John Shurna Laughs at Your 3-Point Line

John Shurna had one last memorable moment to give Northwestern fans before he departs campus. One more memory to give Northwestern fans.

Shurna arrived in New Orleans for the 3-point contest and a college all-star game (it will be played tomorrow, but airs Saturday at noon on truTV). He left the talk of the college basketball nation and almost the undisputed 3-point champion. The best part was probably that you could see the smile on his face after just about every shot.

Shurna got better with every round, going from 14 to 20 to 21 to 24 to win the State Farm College 3-point contest. He was clutch, hitting many of his money balls. And in a classic final round battle with Juan Fernandez with Temple, Shurna hit his first seven shots and his last seven shots to win by one. And bring all the glory to Northwestern.

So I think it is time to relive it. I put together a collection of tweets from myself, friends of the blog and Northwestern athletes and personalities. Relive the awesomeness from Shurna with this Storify:

  • VermontCat

    Oh…my…god. I was at at a work conference and the 3 pt shootout was on in the background. I straight-up stopped my conversation with my work people and shouted shouting as Shurna hit that last 2-pt shot. Go John! You make us proud!

  • David

    Good for John. He should have stepped back to the NBA line just to make things fair. Hopefully, NBA scouts were watching.

  • chartmoose

    Congrats to Shurna — a very nice win.

    Johnny Shurna, the Baby Faced Assassin! :)

  • Bob Svete

    Way to go, John! You make us all proud and congratulations on a great NU career. Wish nothing but the best for your future.

  • bandcat

    SHURNASTIC! As Ski Nose used to say “Thanks for the Memories”….What a class act…

  • Steve Z

    Has anyone else had LTP take a really long time to load for the last few days, or is it just my computer?

    • chartmoose


    • pfoley

      for me it started immediately after shurna won the 3 point contest. immediate site traffic? storify being awful? coincidence?

    • 1960 Grad

      I’ve had the same problem. Very slow load.

    • allpurple

      YES! Horribly slow!!!

  • hudhaifa

    Just watched the video…….DAMN!!! STR8 CASH HOMIE!!!

  • dbcats

    Where is the video? I’ve been trying to find it.

    • ‘Catatonic Tim

      It’s on

    • pfoley

      Or you can watch the whole thing at That’s where NUBears puts all his stuff now.

      • dbcats

        Wow…how did I miss that he started the website? I’ve been dying for highlights ever since the YouTube channel got raided.


  • Wildcat Fan

    Mine has been annoyingly slow for a few days, also. I was just wondering where our coach was. They interviewed Frank Haith from MU. I would have thought it would have provided Carmody some nice PR to be there in support of his player. If not him I would have thought the university would have sent a teammate, assistant coach or someone else in purple to show how much we care about John! (Although, maybe they just didn’t show them on TV.)

  • allpurple

    Wondered about that also.
    Still, John was so much fun to watch and brought some positive exposure for NU basketball.

  • Catotonic (Not Tim)

    Rick Telander of the Sun Times wrote a nice piece, holding out NU as the ray of hope for Illinois big time basketball.

    • Icehockeycat

      This was a very well written article and sadly, I basically agree with his last comments – we are trying to do things the right way at NU with the “student” part of “student-athlete” being first and foremost. If we really cannot get it done (and here, I mean make the NCAA somewhat consistently, maybe compete for a B1G championship 1-2 a decade…), it does say something about the state of college basketball. But, Stanford, Harvard, Vandy and yes even Puke do seem to be able to achieve this with true student-athletes (although Puke seems to be have gone to the Dark side here a bit with the 1/2-and-dones..), it is still more of a reflection of NU’s history/commitment than the overall state of college basketball at this state.
      I still am in the “no way we change the academic side of things” in this debate to “improve” things.
      The NBA should not have forced the 1-and-done rule. Yes, you don’t want the bad example of kids declaring ‘pro’ out of high school, but I think they should allow them to go D-league out of high school as an “amateur” status (no pay). If they really cannot get to the show in a year of D-league, let them go to college. In the hockey world, the Juniors exist to provide this kind of path – you can play until 20 before deciding if you really want to go pro (NHL or one of the minors) or take the college route. I believe basketball needs something similar; you should not “force” college on a kid who has no business being there, and it just hurts the kid, the idea of college athletics and perhaps another more academically deserving kid whose spot is taken up.

      • Al

        Actually, if you play in the Canadian major junior leagues, you are ineligible to play in the NCAA because they are considered professionals by the NCAA. However, if you play in the USHL you can keep your amateur standing.

      • Icehockeycat

        Yea, and that is why most American players will go USHL if college is in their plans.
        Also, you can be drafted for an NHL club while still in juniors and still go to college – similar to baseball. I think the NBA draft rules should be modified to fit a similar format – you can be drafted and “owned” by the NBA team and then work with their development guys to see whats best for you.
        Both college hockey and baseball are perhaps not as competitive due to a true pro route/development path (best players have a non-college route to go that is actually a higher competition than college), but does keep the goal the “student-athlete” intact.

  • zeek

    Wow, I just watched the 3 point contest. That was an unbelievable finish.

  • cece

    just caught the replay of the final between Shurna and Corrall after the women’s contest. what fun. he seemed happy watching the women shoot, high fiving, and calling the winning on their shared number of 24. and then he went out and smoked the final. the kid is just plain happy, it’s really a pleasure to watch him play and get interviewed. here’s hoping he stays cheerful as he heads into the big bad world of pro sports. can he still come back to do the contest shots at lacrosse halftime? that would be sweet and a way for him to stay young and happy as long as possible.