‘Cats Land ESPN 4-Star Godwin Igwebuike For 17th Pledge For 2013!

If you’re in to assessing Northwestern recruits by the LTP favorite metric of “chose Northwestern over…” then you’re going to love our latest 2013 commit. Godwin Igwebuike, a 4-star RB (if you subscribe to ESPN, if you’re a Rivals/Scout guy, he’s a 3-star) from Pickerington (North), Ohio – the same town as Brian Peters – announced via Twitter today that he has committed to Northwestern. It’s pronounced Ig-way-boo-kay and our pronunciation guide for next year’s roster will be a fun one, but you get the sense we’ll be fluent in Godwin’s name quickly. He chose Northwestern over more than 20 other schools including Nebraska, Wisconsin, Pitt, NC State and several other Big Ten schools including Illinois, Minnesota and Indiana. Igwebuike rushed for more than 1000 yards last year and averaged a silly 9.0 ypc as he racked up 14 TDs on the ground. Northwestern is considering him as a safety for next season and WildcatReport’s Louie Vaccher had him leaning towards the ‘Cats back in May after he was so impressed by the campus, the coaches and the academic offering. However, with schools like Wake Forest, BC and Duke all in the mix along with, let’s face it, Nebraska and Wisconsin from a top 25 standpoint, nothing was a given.

According to ESPN, here was Godwin’s line of reasoning:

“It’s the best fit for me. They have everything I wanted academically and as a program. I always wanted to play in the Big Ten, loved the campus and players and had a nice connection with the coaches. And they fit my morals and values.”

This continues the incredible two month run of Northwestern and the momentum keeps on keeping on. Here is a link to his highlight page from last season. Northwestern fans are hoping that Louisiana WR Taijuan Thomas pulls the trigger next as we’re closing in on closing out our 2013 recruiting class.  I’m trying to get the exact number of scholarship slots left, but my hunch is we are down to one hand. Welcome aboard Godwin! We’re thrilled to have you.


  • ESPN is calling him a 4-star recruit: http://insider.espn.go.com/blog/ncfrecruiting/midwest/post?id=3787

    Either way, I’ll take him! Welcome to Northwestern, Godwin. Go Cats!

    • LTP

      Thanks for the link. I Wildcataganda-ed the headline thanks to your link!

  • antiPDX

    IMPRESSIVE offer list…great pick up for the Cats. Welcome to NU!!!

    • PDXCat

      Careful, you might hurt the feelings of players whose lists you didn’t call impressive.

  • GradCat

    An emphatic welcome to Godwin! Whether he plays at RB or Safety, we can surely use his skill!

  • antiPDDDX

    That is not him in the picture….

    • propddddddddddx

      good fix.

  • cece

    welcome to the city by the lake

  • PDXCat

    Is he related to Donald, former NFL kicker? That’s some good lineage.

  • Purple to Pasadena

    Welcome to the Wildcat family, Godwin! This is truly great news. Sounds like an amazing player who will do great things in Evanston.
    LTP – Good luck trying to find out how many scholarships are still available. Coaches guard that information like the formula for Coca-Cola. For example, Lane Kiffin was tight-lipped about where Silas Redd’s scholarship magically appeared one week before training camp began (USC couldn’t go over the limit, unlike other schools). Back to NU, I believe part of it has to do with which fourth-year juniors will be invited back for a fifth year. We typically do not know that until after the season, but I suspect Fitz and his staff have already made up their minds on most guys.

    • Wildcat Fan

      USC has a scholarship waiting for him! They aren’t up to their 75 yet and if they do get there they have walk-ons that have already offered their scholarship to him. I do worry about how Penn State will put a team on the field with 65 scholarships. With 20 less players (10 fewer than USC) they will get tired during the game and may have to play out of position and therefore be more likely to get injured.

  • NU7Kevin

    I got tired just watching him break all those tackles for those big runs! Looking forward to it. But safety? Really…?

  • VaWildcat

    Thought I left this message already, but . . . Welcome, Godwin! Great to have you as a Wildcat!

  • Steve Z

    Welcome Godwin!

    On another note, sounds like Kafka had a rough night last night – here’s hoping he pulls it together through the rest of the pre-season!

  • Scooter

    Awesome! Welcome to Northwestern, Godwin!

    So he’s listed as a running back, but we’re looking at him at Safety? I don’t suppose anyone has more info regarding positions. Did he play both sides of the ball in High School? Were the other schools also recruiting him as a safety?

    Regardless of position, RB and S are both huge needs and this guy sounds like a great athlete who will definitely help us.

    • OC

      Yes, he played both sides here in Pickerington and is quite impressive at safety, although RB is definitely his top skill.

  • CatInTheHat

    Wonderful! Welcome to the family, Godwin!

  • yawn, i just signed a 5 star receiver, 2nd best recruit in the entire country for us in ncaa 13. JUST KIDDING THIS IS AWESOME (although i really did get the 5 star guy in NCAA 13 on all american difficulty)! KEEP IT GOING FITZ

  • Alex

    It would be a damn shame if Fitz didn’t at least give him a shot at RB. Even though Long and Menifield committed before him, you need to get the ball in the playmaker’s hands and once you figure out who can carry the load, shuffle the others to DB, that goes for Keith Watkins too.

    With Malin and Godwin, I picture thunder and lightning ala Wisconsin. Hopefully Fitz has a similar vision.

  • NUMBSpiritLeader

    Welcome to Northwestern Mr. Igwebuike! Best of luck! I am sure that your family is very proud of you.