Bulletin Board Day Continues…This Time Vandy’s Coach Franklin Is The Subject

I love when we have double-dose content days in May. Thank you James Franklin. Just recently we caught up with noted Vandy blog Anchor of Gold to preview the ‘Cats-Vandy 2012 home season opener at Ryan Field. I’ve been a big fan of the work James Franklin has been doing to turnaround the program and have the Commodores poised for the breakthrough season in 2012 – until today. Several of you emailed me and since then have commented on this very story about James Franklin appearing on a local radio show and unabashedly talking about the need to see how attractive potential coach’s wives are. Apparently he sees unattractive wives as a sign of insecurity. Huh? Thank you for the recruiting trail fodder.

Several sites have posted the following quote from the radio interview from the 104.5 The Zone which occurred at the SEC media days in lovely Destin, Florida:

 “I’ve been saying it for a long time, I will not hire an assistant until I see his wife.  If she looks the part and she’s a D1 recruit, then you got a chance to get hired. That’s part of the deal.  There’s a very strong correlation between having the confidence, going up and talking to a women, and being quick on your feet and having some personality and confidence and being articulate and confident, than it is walking into a high school and recruiting a kid and selling him.” – James Franklin, 5/30/12

Wow. In fairness, the rest of the interview focused on the Moneyball approach to Vandy and taking perceived negatives/challenges like rigorous academics and turning them in to positives (sound familiar?).  But, considering this is a “smart school” that was a pretty dumb thing to say. Isn’t the enlighted educated approach pulling from the cliche book of beauty being skin deep or being in the eye of the beholder? Wouldn’t an unattractive wife be something to show more confidence because it’s not just about looks? Damn, I’m getting sucked in to this nonsense. 

In this day and age of every move and word being analyzed the shocking part of this story is the lack of apology. Franklin tweeted the following non-apology/apology today:

My foot doesn’t taste good, I hope I did not offend any1, I love & respect ALL,have a great day, enjoy the fam & don’t forget 2 #AnchorDown

Northwestern’s recruiting strategy is in large part to standout by not engaging in negative recruiting. I’ve talked to several former and current players and this element, by Fitz in particular played a role in them committing to him and NU. Many schools use negative recruiting (ahem, Jim Harbaugh) tactics that are directed squarely at Northwestern when we are in the hunt. Fitz doesn’t “go there”. I can tell you that even the less than scrupulous SEC schools will be playing this up about the mom factor when they go head to head with Vandy, which has actually started to happen this year. And, let’s hope any Vandy/NU potential commits take pause and look at this as an eyebrow raising moment at the very least.

Ebert Love

Jeremy Ebert is already getting quite the coverage in New England considering he was signed as a seventh round pick. You see stories like this and it just makes you so happy for Jeremy and the program. My east coast relatives have been feeding me this type of stuff regularly. Check out the glowing review of Jeremy here on WEEI, the megasports radio station in Beantown.

MJ, The Great One & KAH

Lots of folks in Chicago were emailing this David Haugh feature on Kelly Amonte Hiller around today. Haugh, a recent NU bandwagoner (love it) wrote that Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Eddie Vedder all reached out to KAH to wish her and the ‘Cats good luck at the Final Four. More importantly, Haugh updated coverage on Friends of Jaclyn inspirer, Jaclyn, the adopted former brain tumor patient who spurred a foundation that has inspired hundreds of college teams to adopt a child in need. Check out the piece here.

Hot Wives Or Not Club

Attractive wife? Unattractive wife? We don’t discriminate! We just want NEW Northwestern fans to buy season tickets. Today has been a great day as we have crossed the 20% mark thanks to “anonymous” from the class of ’94 who bought two season tickets and to Amber and Rob Z of get this…Nashville (good timing with the Franklin/Vandy piece) who bought four tickets and are donating them. Rob assures me his wife is very attractive, though. Got a fan conversion story to NEW season tickets? First time buyer? Adding to your allotment. Email me and tell me about it at laketheposts@gmail.com .

Purple Mafia Profiles…

IT’S BACK! Tomorrow we get back to a fan favorite feature with a prominent broadcaster who will offer up a chuckle or two with his interview. We’ve also got two more in the cue. Keep the connections rollin’….

  • skepticat

    So what happened to the “Circling Sparty” post that showed up in my feed reader this morning?

    • Lake The Posts

      Nice catch. I posted it right after PRR’s Illini post and thought it better to repost it for Saturday since we had so much content today/tomorrow. It’s programmed to lauch at 5 am Saturday morning.

    • Philip Rossman-Reich

      Look for it this weekend!

  • cecece

    some sports fans who are married don’t have a wife. I have a husband. sometimes the person looking to buy the tickets is a woman. actually, that is a more open market to add to the seats, as almost any business can tell you now, women are the target.

    the Vandy coach is repulsive.

    • zeek

      Yeah, it’s inappropriate on any level, but just looking at the economics of sports in this day and age, men are basically tapped out and women have become the largest driver of growth right now, especially for the major sports like football and basketball. All of which just makes him sound more clueless.

  • PastorCat

    Any chance we can get NUMB to play a little Jimmy Soul when Vandy comes to town:
    If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
    Never make a pretty woman your wife
    So for my personal point of view
    Get an ugly girl to marry you

    • Lake The Posts

      +1 – Chadnudj..you follow?

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    • Estif

      Hilarious! EXCEPT that the 95% of the stadium that doesn’t know the backstory will just think we’re being jerks by playing a very sexist and outmoded song. Still, I like where you’re head’s at.

    • cecece

      enough with the lookist stuff. this response is just as repulsive.

  • El_SupaKat

    Any news on the release of the new jerseys? I believe our deal with Under Armour starts today.

    • Lake The Posts

      No news on my end. I know retail plans are in full swing for summer distribution. I know Polisky well enough to know the “release” of the unis will be a big deal and wisely timed.

      • El_SupaKat

        Thanks! I remember reading somewhere on the NU Sports site that the jerseys would be unveiled on September 1. Seems kind of a long wait, but what do I know about merchandise? Either way, I can’t wait to purchase new gear!

      • DT

        If folks are buying this stuff, make sure to keep Let’s Tailgate in your plans… Cindy and David are truly a blessing to Wildcats fans… Don’t forget em…

  • Farmer


    What happened to that excellent piece you wrote about our Fitz era rivalry with MSU?

    Why did you so abruptly delete it?

    Was it too realistic?

    To this reader, it seemed to shout that we need something. And that something is better coaching.

    We´re never going to improve, get where we want to be, by avoiding facts, realities.

    My gut tells me you were jumped for the article, and you quickly deleted it.

    IMO, you should not have caved. We, your readers, depend on you to tell us truths, facts.

    • Estif

      We, your readers, should probably also read the rest of the comments before jumping to conclusions. See comment #1.

      • Lake The Posts

        +1…see above @Farmer. Disarm the conspiracy theory and chalk it up to bad timing between PRR and me!

  • Farmer

    @ Estif

    Yes, we should read the rest of the comments, assuming they communicate. Comment #1 is not exactly the essence of clear communication. Who´s going to remember the catchy title of an article that appeared only for a flash and immediately ID what it was about. But one will remember an identified subject and its message.

    And yes, we should not turn this blog into a Rivals like place, where posters too often disrespect and insult. And where posters seldom if ever give other posters credit for the time of day…….except when they want to blast them.

    • laketheposts

      @Farmer – not trying to make a mountain out of a comment, but I don’t think anyone was disrespecting or insulting you, simply pointing out that your question was answered in my reply to @skepticat. Similarly, I would hope that you don’t jump to conclusions like me deleting it for “being jumped”.

    • skepticat

      Uh… in what way is my comment (or the responses to it) lacking “the essence of clear communication”? Too many words? :-/

  • Farmer


    You obviously have donned Rivals glasses that admirably you were not wearing when you started this blog.

    How else can you explain not seeing Estif´s comment as what it truly is: a belittlement, a rebuke. There surely was a better way to have told me that I had erred in not seeing the inadequately worded deletion info.

    And no doubt, infamous Rivals bullies will be delighted at the LTP blog´s change of attitude.

    But when they invade this site, they won´t have me to bully, because I´m out of here. And with me goes a source of information about NU sports that goes back way, way before most of you took your first breath.

    But no problem, most of you guys already know it all. So, you´ll say, ¨Good riddance!¨


    • Lake The Posts

      @Farmer. I’ve been called quite a few things in my LTP days, but a bully is a first. I pride our community on not being message board bully-like. Your opinions are welcome here. Sorry if you don’t feel that way.

  • cece


    • cece

      as in Let’s Tailgate +1