Nebraska Game Sells Out … I Think We Know What That Means

On Thursday, Northwestern announced that it sold out single game tickets to the October 20 matchup against Nebraska at Ryan Field. Unfortunately, Northwestern is not at the point in its program history where such an occurrence is good news. Don’t get me wrong, it is good news. A full Ryan Field is a great place to watch football.

Unfortunately, Ryan Field is rarely full of purple. Yes, the Sea of Red is coming as we all expected. At least the student section will not be the second “O” in this version of the Red Scare in Evanston.

Nebraska is very well known for its devoted fan base. Cornhuskers fans can be counted on to turn out for bowl games and road games. And Nebraska’s first trip to the Chicagoland area for Big Ten play was sure to be a hot ticket among the Cornhusker faithful. As of Sunday morning, the going rate on TiqIQ for a ticket to the Northwestern-Nebraska game is $196. The cheapest ticket available via TiqIQ is $88 for Section 116, Row 28 (that is an end zone seat). The average for Northwestern’s five other home games is $54.80 on the secondary ticket markets.

Northwestern fans will hopefully be as welcoming to the Cornhuskers as Nebraska fans were to the Wildcats last season — minus the whole letting the road team win part, of course. Like Jim Phillips said, the goal is to get those fans to come back wearing purple for those other games. We start selling Northwestern to Nebraska fans this fall.

With that in mind …

LTP Ticket Surge

The LTP Ticket Challenge picked up some steam Wednesday as we net six NEW season tickets to the board. Kudos to Kurt for putting four on the board and Christopher for getting a pair. A reminder that on Monday at 9 am ct single game tickets go on sale, meaning that by oh, 9:10, Nebraska fans will have swooped in and bought everything up (that they have not already gotten) and the Hawkeyes fans will be doing so as well. You’ll ONLY be able to attend those games if you get a season ticket or pay a season ticket’s worth price on the secondary market. Why not make it easy and secure a season ticket and get a friend to do so as well? Call 1-888-Go-Purple and then email us at and we will give you a shout out.

Facilities (Non)Update

LTP shoehorning in on PRR’s post. For those of us clamoring for new on facilities, Teddy Greenstein offered up a piece in the Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune which you can read here. Greenstein commented that Fitz’s belief of a 2014 completion of the practice facilities was “wishful thinking” and to his credit he did get NU Chair of the board of trustees, William Osborn, to comment for the piece. Osborn was consistent in the fact that they want to get this done the right way.

Penn State Debate

LTP here jumping in on PRR’s post. The administration removed the Joe Paterno statue outside of the stadium this weekend. Now, news has surfaced that the NCAA will be hosting a press conference tomorrow to announce “corrective and punitive” measures for Penn State. I’ll be covering that topic in tomorrow’s post.

  • VAWildcat

    Can’t help with the Nebraska game or another season ticket, but I did order my ticket for the BC game.

  • You’ll like them at least. Our board exploded with tales of niceness from visiting Nebraska fans, this in a game in which they were creamed. It affected me enough that I checked around other bloggers and BXII fan friends who would have encountered the Husker fans before and they said it’s kind of one of their traditions to travel in huge numbers and be incredibly classy when they get there.

    • FeatofClay

      Yeah, and they all talk about it when they get home (to the 3-4 people in the state who stayed home–someone has to feed the livestock). If you are nice to them when they visit, everyone will know about it. If you are not nice (cough WISCONSIN cough) everyone will hear about that too.

      They are all comparing notes on their experiences, and having a blast roadtripping to all these “new” stadiums.

      ‘Twas fun to go home to Cornhusker territory with my Michigan gear on at xmas and have people bend over backwards to tell me how great Ann Arbor was (first or second-hand).

  • rrm

    I renewed my season tickets, again. There’s no need to note that; barring complete financial collapse, I will do so every day until I die. But I hope you are right about Nebraska fans v. Wisconsin fans. Badger fans are horrible. Every game I’ve gone to, the drunk bastards try to tear things up. Even hated OSU fans were much classier than Wisconsin fans. What is it about them? It can’t all be about all that beer, can it?

    • rrm

      Er, every YEAR until I day.

  • rrm

    Every year until I DIE.

    Oh, bugger.

  • Flood

    I am planning to come up from Omaha. I know it is late, but I hope you can give some insight to tickets. I would like the best possible, less than $400 per seat, all together if possible, for 6 people. I’m just not seeing that number available, right now. I know, I know, I should have been looking earlier. Thanks for any help you can give.