Northwestern and NCAA Football 13

College football is right around the corner. Camp Kenosha opens up in about a month and I know everyone has been jonesing for some football. Some actual football.

We are not quite there yet, but we are getting there. We are very close.

For those that need the college football fix now though, NCAA Football 13 has arrived in stores. Like with Madden and NFL fans, EA Sports’ annual college football video game is the unofficial start of college football season. It is usually when fans get a sneak peak at any new uniforms their teams might be wearing (no luck with Northwestern this year, I do not believe… although Chris Emma of speculates the Wildcats should unveil their new unis sometime this month) and a quick peak at the top 25 for the upcoming season.

More than that, the NCAA Football video game is like Spring Training in baseball. It is the chance to take control of YOUR team in a situation where anything is still possible. That is even moreso this year with the headline feature of placing several Heisman winners on any team you want — Eddie George and Desmond Howard look sooooo good in purple (someone screen shot this on their copy of the game already!).

Yes, the release of the video game is our first chance to get a simulated look at the 2012 season.

That simulated version is just a simulation though, as Kain Colter proved this week when he got a good look at QB #2 for Northwestern:

Colter took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with EA Sports’ not-so-exact approximation of him (which of course isn’t an approximation of him because that would violate some NCAA bylaw or something, right? Right?).

At least they Made Colter an 86 with 87 speed. It is going to be fun playing the game and running around with Colter (hopefully his passing has improved). Not that this helps the actual Colter on the field. Stats are for losers, right?

Oh, but we are hungry for football content and this will have to suffice for now. After all, Colter and his suite mate and wide receiver Tony Jones had some good bonding over this virtual discretion. Football season is right around the corner.

There are already several simulations of the 2012 season already since the game came out earlier this weekend. The simulations are a bit odd as computers have their way of throwing randomness into the equation — Tom Fornelli of Eye on College Football has Arkansas topping Kansas State (the fake purple Wildcats) in the national championship game.

Troy Nunes is Magic, a Syracuse blog, has the Orange losing to the Wildcats (the real purple Wildcats) in four of its 10 simulations. So that would be a great start.

FanIQ simulated the season using NCAA 13 and had Northwestern going 5-7, ending the school’s record four-year bowl streak. It sounds like many predictions will have Northwestern going anywhere from 7-5 to 5-7. That sounds about right. For now.

We will wait to see what the Wildcats do on the actual field.

Feel free to share your simulations and screen grabs if you have the game. If you find any other full season simulations (or do one yourself), share them yourselves. Football season cannot get here soon enough!

  • pfoley

    Actually, Troy Nunes has the orange going 4-6 against NU, so losing *six* out of ten, which I think is a far more auspicious start for us…

    • byebyefitz95

      “Troy Nunes is Magic, a Syracuse blog, has the Orange losing to the Wildcats (the real purple Wildcats) in four of its 10 simulations. So that would be a great start.”

      That is what is says above…maybe read it again. The Syracuse blog is saying the Orange will lose 4 of 10. Read it slowly…

      • byebyefitz95

        Was trying some early morning Sunday Sarcasm…

        • pfoley


  • zeek,0,3449421.story

    This needs a post LTP, PRR.

    Kind of shocked he didn’t even hear them out…, usually you’d at least take an informational interview, especially when they push for one after you turn them down initially.

    Of course, he’s got the most potential to do stuff here given the whispers about the facilities plan and the rest of what’s going on here…

    • VAWildcat

      If he hadn’t just signed a new long-term deal, maybe he would have met with them, but I’m not surprised that he didn’t–the new contract, the facilities, his ties to this area. Talking would only have created anxiety in the program, and that would have been unfair to everyone.

    • Lake The Posts

      It is indeed the post for Monday morning drive time…

    • Sherman and Noyes

      It’s fantastic news. I was both relieved and excited after seeing the Tribune article. We are lucky to have Phillips as our AD, and it’s always nice to know that an exceptional athletic department wants him and that he is still choosing NU. It’s the same feeling I had after learning of Michigan’s pursuit of Fitz.

  • CatInTheHat

    My personal non scientific simulation has the Cats going 10-2 and beating LSU in the Cap One Bowl.

  • rhett

    I just noticed that in NCAA 13, Ryan Field is home of the Leonard B. Thomas Pess Box [sic]. Sweet!

  • rhett

    I just noticed that in NCAA 13, Ryan Field is home of the Leonard B. Thomas Pess Box [sic]. Sweet!