The UA Effect & Other 2012 Tidbits

Under Armour has certainly created buzz with its outlandish uniform attempts, particularly with their CEO, Kevin Plank’s alma mater, Maryland in 2011. Northwestern is now officially an Under Armour school and all 19 varsity sports are getting completely new uniforms and ‘Cat gear will be much more readily available at retail through the partnership. Additionally, Under Armour has already begun subtlely branding itself as part of a beautification of venues on campus. Classy looking purple banners drape fencing along Lakeside Field. The baseball and softball stadium outfield walls are customized graphically with the same consistent purple.  Little things I know, but a harbinger of some much bigger things that are to come, especially with the new facilities (sigh) overhaul.

A fan rendering of a potential Maryland field

There were two things yesterday that caught my eye in this new world order in our Under Armour relationship and neither one of them was technically Under Armour. First, news spread of Maryland (Under Armour school) going to a pewter and black field a la Boise State’s infamous smurf turf. The Broncos have used in-game on-camera gimmickry to brand their program since 1986 when the blue field was installed. Conceptually, it’s a smart move and was pioneering in many ways. However, if you ever watch them it is downright annoying from a visual experience standpoint.  Central Arkansas (FCS) went the same route last year installing a purple and grey striped field which caused many on this site to speculate whether or not NU should’ve gone there first (I’m so happy we haven’t). Now, Maryland is in “no comment” mode on the recent buzz about their turf becoming a branding initiative.  Images have started making the rounds of what a Maryland field would look like as fans get excited about field and court decor possibly second only to uniform design.  In basketball, Northwestern succumbed to the latest fad in shaded courts joining the ranks of many, lowlighted by Oregon State (thanks JHodges!) in the dare-to-be-different hoops court category. Granted, the ‘Cats choice was a fan vote that resulted in a NU home court that looked like the dry erase marker for the color purple was running out of ink (that and yet another shade of purple was adding to our inconsistency of brand imagery). Back to Maryland, it made me wonder how much involvement Under Armour had in these discussions as Maryland acknowledged they haven’t made a decision implying that a new field color is in the consideration set. And of course, if Maryland was talking to Under Armour about this, what kind of radical conversations are going on between Baltimore (UA headquarters) and Evanston?

Personally, when it comes to fields and courts I’m a traditionalist. I like green footbal fields and light brown courts. You want to paint the endzones – go nuts. You want purple in the lanes on the border, fantastic. After that I think it tends to be more bush league and gimmicky, especially considering the prestige of our B1G affiliation. No, that doesn’t mean I want to be stuffy and old, I want to be classy. But, I also wonder what kind of impact these things have on 17-year-olds. I know those of us pretty far removed from the recruiting age are losing more and more touch with our impulsive decision-making ways of yesteryear, but little things matter. When it comes to uniforms, even at the alleged smart schools, this type of thing matters. Facilities are enormous. Kids realize they’re going to be spending a good portion of their undegrad experience in the facilities – gym, weight room, training room, dining rooms and the like. Major college athletic programs have created virtual sports bunkers where kids every waking moment and tweet are attempted to be monitored and what better way to ensure they are dedicated than having any conceivable need fulfilled within 50 feet of the athletic facility? But, get most kids with the truth syrup and the perceived little things like a uniform color or brand affiliation can be an intangible difference maker. Yesterday, a reader forwarded me this YouTube video of the Ohio Bobcats learning they’d be getting black uniforms last season. Just look at the spontaneous party that erupted when this MAC school learned about it (the uniform company was Russell)

I can tell you that when NU and Under Armour unveil the 2012 Wildcat uniforms it is going to be a big deal for not only our athletes, but our fans. Huge. We’ll be dedicating days to the history of the NU uniform and my guess is a spirited debate about “tradition” and what that means at NU.  Bottom-line is that I’m thrilled about the Under Armour relationship as I know it has already had a positive lift in recruiting circles. It’s an opportunity to extend our brand at retail in unprecedented fashion. And, it’s another element of the new NU which can continue to build its tradition as the Dark Ages years continue to slowly, and I mean slowly fade away from those that hold the pen and try to influence opinions. 

Recruiting News

One of the more obvious recruiting strategies NU is employing over recent years is to become “the first”.  For the second time in two days, Louie Vaccher of posted a story about a prospect glowing about Northwestern because of this very gesture. Yesterday, we learned that Charles Woodson’s nephew, James Crawford, a stud DB from Florida, held NU in high regard and reserved a special spot for them for this reason. Now, we learn that WR James Clark from New Smyrna, Florida is of the Crawford mentality.  It turns out we were the first to offer the stud WR who holds 21 offers from the likes of Auburn, Penn State, Miami, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State and a host of others. Clark though, specifically states that NU’s Marty Long being there first in the spring, when he wasn’t even practicing, meant a lot to him and is one of the reasons he has NU at the top of the list. The recruiting news has been hot and heavy from WR and as of late and I just get the sense we’re due for a flurry of signings as we’re considerably behind last year’s pace and at the bottom of the Big Ten in terms of number of commitments for 2013 (2). I think we all agree it is a quality over quantity thing, but commitments seem to have their own unique sense of momentum. It’s time to get that going.


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BC = Play Action?

Uh-oh. Two words scare me more than any others for the NU defense: play action. That’s the philosophy new Boston College OC Doug Martin wants to employ with his RB by committee approach. Martin describes the program’s backfield in the wake of losing all-time rushing leader Montel Harris as a powerful, downhill triumverate of backs. This is worth a read to help you get better educated on our 2012 home opponent, the BC Eagles.

  • Couple of corrections regarding references to other schools:

    – The purple/grey striped turf is actually at Central Arkansas (of the I-AA/FCS Southland conference), NOT Arkansas State (of the I-A/FBS Sun Belt conference).

    – The crazy basketball court you referenced is for Oregon (which receives a ton of support from Phil Knight, founder of Nike), not Oregon State.

    • Lake The Posts

      Thanks JHodges. Oregon State also featured an orange brown elaborate color scheme for their hoops floor.

  • db

    Why did they paint our court the wrong purple? Do we know?

    Does anyone know when the kick-off times will be announced for the rest of our games? At least the early ones?

    • Football kickoff times: the following are known (all times CT):
      9/8 v Vanderbilt 7PM
      10/6 @ PSU 11AM
      10/13 @ Minn 11AM
      10/27 v Iowa 11AM

      I suspect we’ll hear the Syracuse kickoff time relatively soon (controlled by Big East TV partners – likely ESPN/2), and it could be any time.

      The remainder of the games will be non-night games, meaning 11AM or 2:30PM starts. ABC/ESPN & BTN usually announce start times ~12 days in advance during the season and therefore pre-announce the first 2 weeks worth of games. So, since Vandy (week 2) is already announced we may not hear about the BC game time until during the season. That would likely be the only game we could hear about before the season.

  • zeek

    Yeah, I didn’t realize how fast UA would end up on our athletes and coaches as well, seeing the lacrosse team wearing Adidas during the tournament and then UA upon arriving back home.

  • hudhaifa

    Anybody see D. Bates new job………….Hope he gives up his golf game…..

    • cece

      great post! good for him. and for NU to have such a good guy helping kids in high school .

  • skepticat

    So what happened to the “series of videos introducing the college football world to NU’s new Under Armour jerseys” (from NU Sports: The montage of Dave Eanet “commentating” old footage came out way(?) back in April. June 1st seemed to come and go without a peep. I’d think the marketing gurus would be all over this?

    If we’re changing our field, I say we go with something like this, except maybe reverse the pattern so the diamonds point out to the sideline instead of in:


  • chasmo

    All this talk of “retail partnerships” and “branding our program” and “adding to our inconsistency of brand imagery” and “brand affiliation” and “opportunity to extend our brand at retail in unprecedented fashion” makes it oh-so-clear that the big business of college football really needs to start paying its workers in cash rather than the barter system which it has been allowed to get away with so far.

  • Catman

    What is the status of NCAA ruling on Kyle Prater? Have not heard and wondered

    • zeek

      We don’t know yet; everyone’s still in the dark about his status.

  • MossReport

    On our 2013 recruiting, although we only 2 committs so far both are ESPN top 300 players. So I love quality over quantity mentality right now.

    • Chasmo

      Sadly, that was a typo. If you actually check the list our second recruit is not on it. He is a three-star and the list only contains four and five-star kids.

  • zeek

    Saw this on twitter:

  • Greg

    You are making the assumption that NU has outsourced branding the school and the athletic program to UA. This is a place at which the amoung of black in the football and basketball uniforms creates enormous debate because, “black is not one of the school colors,” and the change-up uniforms that football wore last year for Penn State took 2 years to design and be approved.

    Given some of the other recent articles and discussions (facilities, basketball recruits), expect everything to move at a glacial pace and for minor tweaks to be just that, minor.

    Having seen the mockups for the new football uniforms, I think expectations should be appropriately tempered …

  • Estif

    Green football fields are beautiful, anything else is a travesty. The thought of watching a game played on a black field sounds is depressing.

    Win the games. That’s all that matters. I value LTP’s perspective in stretching me to think a bit about why something as tangential as our uniform manufacturer might make a difference in things like recruiting or producing “buzz”. But personally, I think I’m pretty much tapped out in my ability to think any of this matters. It feels an awful lot like I picked up a Sports Illustrated only to find a copy of Us Weekly stuck inside.

    “Buzz” is what happens when you win. Recruits increase in quality when you win. I would be so disappointed if we tried to manufacture “buzz” with some sort of asinine stunt like a purple football field, and spending a lot of time salivating over Under Armour seems…I dunno…pointless.

    Saying all that, I understand that a) it’s June, and I’m not going to judge a blog that provides me with 365 days of NU football content too harshly; b) LTP makes a good enough case for caring about this stuff that I’ve tuned in a wee bit more than I would otherwise be inclined to. I guess I just want to put in my 2 cents that it’s okay to care about this stuff a little bit in the off season, but it seems distracted and a desperate to care too much about it while our win total is declining year after year.

  • yEvb0

    I would be extremely surprised if they change the field to a solid color, since this (I think) would require changing from natural grass to turf (correct me if I’m wrong).

    Ryan Field WAS the \field of the year\:

    • Estif

      Whoa, impressive find. The fandom is strong with you!