B1G (Apple) Doings – Unique NYC Watch Party For Nebraska; Plus ‘Cat FanFest Info

Repeat after me “we are not looking past Penn State”.  Seriously, this game has ‘Cats fans extremely nervous – heck, we’re underdogs for crying out loud. However, we interrupt Penn State week to try and get your attention to get on your calendar.  First, the big announcement….drumroll…..and….action.

Listen up – if you live in the NYC area then we’ve got a kickass event for you for the OCTOBER 20th #24 NORTHWESTERN vs #21 NEBRASKA game. It is brought to you by one of the organizers of Sailgate – Mr. Scott Smith.  It’s part custom-made theater, part customized cooking demonstration, full slate of open bar and phenomenal food…all in a part TV Studio/part Kitchen/part party room. Think of it as a Super Bowl party with Wildcat fans where you get top shelf food, open bar and a great game watching experience with zero hassle. Afterall, based on the $200+ current prices for a Nebraska ticket, which will skyrocket if we win our next two, this could very well be our Super Bowl. Let’s lay out the party details for you:

Date: October 20, 2012  – Time TBD based on TV schedule of Northwestern/Nebraska game (if NU beats Penn State, book 3:30 pm)

Location: The Kitchen NYC (Click Here) – 146 E. 44th St., NY, NY – just steps from Grand Central

Event Description: Chef Patrick Connolly, a James Beard Award-Winning chef, and relatively well-known NY-based chef to the foodie crowd, will be on hand to create a feast specifically designed for Wildcat fans in this one-of-a-kind dynamo kitchen that is also part of a production studio.  You’ll have all kinds of crazy good eats as well as open bar all afternoon as Scott Smith converts the space in to a one-of-a-kind Wildcat watch party.  Plasma screens, all kinds of comfy seating and a room full of fellow Wildcats will turn this place in to a classy version of the Ryan Field east lot.

How Much?: Great question. $135 per head for the event, and there is a limit of 120 total tickets. While there is no Groupon discount, we need 90 people to make it a go.

I’m in! Where do I sign up?: We aim to please. Simply click here and be sure to spread the link around to your friends.

Having worked with Scott last year on Sailgate, this man knows logistics. He’ll be teeing up an awesome event that is tailor-made for you to either come solo, or, convince your significant other to find a very fun way to enjoy you watching your ‘Cats with a room full of crazy ‘Cats fans. And, let’s face it – it should be a stellar networking event as well. As if you couldn’t tell, this thing is in desperate need of a name. Suggestions welcome!


You asked, we remind. There have been several comments about Chicago-based transportation to Ryan Field and also inquiries about upcoming road trips. We posted this information last month, but since we’re in ‘Cats FanFest mode, today seemed like a great day to revisit this.  Gia DiGiaCobbe, is your Julie McCoy for NU football this year on behalf of the NU Club of Chicago. Here is the skinny:

  • Roundtrip transportation, game ticket AND beer for upcoming home games that depart/return via bus to/from Kendall’s Pub, which is at 2263 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago 60614.  Get this – the above is all for $60!!!  You can’t GET a Nebraska game ticket as single game tix are SOLD OUT, so this is a STEAL.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THIS DEAL which is for the October 20 date. The bus leaves 90 minutes before kickoff, but the start time is TBD at this point.
  • Gia isn’t just thinking about Nebraska. No, she’s all over it for Iowa, our Homecoming game on October 27.  The bus departs at 9:30 am (90 minutes before kickoff) and you get the same great deal as above, but for ONLY $45!!! Click here and get on board.
  • ROAD TRIP! Gia is one busy woman. She’s also organized the NU Club of Chicago’s FIRST EVER road trip. You can go to the Big House to see the ‘Cats battle Michigan on November 10, this time, on a chartered bus departing from Union Station a MINIMUM of 5 hours before the TBD kickoff. It’s only $50 for transportation, beverages and snack and $130 if you want to include a game ticket to the sellout game. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

Meet Virginia

George Scott, who runs the NU watch parties in the Virginia area asked me to pass along some updated info on venues for this weekend’s Penn State game. It has also been changed in the NU Bar Network page which you can access HERE or by navigating along the top of the website.
Wild Wing Cafe
(click for directions)

Buffalo Wild Wings
(click for directions)

Sports Page
(click for directions)


I’ve been putting out the call to Phoenix for watch party venues and I finally stumbled across some activity on the NU Club of Phoenix listing for a watch party this Saturday. If you’re interested, here is the venue:

Thirsty Lion Restaurant (Tempe Marketplace, just north of the Barnes and Noble store)

2000 E. Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe, AZ 85281

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  • brooklyncat

    As for a name – Cats in the Kitchen is the first thing to pop to mind

  • RazzmaChas

    For the Iowa game, I assume you meant to say the bus will leave at 9:30 (90 minutes before the game)…
    By the way, this NYC event looks awesome!

  • ryan

    While I appreciate that this is a good event, I don’t think its fair to pull traffic from Blondie’s for another venue after all the support they’ve given to us over the years, especially for another venue in the city. Definitely a slap in the face to them

    • Hardly a slap in the face to Blondie’s. I LOVE that Blondie’s is a huge NU supporter. However, just because one venue is behind the ‘Cats doesn’t mean that one event, one time, on one year is mutually exclusive! There are multiple bars in Chicago for ‘Cats games…this is the more the merrier type. Plus, i’m sure there are regular Blondie’s attendees that will go to Blondie’s on this day and i’m positive there are fans who never attend Blondie’s events that will attend and further connect them to the ‘Cats crowd.

      • DR

        agree here, i sent the link for this party up to some friends in CT, they’d never come in to Blondie’s, but given the proximity to GC and the attractive nature of the event itself they may come in to watch the game with a group rather than at home on the couch, in spite of their BTN subscription “up there.”

      • ryan

        To me, its not any different than the other attendance issues we have. Should be trying to fill Blondie’s and “pack it with purple” than other alternatives.

  • Gia DiGiacobbe

    For the Nebraska and Iowa games, we also have limited space for bus/beer/apps/hat only (no game ticket) for $20/person for those of you who are season ticket holders, as you all should be!

  • ATL Cat

    Well crap: I would love to attend this event. I live nowhere near NYC, but I went to high school with Patrick. While I haven’t eaten at any of his restaurants, I have heard great things, and I can say that he is a great guy. I will definitely spread this to my friends in NYC.

    Also should be noted, he is a big football fan and did a segment on Good Morning America last year during Super Bowl week. His brother Dan plays for the Patriots and is their starting C.

    Here is the link to the segment:

    • Scott

      Thank you for your kind comments. I will pass them on to Patrick.

  • pres

    haven’t seen any comments about this yet, but in case you didn’t know…Northwestern vs. Penn State is being broadcast on ESPN 3D!!!

  • Names….? How about’ Heaven’s Kitchen or Foodgate or Cardiac Kitchen..c’mon, we need some help!

  • TheeAndrewJoseph

    Okay…I feel I may get some backlash here. I have an uncle and a cousin who want to come to the game against Nebraska seeing as they are Nebraska Alum. I went to Nebraska last year and sat with them. They were unable to get tickets so I got us three tickets on the bus package so we can all sit together (I only buy two season tickets and didn’t want one sitting alone. I did give my tickets to an NU fan at work who will be wearing purple). Am I a Dick for buying two seats for Nebraska Alum even if they are family?

    • Mark

      No. It’s a game and it’s supposed to be fun. Doing things with your family is great. (But I’m hoping it’s a long and difficult day for them :).)

    • Gia DiGiacobbe

      Occasionally we have opposing team fans find out about the buses and join our group and it’s usually never a problem unless they get obnoxious about it.

      • Gia DiGiacobbe

        And besides, maybe they will cheer for Northwestern in the other games. I was also at Nebraska last year and their fans treated us so amazingly well, I only hope we can show them the same hospitality!

    • Polymersci

      You are not alone. My sister and her husband are attending the NU-Nebraska game with us. My brother-in-law played offensive line under Tom Osborne at Nebraska. He was the first one to text me with congratulations after the NU-Nebraska game last year. Husker fans are good fans. They love the game and we will have fun (even though they will be wearing red in the season ticket section with us). Go Cats.

  • jsweet

    Is there any NU fan base in the Twin Cities? Just relocated up here and wondering if there are any good places to go to watch games