‘Cats Football Video Fix; Plus Hoops vs UIC

Its championship weekend and we’re all missing our ‘Cats football fix. Have no worries, Northwestern Highlights is here to help us all out. Simply CLICK HERE and type in the code NU2012 to enjoy.

‘Cats – UIC

Bill Carmody and crew return to action today vs in-state foe, University of Illinois-Chicago at 1pm at Welsh-Ryan. The game will be tape delayed on Comcast Sports Net Chicago tonight at 7pm ct and will be available on BTN2Go.  The Flames are a much improved 5-1 squad and most recently downed NIU by 12. The two teams are 3-3 alltme and are meeting for the first time since a UIC win in Evanston in 2005.

The ‘Cats desperately need to get back on track today as a battle at Top 20 Baylor looms on Tuesday night. After the 77-57 blowout loss to Maryland on Tuesday, NU will likely need to beat at least Baylor and/or Butler, Stanford to keep that non-conference resume looking OK.

Reggie Hearn led the way Tuesday with 19 points, but our live-by-three, die-by-the-three system proved deathly. The absence of Drew Crawford for big stretches and Jared Swopshire foul trouble impact our rebounding, a Carmody-era Achilles heel. NU had vastly improved in this department thanks to Alex Olah, who wasn’t quite up to the test of playing that kind of talent. I’ve got high¬†hopes that this is the type of game he could flourish in. We’ll be back in a bit.


  • Al

    Ouch. That’s a bad, bad loss.

  • Bear44

    This is a very bad team with very few scoring options. They will be lucky to be 500 overall. I hope this will wake up Carmody supporters. His departure is way overdue. This recruiting class will bring no changes. Let’s wake up before we are losing 20 games again. I would imagine the 16 -20 losses that are staring these guys in the face will secure his departure.

  • Chasmo

    After this awful loss at home to a bad team:
    * It’s hard not to return to the debate about whether Bill Carmody can inspire his team or develop the mental toughness in his kids to win games.
    * It’s hard not to see why Louisville told Swopshire to go elsewhere this year because he really is just a role player who is capable of having a good game once in a while; in other words, he’s a lot like Reggie Hearn.
    * It’s hard not to accept the fact that Drew Crawford is not able to be a team leader and go-to guy. For this team to have a chance to play in the NIT, he has to play at an all-Big Ten level and so far that isn’t happening.
    This team in is a funk right now and we know Carmody is incapable of bringing them out of it. The kids are going to have to do it on their own. Teams often reflect the personality of their coach and if that’s true, it could be a long season.
    Let’s hope for the best vs. Baylor and then Butler but there is a very good chance that the Cats will get blown out in both games and their confidence level will be so low that this could be the start of a long, losing season.
    It’s hard to be optimistic right now.

  • bandcat

    Brad Stevens auditions next Saturday! These guys are just way too tight.

  • Nate

    This could be one of those “uh oh” kind of seasons if they struggle to find points like this…yikes. Luckily there’s still time to get this figured out before conference play starts. A win @Baylor would be great for the RPI, but I don’t see it.

  • UVA Cat

    We got beat by UIC on the same day that Baylor upsets #8 Kentucky. Yikes!
    Let’s hope we get some things figured out in the next 3 days, though I’m not overly optimistic about it…

    • cs93

      I’m not optimistic at all. The Baylor game will be ugly.

  • CatInTheHat

    Teddy G says 75% chance we are bowling I’m Orlando…