Northwestern Unveils Under Armour Uniforms

Northwestern entered the next generation of its branding unveiling its new uniforms from Under Armour that will debut in Syracuse for the season opener. A lot of buzz was building about what Under Armour would create for Northwestern as the hip jersey maker chose Northwestern to be its first Big Ten representative.

And Under Armour did not disappoint.

They promised a design that would mix the old with the new, staying true to Northwestern’s heritage and still putting a new spin on it. The jersey is bold, but simple and a throwback, yet completely new.

“We’re thrilled about our partnership with Under Armour,” said Jim Phillips, Northwestern Director of Athletics and Recreation. “Under Armour apparel, footwear and equipment offers our teams the best innovations and latest technologies to ensure we have a competitive advantage on the field of play.”


Northwestern’s new uniforms prominently feature the famed Northwestern stripe which the Wildcats returned to using a few years ago with adidas. This stripe, Under Armour says, will be incorporated into all 19 uniforms for Northwestern and will be the common theme that unites the athletic program together.

“Under Armour is dedicated to making all athletes better through innovation and design and the new Northwestern uniforms are the perfect example of blending best-in-class technology with the University’s rich football heritage,” said Matt Mirchin, SVP Brand and Sports Marketing, Under Armour. “We are excited to see these uniforms take the field and look forward to providing the entire Northwestern athletic department with a unique, cohesive look to represent a great university.”


The plan from Under Armour is very ambitious. Northwestern is excited to have the honor of being Under Armour’s first Big Ten school. It is a bold new look for the school. Under Armour has gotten some recruits excited as Under Armour is a trendy brand among recruits.

More importantly, Under Armour has put in the time to feature Northwestern. Already, Under Armour is dressing up the athletic facilities and making it known they are behind Northwestern athletics. The video they put out a while back explaining the process that goes into their uniform making and design shows how much attention to detail they intend to put into these uniforms.

It finally feels like Northwestern has a marketing partner in the upstream battle for attention in the Big Ten.

So now that we know what Northwestern will be playing in, it is time to go out and play. September 1 in Syracuse is right around the corner.

Feel free to share your comments on the new uniforms below. We would love to hear what you think about the new look!

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  • Joe

    I’ve had numerous non-NU fans compliment me on how great the unis look. And they really, really do look like something special.

  • Scott

    Was worried that Under Armour would overly funk up our uniforms and create too many variations of it like they did with Oregon where now no one really knows what the uniform is supposed to look like. Well, hats off to Under Armour. They did a great job.

    • Philip Rossman-Reich

      Definitely a legitimate concern. UA said they were looking for a unified look they could carry across all the sports (expect to see the stripe) and the gothic bricks on the numbers are a really nice touch when you get up close. UA told us we would have a different viewing experience at 500, 50 and 5 and they did not disappoint with that. Kind of excited to see what the non-revenue sports will be wearing this fall and, of course, basketball in the winter.

  • AdamDG

    I love the new uniforms. They really nailed the small touches. My favorite part? The gothic-style bricks on the numbers:

    • David in Atlanta

      Good catch on that! I had not seen that until you pointed it out!

  • My only (minor) complaint is that I prefer white stripes on the purple jersey. However, I’m sure they wanted to keep the black pants and the numbers would be hard to do well with white stripes.

    Otherwise, great job. Uniquely Northwestern, traditional, classy, and cutting-edge. I also love the stone work on the numbers.

    Hopefully we’ll see tons of jerseys in the stands (available in mid to late August). NU fans have never been ones to wear replica jerseys.

    • Paul K

      I missed that stone work detail. Terrific.
      Very well done overall!

    • NU Cat ’95

      +1 I think the black striping gets too lost on the purple background — much like the two black shoulder stripes did on the purple jersey last year. White would have been better there — though that might have looked odd with white numbers.

      • Richard

        White striping was pretty much impossible because the numbers have to be white on a dark bakground, and if the numbers become too hard for the refs to read, they’d make the players change uniforms.

  • SB

    Love them.

    Wonder when we will see the reported throwback uni, too. Hope we get some love on Dr. Saturday and Uni-Watch.

    • We won’t get much love on Uni-Watch, since we’re purple…

  • El_SupaKat

    According to the Official NU Site, If pre-ordered, the jerseys will ship in mid/late August. Can’t wait to have one!

  • HoosierCat

    I’ve got to say I love the new uniforms. I hope Fitz abandons the all one color look for away games. I think it’s the ’95 season memories that makes me hope Fitz will use the purple pants and a white jersey. Personally, I can’t wait to wear one of the new jerseys for my trip to the IU game on September 29.

  • cardiac_cat_fan

    what i like most about these new uniforms is that they don’t look like any other uniform in the ncaa. they’re uniquely northwestern.

    the gothic brick detail in the numbers is subtle, but very well done. only thing i’m not a fan of is the double “wildcats” on the back of the jersey and the pants, but over all under armour did a first class job with the uniforms.

    i can’t wait to see the alternate uniforms. remember, last year, maryland unveiled all their uniforms pre season, but sported an entirely different uniform and helmet for their opening game. let’s hope if we do something similar it won’t be as ugly.

    GO ‘CATS!

    • Philip Rossman-Reich

      The Wildcats across the back may be a stand-in. Would they put last names on the back of the jerseys?

      • Northwestern Highlights

        Yeah, it’s just a stand-in. It will be replaced by the player’s name. It’s commonly done when unveiling new uniforms. Or even creating them in EA Sports games.

        • cardiac_cat_fan

          awesome guys, thanks for the clarification! love these uniforms. go ‘cats!

  • UVA Cat

    I, too, was fearful that UA would go a little “overboard” on making our uniforms too flashy. However, I am quite impressed with how they incorporated several design elements into what I think is a very classy, yet unique look. Love the Northwestern striping. I didn’t think about putting it across the chest, but I think it looks good and adds a touch of “throwback design” without looking like they were trying too hard.

    Great job, Under Armour!

  • NUMBalum95

    Will the Wildcats on the top back of the jersey replace the player’s name? If not, then I don’t mind the smaller Wildcats on the back.

  • vaudvillain

    I like ’em. I was a little hesitant when I saw the black chest stripe on the purple jersey, but I like the purple chest stripe on the white jersey quite a bit. I think I’ll get used to the black-on-purple version.

  • GradCat

    I actually think I like the black stripe on the purple jersey better! It’s subtle, but looks good. I love that they carried it over to the gloves too.

  • PurpleBadger

    They look great. I can’t wait to see how they make over the other sports.

  • Jimgocats93

    Purple jersey, black pants – home.
    Purple pants, white jersey – away.
    Glad they left the helmet alone!
    I cannot believe I care about this stuff……..
    Great work UA!


  • Wolfcat

    Love the new ones shown and saw on FB there is possibly a grey jersey option? Also…does anyone else thinl the helmets look like metallic purple? I am so excited to big the first Big10 UA team! Go Cats!

  • TK98

    Wow, slam-dunk! Echoing pretty much everybody else, I was worried UA would go all Maryland on our unis. Somewhat assuaged by the UA teaser vid release a few weeks ago since they referred a lot to maintaining tradition. LOVE LOVE LOVE the stripe. I mean, it’s a design feature NU invented (still referred to as “Northwestern stripes”)! Not crazy about the “Wildcats” tramp-stamp, but… overall, really super impressed. Back in the midwest this year so STOKED to see the ‘Cats flying around Ryan field from section 128 row 77! Go Wildcats, go WILD!!!

  • zeek

    I didn’t like it as much when I only saw the purple version with the black stripe.

    But the white version with the purple stripe really has the design growing on me.

    I also like that they didn’t go overboard and try to reinvent the wheel here (a la Maryland).

    Overall, the look is pretty cool; I’m sure the players love it (and recruits will too).

    • zeek

      Also, I was hesitant about the whole \take back the stripe\ posture idea that had taken hold of the project, but they really hit it out of the park the way it’s presented.

  • Cats83

    Add another thumbs up for the new unis….now maybe we can get UA to do something about the awful two-tone purple on the b-ball court…

  • cece

    great, as far as I can see. love the subtle stripe on the purple jersey. bonus….no ivy! ever, I hope.

  • NUinVA

    I like them. Don’t love them. It could be much worse. I personally have never liked the black and purple combinations. I hope they use the purple top/white bottoms (in the first image) most often.

    The helmet color seems a bit off. Is that just me?

    Can’t wait to check out and see what they say about it!

  • DT

    Whatever… Moreover, will they help our Linebackers form tackle, help DB’s not bite on quick out moves, and provide our DE’s a quick step to get the QB? Click Clack…

    • GTom

      Sometimes, DT, I think you need a hug. If I could give you one, I would (virtual hug?). Just enjoy this one superflous moment… there will be plenty of time to rip coaches and the “D” later.

      • DT

        I’ll keep that in mind GTom… BTW- I promise not to mention June Jones or Mike Leach until Camp Kenohsa… SMU and Wazzou gonna be fun to watch, eh? ;-)

        Go Cats….

      • notDT

        Hug, slap, whatever.

        I like the uniforms. It’s all about building excitement. These will work.

        • DT

          So very pleased to hear you like the new uniforms and not the least bit surprised they seem to excite you…

  • calmer than you are

    I think they got the purple just right. Adidas was really drifting deep into blue territory. I hope we can move quickly to make the purple consistent everywhere, instead of the dozens of different purples we have all over the place now.

  • CatInTheHat

    Wow–I don’t think I’ve ever seen such positive consensus here on anything. UA really nailed it!

  • Go Cats!

    Good stuff press wise – like the gloves

    Where’s the N-Cat?

  • Alaskawildcatdalejay

    The bold purple stripe on the white uni looks great. Less so on the purple jersey but still OK. Hand in the air will take on a whole new meaning now with all those palm hidden N’s being flashed saying in unison, Nuke them!

  • db

    Anyone notice that the arm striping is actually the undershirt?

    • vaudvillain

      Yeah, I noticed that, too. For those of us who are likely to buy replica jerseys, I wonder how the stripe would look without the matching undershirt. Though quite frankly, it’s not like I have the biceps to do the undershirt justice anyway, so it shouldn’t matter all that much.

    • Lake The Posts

      Coolest feature in my opinion. Love the road uniforms as they just seem to standout.

  • AdamDG

    Is there ivy on the thumb of the glove? I can’t tell if it’s just the pattern of the material or a design…

    Close-up here:

    • cece

      ugh, hope not.

      do they have the uniforms on models in the football office? would be nice to see them in person to get the full picture.

  • SB

    I’m just happy that they are going to make the names on the for players in the unique NU font rather than crappy block letters.

  • NG

    Absolutely love the white road jersey. Favorite jersey of all time was the black uni the 2000 team sported but I think this white one may trump it. Hats off to UA!

  • Gray Ghost

    These look great on a totally shredded dude. Just one criticism. How will these look on fatty lineman when that horizontal bar rests on their sagging bellies? I think the stripe might make some of our girthier linemen look rather ridiculous. That said, I love them. We look tough. Linemen are ugly anyway.

  • Northshorefan

    I love the uniforms but watching BTN I noticed a critical miss by Underarmour. There are no promo video clips for this BTN first. The commentators talked about it, but I guarantee that they would of threw a video clip up if one was available, to cap the commentary on Fitz’s rising program. A real marketing miss from the #1 marketing school in the country. Zing

  • Mark

    Beckman’s response yesterday that the Illinois coaches didn’t go onto the PSU campus but were apparently skulking around on the border of the campus shows the continuing problems in big time college sports. Illinois must have spent upwards of $5,000 to send 6 or 8 people from Champaign-Urbana to State College assuming they flew. (I think it would be about a 12 hour drive so I doubt they drove.) I guess Illinois thought if they got even one or two players it was worth it. I hope all the Big Ten coaches give this guy the cold shoulder from here on out and the Comm’r makes his dissatisfaction known.

  • cece

    every school has their style, and now we know the style of Illinois. aggressive. it would be unthinkable, especially given the sudden loss of Coach Walker, that NU would do anything like this. while I do agree that the Penn State players have the right to go anywhere they like, the display of setting up shop in a parking lot and at a local restaurant may be aggressive, but it is also unseemly.

  • Arshad

    PRR, I just bought the new black jersey this morning and it caught my attention again after a long time. Do you know what the W.I.N stand for on the bottom of the front of the jersey?