‘Cats vs Sparty: For Matt Alviti

Score one for Chris Emma of Scout.com (PurpleWildcats.com) and his timing of a post. Just yesterday, Emma posted an article on the ‘Cats 2013 QB search and how big of an emphasis the position is for Pat Fitzgerald. In particular Emma had plenty of quotes from Fitz on the importance of depth and the spacing that is needed:

“Obviously it’s a critical, critical position in this year’s recruiting class,” said Fitzgerald. “We need to have a little separation between our quarterbacks (in each recruiting class); we don’t want them all lumped together. We want  to have a little separation with this (2012 recruiting class) we signed right now.” – Pat Fitzgerald via PurpleWildcats.com 4/9/12

The ‘Cats have been courting Matt Alviti for some time now. Several months ago Alviti had reportedly, and publicly, narrowed his list down to Notre Dame and Northwestern. When the Irish landed Gunner Kiel, who had originally verballed to Indiana, it looked like the ‘Cats were going to land a national top 10 QB, as ranked by Rivals.com. Yet, Alviti kept his options open and has been flirting with Michigan State, a recruiting rival of sorts from circa 2009 and 2010. Now, despite Nebraska jumping on the bandwagon, Alviti has told Louie Vaccher of WildcatReport.com that he’s getting closer and there are several factors he is considering:

 “I’m looking at where I can see myself for the next four or five years and which school fits me best — what style offense fits me best, what players fits me best, what coaches fit me best.” – Matt Alviti in an interview with Louie Vaccher, 4/9/12.

Vaccher points out that Alviti currently runs a similar Northwestern spread in high school, while the Spartans run a pro set. Also of note is the fact that Alviti admired Dan Persa growing up in high school and at one point even told Louie that he wanted to be Dan Persa. The ‘Cats seemed to be crossing paths with Michigan State quite frequently three to four years ago, and NU did quite nicely landing both Tony Jones and Paul Jorgensen in head to head battles, but since then there have been fewer head to head recruiting match-ups – until now. This one is obviously a huge one.

Alviti has visited NU many times unofficially and obviously likes what he’s seen. The ‘Cats, however, must continue to pursue a bevy of QBs until they can land that commitment, which could come at anytime. Chris Emma reports that NU is in hot pursuit of nationally (top 20) ranked QBs Aaron Bailey, Trent Hosick, Travon Chapman and Mitch Trubisky. They’re also pursuing non top 20 Chavas Rawlins.  Fitz indicated he may very likely want to land a pair of QBs in this class considering the current roster boasts junior Kain Colter, sophomore Trevor Siemian, RS Freshman Zack Oliver and walk-on  sophomore PJ Carrollo. 

Alviti will be in attendance on Saturday at the Spring Game. Yet another reason why you should attend – to show the support for the ‘Cats and show the incoming potential recruits we mean business as fans.


  • MF

    When I first saw Alviti as a sophomore, I thought he’d be a perfect fit for Northwestern. Hopefully Matt will see that Northwestern is also the perfect fit for him.

  • Alaskawildcat

    Wish I could be there Saturday. What a great way to cap off Spring Practice with Matt verballing to the Cats.