Pat Fitzgerald Show & Dan Persa on LTP Teaser

As promised, here is the weekly The Pat Fitzgerald Show for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy:

Persa Programming

I’m very excited for tomorrow. We’ve got an interview with #7 in the cue that includes the mentality of a QB during game week, splitting time, his health, future and a bunch of other nuggets. Be sure to check back with us tomorrow.



  • nwildcat

    Saturday will be interesting. Can Fitz motivate the Cats to 3-0 against a mediocre BC? If we lay an egg,(which is possible) I’ll take solace in that I had NU at maybe 1-1 at this point a month ago. Given a victory over SDS, we’ll be 3-1 for September. Not bad. Indiana and PSU look winnable. Go Cats!

    • This is the Fitz reminder – 1-0 this week, 1-0 this week. Just ask both Colorado and Colorado State about FCS respect!

  • SB

    We really need to stop perpetuating a lose-first mentality with our team.

    • JimB

      I think the team has. Maybe the fans have to also.

  • cece

    watching the Bears game…..special teams take note of the play by NU alum and now Bears player Sherrick McMannis on the kickoff….awesome Wildcat Way!!!!!!!

  • Doug

    So on Vandy’s late fumble, Tyler Scott was lined up as a defensive tackle. Is he switching positions, or are we using 3 DEs at a time, or was this a unique situation? Anyone know?

    • dar0628

      On 3rd and long / obvious passing downs we’ve been setting up Tyler Scott on the inside to get a better pass rush. It’s happened in both games so far. It’s a good move going forward to put bigger DEs on the inside on these downs with all of our depth (Scott, Williams, Gibson, Lowry, Odenigbo).

  • nwildcat

    sorry. Look , I can’t get beyond how the Cats have an uncanny way of stepping back after going forward. I was at the Vandy game and do have optimism. Go cats!

  • JimB

    Thanks to LTP for adding the Pat Fitzgerald Show. It’s how I watch it. I think we win Saturday. I’d point out we are still a relatively young team with much of our talent being underclassmen. Increases the expectations for coming years as well. Got to credit Fitz for the recruiting job.

  • Matt

    To LTP: I too, profusely thank you for making the Pat Fitzgerald show available to us on our computers. I canĀ“t get it through my TV provider.

    And what a gorgeous video it was on my IMac, uncanny resolution and colors.