‘Cats Kickoff Draft Week; Plus Olah to Finally Sign

This is an event I’d love to attend, but simply can’t make it. However, I’m counting on several of you to offer highlights from today’s Northwestern Football  Luncheon at 11:30 am at the Union Club in Chicago, featuring Pat Fitzgerald, Dan Persa and Jeremy Ebert (hosted by Dave Eanet) as they discuss the NFL Draft among many other things.

First, let’s get the info to you so you can plan your lunch accordingly if you’re in the downtown Chicago area.:

Northwestern Football Lunch Event Details

Monday, April 23rd – 11:30 a.m.

Union League Club (Business Attire Required)

65 W. Jackson Boulevard – Chicago

Reservations:  $44/person

(includes lunch and raffle ticket for great prizes!)

For more information email j-yale@northwestern.edu
or call 847-491-3694.

I’ve been asking and no one has quite yet answered how a first team All Big Ten QB like Dan Persa doesn’t even get an NFL combine invite. Perhaps some of you can educate me on that after the lunch. Of the 2012 NU draft prospects which include Jeremy Ebert, Drake Dunsmore, Al Netter, Jordan Mabin, Brian Peters and Dan Persa, it appears that both Dunsmore and Ebert have the best chance to get drafted while the others will assume the usual role of many of the ‘Cats in the NFL and have to make their way via the undrafted free agent route. We’ll have much more on the NU/NFL Draft factor in the coming days.

Teddy Scoop

Teddy Greenstein made a lot of NU hoops fans happy on Saturday night when he tweeted ” It will become officially official Tuesday: Alex Olah will sign with #Northwestern at his HS. #bouttime“.  Phew. Olah, a 6-11 big man with quite a bit of hype, chose NU over the likes of Marquette, BC, Illinois and others and will figure to play instantly as he’s drawn pretty high praise in recruiting circles and fills the much needed void of a true center which the ‘Cats have lacked for much of the Bill Carmody era. We’ll keep you posted on this one as soon as it is official official.

Cajun Bates

Randy Bates is at it again. The ‘Cats LB coach is trying to net his fourth Louisiana native in five classes, this time with Monroe (La.) Ouachita Parish athlete Taijuan Thomas, according to Louie Vaccher of Wildcatreport.com. Thomas is a 5-8, 160 pound speed demon who is currently a RB, but would be an “athlete” at NU and potentially play one of several  potential spots. Thomas has offers from Stanford, Houston and now NU.

Where In the World Is Brittany Peterson? 

 If Matt Lauer can rip off Carmen Sandiego then so can we. Our NUMB Alum extraordinaire, Brittany Peterson is currently traversing the globe and wouldn’t you know it she is keeping the LTP “N” Flag Project alive and well. For those of you new to the party, fans take photos of the Wildcat “N” flag from their backyard to Bangladesh. Tim integrates it all on a Google map for us to view and we store them on the LTP navigation bar titled “N Flag Project” (see nav bar above).  For the next couple of weeks, we’re going to add some fun to stir some purple pride AND also remind you to send your photos to us at laketheposts@gmail.com

Today’s clue. Brittany’s location is a pretty easy mark if you’re knowledgeable on your bridges.  The bridge features towers that are 86 feet tall and service 4 million vehicles per year. The location of the bridge is the same name as a town in the eastern part of the US that is home to a business that may very well hold the distinction of the most purple mafia media members (that part is an educated guess). Name the location and the bridge.

Where is Brittany P. today?

LTP Pack Ryan Field Purple Ticket Challenge

So we are stuck at 23 NEW season tickets today. Our quest as the LTP community is to get 200 NEW season ticket holders to do our part towards making Ryan Field packed with 47,130 mostly purple every week this season. Help us convert new friends to the season ticket holder list and send me an email of how you did it and we’ll share your story. Simply email me at laketheposts@gmail.com .
  • UVA Cat

    That looks like Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England? (with reference to Bristol, CT home of ESPN)

    • Lake The Posts

      Man, you guys are good. Ding ding. I’m going to have to make them tougher.

    • calmer than you are

      “Brittany-Bristol-England-Clifton-Bridge.jpg” was a solid hint.

  • HudyBlitz

    A nice lunch at the ULC today with Fitz, Persa, Ebert and Mr. Cat handling the MC duties. Good luck to Dan, Jeremy and all the seniors with “NFL aspirations,” to quote Fitz.

    Fitz was in fine form, with some good stories about how far the program has come in the eyes of opposing recruiters since he was being recruited in the early 1990s, why he prefers the bowl system to the current playoff proposals, how Colter’s athleticism reminds him of Hudhaifa…and how the new facilities plan is “in the hands of the trustees.” Look forward to hearing more about that soon.

  • Robert

    Agreed on a nice lunch at ULC.

    The recruiting stories were somewhat bizarre in the context of the question that was asked, which was (to Fitz) what do you think needs to be done to continue the bowl appearance streak but end the bowl loss streak? Fitz took this simply as when are we going to win a bowl game and answered with recruiting stories, a little bit of one or two plays executed better and maybe a bit better game planning and loads of selling out Ryan Field for 120, 160 or even 180 consecutive games and other pie in the sky goals to end with the glass is half full for the program image. I didn’t really understand what he felt was needed to keep up the bowl appearances and win a bowl game but by then my sugar high from the magnificent ULC dessert had worn off and I was getting fuzzy.

  • wildcatsenior

    I don’t understand why Vince Browne is never mentioned as a draft prospect. I understand his production wasn’t great this year, but he had a fantastic junior year and was invited to the regional NFL combine. What’s the deal LTP?