Watching the Bubble Watchers: Saturday Edition

The folks over at The Bracket Matrix are tracking 81 “bracketologists,” from Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm to some guy named Syracusefan7.

Of the 81 “bracketologists” Bracket Matrix is tracking (where do they find the time???), just 10 of the 81 think Northwestern will get a bid on Sunday.  Here are the 10, along with the seed they each project…

NIT Projection

As the NIT looks like the likely postseason destination for the Cats, we are once again taking a look at NITology’s projections.  They’ve dropped Northwestern from the top line to a #2 NIT seed, alongside Oral Roberts, Drexel, and Mississippi.  Projected NIT #1 seeds – Miami, Iona, Tennessee, and Arizona (who, obviously, with a win in tonight’s Pac-12 Tournament Final vs. Colorado, would be headed to the Big Dance).

  • So You’re Saying There’s A Chance

    Looking at all the projections and doing a little counting, it’s pretty clear that 9 teams on this list of 22 will make the NCAA tourney.
    – the 5 at the top are most likely in ahead of NU
    – the ones at the bottom are likely out
    – that means 4 of 11 of the remaining teams will make it – that’s my guess of the real bubble
    (Upsets in the A-10 or Big West finals could still steal 1-2 spots from those teams)

    I don’t really see any difference between NU and the other teams in the middle group – they are all pretty bad and the committee can pretty much choose whichever ones they want. I’m not saying we’re in, but it isnt hard to make an argument for NU over any of the other 10 teams on that list, and a 4 out of 11 shot is a lot better than it seemed we’d have after we lost to Minn.

    West Virginia
    NC State
    Colorado State

    Seton Hall
    South Florida
    Ole Miss
    Mississippi State

    St Joes
    Oral Roberts

  • bandcat

    Just got back from Hoosier Holiday…Have not seen anything about what was up with Marco in the second half. He was hurling his guts out on the sideline 2nd half..Was it the flu bug or something else?

  • NCat99

    Best argument I have read in NU’s favor:

    (Picked it up from Daryl Morey’s Twitter feed)