‘Cats ’15 & ’16 Schedules Complete

It’s official. The 2015 and 2016 Northwestern football schedules can now go to the pocket schedule printer. Northwestern announced the schedules through a release on NUSports.com and the mystery teams left to fill in the non-conference slate turned out to be FCS Eastern Illinois in 2015 (we faced them in 2011) and a season opener against Western Michigan in 2016.

If you’re an incoming freshman or redshirt freshman then you can now map out your fall for the next four years. If you’re a fan like me then we can now schedule speculate and road trip plan with enough advance notice to make our significant others happy. First, let’s go in reverse order on the complete schedules starting with 2016 back to 2013.  You might say that is also the order of least challenging to most challenging, although I think 2014 takes the cake as the toughest schedule since the early 1990s under Gary Barnett.  Comments on all of this below.

2016 Football Schedule

9/3 vs Western Michigan
9/10 vs Illinois State (FCS)
9/17 vs Duke
9/24 @ Stanford
10/1 vs Nebraska
10/8 @ Purdue
10/15 @ Michigan
10/22 vs Iowa
10/29 @ Minnesota
11/5 BYE
11/12 vs Indiana
11/19 @ Michigan State
11/26 vs Illinois

2015 Football Schedule
9/5 vs Stanford
9/12 vs Eastern Illinois
9/19 @ Duke
9/26 vs Ball State
10/3 @ Iowa
10/10 vs Minnesota
10/17 @ Nebraska
10/24 BYE
10/31 vs Purdue
11/7 @ Indiana
11/14 vs Michigan
11/21 vs Michigan State
11/28 @ Illinois

2014 Football Schedule
8/30 vs Cal
9/6 BYE
9/13 vs Vanderbilt
9/20 vs Western Illinois
9/27 BYE
10/4 vs Nebraska
10/11 @Minnesota
10/18 vs Wisconsin (Homecoming)
10/25 @ Ohio State
11/1 @ Michigan State
11/8 vs Iowa
11/15 @ Notre Dame
11/22 @ Michigan
11/29 vs Illinois

2013 Football Schedule
8/31 @ Cal (Seal-gate?)
9/7 vs Syracuse
9/14 @ Vanderbilt
9/21 vs Maine (FCS)
9/28 BYE
10/5 vs Ohio State
10/12 @ Wisconsin
10/19 vs Minnesota
10/26 @ Iowa
11/2 @ Nebraska
11/9 BYE
11/16 vs Michigan
11/23 vs Michigan State
11/30 @ Illinois

OK, on second thought, I need time to stew on this as it will make for a great post tomorrow breaking it all down. At first glance, 2013 Big Ten play opens pretty brutally, but who knows. Comment away and I’ll dive in big time tomorrow.

  • CatVille

    @ Vanderbilt was a great atmosphere and game in 2010. It might be a good choice for an early LTP road trip in 2011. Commodore fans were very hospitable towards visitors.

    • Cats91

      I thought I was going to get murdered once the game was over.

  • Jon
    • kinsella316

      I hate this.

    • Steve Z

      I just saw the same story.

      I think many of us had heard rumors of this. Now that it is confirmed, all we can do is wish Persa the best in whatever he goes on to do; I’m sure he’ll be successful! Best of luck, Dan!