect Jackson to get the full court press from the best programs in the nation.

  • Mark

    Anyone watching the Butler-IU game? That’s the way the #%&*#$ game is supposed to be played. I’ve followed this blog since its inception and every winter people wonder if the Cats will make the tournament this year. Well, it’s pathetic. Hey, it’s not going to get markedly better under the current regime. Cats basketball is irrelevant – it’s like Nebraska basketball. But NU, unlike UNL, is within 300 miles of a boatload of Division I prospects and some of the great breeding grounds of basketball.

    Unlike football there are many, many good academic schools that have top notch basketball programs. So we can all keep hoping that this is the year the Cats will be one of the top 65 or whatever teams in college basketball but if most people don’t care it’s deserved.

    And to all those complaining about Crawford earlier – shame on you.

    • SocalScott

      Unfortunately I agree. Time for a change. Carmody has taken us, albeit to a higher place, as far as he can.

  • zeek

    Butler is the real deal.

    More importantly, Brad Stevens is an absolutely terrific coach. He knows his teams inside and out and how to push their buttons.

    We need to go find the “next” Brad Stevens. Carmody isn’t that and will never be that.

  • zeek

    Also, Jordan Thomas of Texas, 2014 prospect just announced that he’s committed to Northwestern.

    He’s a potential 4-star player given that he’s on the early Rivals top 100 list of Texas recruits.

    • zeek

      247 sports already has him as a 4 star.

      This isn’t an understatement folks, he might be the most highly rated recruit that we’ve ever gotten from Texas. That’s a BIG deal.

  • RealCoaching

    Unfair to judge Carmody based on having #1 and #2 go down? How about judging him on every season prior to this year? The guy needs to be replaced. No more excuses.

    • Hank

      Agreed. His firing is long over due, we need to show Carmody the door.

  • cece

    Hey LTP, I get what you are saying about life questions in the wake of the Connecticut tragedy. it’s really thought provoking and sad. but you really do provide an awesome service here. people who feel connected are less likely to be depressed or violent. there is connection here. I am very thankful for it. keep on keeping on.

    • thanks @cece – needed that. Thanks for the perspective.

      • cece

        :-) Go ‘Cats!

  • WildCat98

    Bill Carmody has become the Lovie Smith of NU basketball. Would our AD please make the right choice?!