‘Cat Bits

Update: ESPN and the Big Ten Conference released their primetime TV schedule today and after a 2011 year that saw several home night games, the ‘Cats will host only Vanderbilt in primetime. The ‘Cats home opener will kickoff at 7pm ct on BTN while ESPN has given the primetime love to the big name brands (Nebraska 2X, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan) plus Sparty.   You can check out the dates and times here.



Rick Venturi is one of the names of the day as the fallout from the ESPN Outside the Lines report on Saints GM Mickey Loomis’ eavesdropping allegations continue to dominate the sports news world today. Venturi was the Saints DC during the alleged eavesdropping scandal and denied knowing anything about the Loomis magic ears during his time there. Venturi is a familiar name in Northwestern circles and is linked to the infamous NCAA record 34 game losing streak as he was the Wildcat head coach from 1978-1980 where he went 1-31-1 with a grand total of zero Big Ten wins. Venturi is something of a Phoenix having departed Northwestern and enjoyed a 30-year NFL career in the coaching ranks. Click here for more from his Mike & Mike segment from this am on ESPN Radio.

BCS Brewing

The BCS major players have convened in Orlando, Florida to continue the dialogue about the don’t-call-it-playoff-playoff scenarioes. This is from today’s New Orleans Times-Picayune:

 When asked to predict the outcome, Allstate Sugar Bowl CEO Paul Hoolahan said that he “would only be guessing other than that the status quo won’t remain.” Hoolahan: “This thing is like a caterpillar, it has so many legs. … The only thing I honestly believe is that business as usual is no longer an option.” BCS Exec Dir Bill Hancock: “There’s no way we’re coming out of this with everything decided” (New Orleans TIMES-PICAYUNE, 4/24).


Road Trip?

The ‘Cats game at Minnesota is on my finalist list for this year’s LTP road trip. With the Minnesota legislature voting to allow alcohol sales at University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium, it might make it a higher priority on your list. I’m not sure how this jives with Big Ten policy, but I can tell you beer is not allowed at Ryan Field and candidly I wouldn’t drink if I could during a ‘Cats game.

Purdue Trouble 

Perhaps Purdue is trying to make Iowa RBs feel good. Between injuries and off the field issues, the two schools dominate the decimating of the depth chart at this coveted position. Purdue’s leading rusher last season, Ralph Bolden, was arrested for public intoxication last week after allegedly kissing a woman against her will at a bar

 Just in case…

You never know which bowl we might return to, but in case the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas ends up being our destination it is moving from an afternoon slot to prime time.

Transfer U?

Boy, that Team From South Bend sure is making daily headlines with a somewhat mass exodus. Several players have reunited with former Irish head coach Charlie Weis at Kansas. It seems like every news of a transfer gets the NU message boards speculating “why not us?”. Well, freshman All-American DE Aaron Lynch officially transfers from Notre Dame, but has chosen fellow Under Armour school, South Florida.



  • Wildcat86

    The Vanderbilt game will be in prime time (7pm kick) according to Chris Emma…

  • skepticat

    Wow, go Saints. I wonder if the NFL would consider invoking an NCAA-esque death penalty? Then they could change that irritating little “battle cry” from “Who dat?” to “Dey gone!”

    “This thing is like a caterpillar, it has so many legs.”

    I’d say it’s more like a room full of monkeys hurling dung at each other. The way I see it, there’s only two good outcomes:

    1) A full-fledged playoff involving all conference champions and rounded out with “wildcards” to get a round number, or

    2) A return to the old bowl system where the “national champion” was just a bunch of sportswriters picking their favorite team.

    Anything else is just monkeys slinging their excrement.

    Not too surprised by the exodus from ND; I’m not sure there’s a more colossal a**hole in all of sports than Brian Kelly. Never before have I seen a coach that so proudly and openly despises his own players.

    Guess I’m just feeling grumpy today….

    Although I think “Cat Nips” would be better than “Cat Bits”. :-)

    • vaudvillain

      No way that #2 happens, but I have to admit, part of me wishes it would. Then we wouldn’t have this whole goofy business of trying to make the Rose Bowl somehow fit into the “not-a-playoff” without destroying the Big Ten/Pac-12 tradition. The Rose Bowl could go back to being the #1 possible destination for a Big Ten team, period, rather than a second-place game. Sure, without a playoff, you open yourself up for controversy, like the split title between Michigan and Nebraska in ’97…but it’s not like the current system is free of controversy.

      • skepticat

        No doubt it’s a pipe dream (and probably so is #1, at least in the form I’ve proposed), but it’s far better than what we currently have, imo.

        Nothing has been more corrosive to the bowls, rivalries, conferences, and college football traditions as a whole than the BCS. What is this entire conference realignment snafu other than basically a grab for BCS money? A fair, equal-access playoff would eliminate the bowl system, but at least it wouldn’t be so destructive to the other college football traditions.

        Basically, people need to make a choice: keep the bowls at the expense of determining a “true” national championship, or eliminate the bowls and determine a national champion through a playoff. Having both isn’t an option.

  • cece

    I love “Cat Nips”!!!!!!!

    • allpurple


  • PDXCat

    Is Olah actually signing? And is the Swopshire transfer official? Haven’t heard any “official” announcement. Not a peep on NUSports.com. Anyone?

    • Heylucas

      Inside source has Swopshire at a practice or two looking very good.

    • Lake The Posts

      Olah signing tomorrow from what I understand via Teddy Greenstein.

  • Alaskawildcat

    For selfish reasons am glad to learn that Homecoming won’t be a night game. I’m on the reunion committee for my class and we were already in the process of making commitments for reunion events Saturday evening. Now I can be at the game for sure.