2012 Opponent Preview – Indiana Hoosiers with The Crimson Quarry

We continue our sprint towards the 2012 college football season and as part of our ongoing efforts to equip you with knowledge of our 2012 opponents, we continue an ongoing series of profiles of said opponents. Today we are pleased to welcome John M. of The Crimson Quarry, SB Nation’s Indiana Hoosiers blog.  CQ and LTP have a long-standing relationship and history of team profiles and annual expectations that we both feel we MUST beat the other to maintain a realistic base of wins that get us to where we hope to be. Simply put, Northwestern fans almost always look at the schedule and think “w” when we see Indiana and vice versa. I also believe our respective fan bases have come to the point where absolutely no game is a given, despite the respective years these two programs are having. Let’s dive in with The Crimson Quarry.


LTP: It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Northwestern fans keep a special eye on Kevin Wilson as he’ll always be associated with that magical 2000 team under Randy Walker that really catapulted the spread offense to the next level. However, I have to imagine not even the most cynical of Hoosier fans thought a 1-11, 0-8 season was possible. Give us the Hoosier fan mentality right now.

TCQ: I suppose that I would have conceded before the season that 0-8 was possible, considering that IU has gone 1-7 in the Big Ten nine times in the past 16 years.  The 1-11 part, and the losses to Ball State and North Texas, I did not anticipate.  Certainly, 2011 was a disappointing season–bad record, horrible defense, internal strife, the decommitment of Gunner Kiel, and so on.  I can’t claim to speak for the entire IU fan base.  I think that IU fans are divided over Wilson.  Myself, as far as I’m concerned he still is the guy who IU hired in December 2010.  He was one of the elite assistants in college football, he had succeeded at the highest level and was involved with a successful run at a historically unsuccessful program (Northwestern, obviously).  Of course, hiring a coach with no head coaching experience always involves a gamble.  On the other hand, hiring a coach with only MAC level coaching experience is a gamble, too.  Considering that Urban Meyer wasn’t walking through that door, I’m still in Wilson’s corner.  There are some who have heard the rumors about his explosive temper and really question whether he has the temperament to be a head coach.  My take is that he’s a smart guy, and I hope he has learned from his missteps in year one.  IU’s athletic history makes clear that we aren’t averse to hot-tempered coaches, but as Gerry Dinardo demonstrated, it’s not a good idea to combine Bob Knight’s personality with Lee Corso’s record.  

Former NU OC Kevin Wilson had a rough year one as the head man at Indiana

LTP: Obviously the QB spot is the focal point of conversation among any team’s fans. However, with highly touted Gunner Kiel decommitting combined with the transfer of big brother Dusty and Edward Wright-Baker it would seem that it is the Tre Roberson show in B-Town. What about JUCO transfer Cameron Coffman or incoming QB Nathan Sudfield. Help us sort out the QB scenario.

 TCQ: was very impressed with Roberson, both the way he played and the way he appeared so comfortable in charge of upperclassmen.  Still, at this point in his career his legs are a better attribute than his arm, so I would say that his progress as a passer will determine to what degree Wilson entrusts the offense to him.  I do expect both Coffman and Sudfeld to push him, and I’m sure that all three will see some playing time this year.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the spring game and weather forced the game indoors, so it wasn’t televised by BTN, so I don’t have any frame of reference for the new guys.  I have heard that Sudfeld has a great arm, for what that’s worth.    

 LTP: Stephen Houston. He seems to be the rock that the 2012 offense will be built around (put up nearly 1000 yards in only 9 games including a season high 150+ against us).  What can we expect out of the rest of the offense?

 TCQ: Houston was excellent, and although he was a juco transfer he still has two more years of eligibility.  Other skill players to watch are running backs D’Angelo Roberts and Matt Perez, tight end Ted Bolser (he was great as a freshman, not so much last year), and Kofi Hughes, who led IU in receiving yards but also is a big end around/trick play guy, and he was a good high school quarterback, so he is tough to defend.  While the jury is out on Wilson as a head coach, his reputation as an offensive mind is firmly established, so I am hoping for a good offense.  

LTP: Defense. Take it away…it simply wasn’t pretty last season. What gives you a sense that things will be better this season? Who should we be keying on?

 TCQ: Yep.  Even Cam Cameron probably turned away in disgust when he saw the 2011 Hoosiers try to stop anyone.  I suppose that any optimism I have about the 2012 defense is that it could hardly be any worse.  What was really frustrating about last year’s defense was not simply that the defense was outmanned–although they were–but that there was quite a bit of confusion and cluelessness that was obvious even to my untrained eye.  I don’t expect to see a great or even average defense in 2012, but I hope to see a competent defense.  

LTP: Give us two names that are difference makers in 2012 that we won’t read about in any stock preview out there. Why do you think so?

 TCQ: Jaccari Alexander (LB) and Tregg Waters (DB).  IU signed seven junior college players, and six of them were defensive players.  Alexander and Waters are among the most highly regarded, and I hope to see at least some of them make an immediate impact.  


LTP:   I get that nothing is a given, but your first three games are Indiana State, Ball State and UMASS so you should have at least doubled your 2011 win total by the time you venture to Evanston on 9/29 for game four. How important is that B1G opener against us?

TQC: Well, it’s huge, of course.  One thing that gave me some guarded optimism for 2011 is that most of IU’s most winnable Big Ten games (Northwestern, Illinois, Purdue) were at home.  Obviously, that didn’t work out at all, and now IU gets the flip side of that schedule, with a brutal home slate (MSU, OSU, Wisconsin, Iowa) and with the more vulnerable teams (NU, Illinois, Purdue, and to a lesser degree Penn State) all on the road.  As you know, although Northwestern has won seven of the last eight in the series, last year’s game was the only one that wasn’t in doubt at the end (another interesting piece of trivia that I read somewhere recently: although NU has a 45-34 advantage in the series, IU is +75 in points scored).  Given that IU generally has competed with Northwestern, hasn’t been physically overpowered by your team, and that Ryan Field isn’t one of the more fearsome Big Ten venues (not that IU has room to talk), then obviously IU will be looking at it as a big opportunity no matter what happens in the first three games.  


LTP: Tell us something about Indiana that should strike fear in Wildcat fans other than the fact we seem to ALWAYS play you down to the wire and usually pull out the win (2011 being the rare exception).

 TCQ: I’m not sure that there is anything that should strike fear in the hearts of any Big Ten fans this year, but as noted above, I feel very good about our skill position players on offense, so I do think this will be a squad with some big play potential.  

LTP: What do you make of the NU-IU WR coaching “trade”. You’ve got Kevin Johns, we’ve got Dennis Springer. The current assistants would like to thank Johns, by the way, as Johns leaving for IU was partially a catalyst for getting NU assistants to a better pay grade. Meanwhile, we scooped up Springer who, as you know, was let go with the Bill Lynch regime.

 TCQ:  I’m fine with it.  I trust Wilson’s judgment in all things related to offense, and it was a nice feather in IU’s cap to steal a successful assistant from a solid program.  While the early defections from Wilson’s staff garnered some bad publicity, I took them generally as a sign that Wilson was recruiting assistants who were coveted by major programs.  The generally high quality of the staff is another reason I am fairly optimistic about the Wilson era.  But obviously Springer was a part of some high quality offenses at IU.

LTP: Thanks for playing John. Best of luck until late September that is. We look forward to reconnecting as the game gets closer. Next up on the 2012 preview docket….Nebraska.

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  • cece

    \….it’s not a good idea to combine Bob Knight’s personality with Lee Corso’s record.\

    hilarious! thanks for \talking\ with us.

  • GTom

    Little piece of trivia: Northwestern has the most all-time losses in Div I-A football at 632, and Indiana is second at 631. The game with Indiana this year could decide who holds this title. I, for one, am eager to see that record removed from the ‘Cats (although I wish it was to another team / conference).

    • Lake The Posts

      Piece by piece, brick by brick we remove the superlatives of the negative variety from the history book. Losing to Duke in ’07 still hurts for that reason. Thought they may inherit “the streak”.

      • DT

        Ah, LTP… As every bowl loss takes place, we of Wildcat’s Nation and the nation et al via television media partner commentary- are painfully reminded about another streak intact since 1949, which equals 9 straight… Until that Purple Elephant is out of the room, let’s worry about our own backyard and let Duke tend to it’s own woes on the gridiron.. Further, let’s try to get the program playing at elite Big Ten level ala where it was at in 95-96 or 00… Then, start the Koolaid Toasts..

        • notDT

          Since 1949? Makes it sound worse than it is. As you know, until the late 70s, only 1 Big Ten team went to a bowl–the Rose Bowl. It’s still a long time, but I measure from the post-Rose Bowl exclusivity era.

          • DT

            Agreed, you ain’t… BTW- does 9 straight losses equal 9 straight losses in your equation?


    Indiana is gonna lose to UMASS. Calling it now. hold me to it.

  • db

    Recall Tim from PSU’s prescient prediction: “The NCAA has no jurisdiction whatsoever in this matter, and even if they somehow did, the death penalty would not apply because it is only for repeat offenders. ”

    Dear Tim: Read this: http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/8171574/jerry-sandusky-scandal-ncaa-president-mark-emmert-signals-heavy-sanctions-penn-state

    And that’s just the NCAA, let alone the DOE with all of the Clery Act violations, and a governor that has to look like a hawk because he is a criminal and preserved sandusky’s freedom.

    Note the “immediately” comment. Indiana may be in transition, but they will have more wins in September than PSU accumulates from today through August 2014.

    • Icehockeycat

      I know it is hard to stay on topic sometimes, and I will join the chaos but comments like the above, if it holds true, is a major reason why a lot of people in academic institutions have an issue with “major” athletics. There is no way you can rationalize around not hitting PSU hard and still hold up the ideals of what college athletics, and college in general, should be about. I will be honest that there is enough slime bags who cannot understand the ethical implications and reasons for anything and hide behind a legal response.

      PSU football program needs to be shutdown, either by the university or the state or the NCAA or however. I’d even throw in the entire athletic department. Let the kids transfer out.

      • LGIPurple

        That is ridiculous. Let’s punish everyone who goes to church for the crap the priests did too.

        • Icehockeycat

          The payout the church had to make – you bet everyone who went to the church paid. And it cut into whatever services the church made for the community. It is called leadership – when the leadership fails, yes, the whole community fails. Everyone part of that community pays for it in some way. Won’t affect a single student-athlete at PSU as they will be allowed to transfer out.

          • Jim B

            Killing the horse of the man who rode it to deliver you bad news is insane. What does an incoming freshman have to do with what happened at PSU in the past? How does a women’s volleyball player become responsible for the actions of a coach 10 yrs ago or the lack of actions of people she has never met? That’s the RIGHT thing to do? Two wrongs won’t make it right. Time for people to control their emotions and look at this sanely or we’ll all be scream witch!

        • db

          That by definition is a sanction. I can’t remember a case where the guilty party doesnt drag a huge swath of collateral damage in its wake. Naive comment.

          The good news is it is getting shut down, whether sycophant paterno gomers like it or not.

  • cece

    seriously, this again? there should be no argument about Penn State, whether or not they get the harshest punishment, which they should.

    things happen all the time that affect the fans and the players unfairly.
    people were ruined for life. FOR LIFE. not just some player getting money for a ring and a school getting a penalty, though they should. this is just about the ultimate in serious. get a grip.

    and, about 95% of the sports media and 100% of the major newspapers agree that they need a giant time out. stand out of the way and hope Fitz does not make some nice comment about the enabler.

  • C_Manuel37

    This John M. guy that is speaking on behalf of the Crimson Quarry does not have a very good feel for this 2012 IU team.. He did a fine job answering the questions and nothing against him but he doesnt know a whole lot. Names to listen for on IU’s offense this year besides Roberson, Houston, Bolser, and Hughes.. how about WR DuWyce Wilson who has the size and athleticism to be an NFL caliber receiver if he can ever stay healthy. Also, Shane Wynn who had speed for days and could be the best return man in the BigTen. Here is the name everyone needs to learn though, Mark Murphy.. Started on defense as a freshman highly touted recruit of out Ohio who’s father started for several years with the Green Bay Packers and is in their Hall of Fame. He looked like a stud last year as a true freshman playing out of position at linebacker. He will now move to the starting Strong Safety his natural position and I see him posting huge numbers. His winter combine numbers were off the charts as well.. Good speed, strength, and a 40″ vertical!! Finally, our linebackers should be better than they have been in a long time with a promising trio of Chase Hoobler, David Cooper, and Jacarri Alexander. Go Hoosiers

  • DT

    Enough Koolaid in your schtick to join the staff of LTP!

    Good luck this year at IU… You will need it… BTW- Keep Coach Wilson off the phone with Jack Trudeau…