NU vs BC: More Than Just A Game; It’s A Recruiting Rival

One of the great things about internet acccess to recruiting developments is that over time they give you a sense of where your favorite college team is headed relative to the competition. Now in NU’s case, the “competition” goes well beyond other Big Ten teams because it is often ACC, Pac-12 and Big XII programs that Fitz and his staff are recruiting against for coveted players. So while we all like to beat the likes of Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and MSU for football recruits, beating BC is at least as relevant in assessing the direction of the NU football program. And as we dive into BC week, it’s great to see that more and more top prospects are viewing NU as the better choice to play football and get their education. Indeed, with the recent committment of DT Greg Kuhar from Lakewood, OH St. Ed’s, we can add another coveted recruit to the fold who fits the emerging mold of future Wildcat stars. Greg had a number of options heading into his senior season, including three  schools the ‘Cats love to beat for top prospects … BC, Iowa and Stanford.

Our ability to beat BC for high quality football prospects is a relatively new development. As recently as 2008, local Illinois prospects like OL Emmet Cleary (St. Viator) and LB Nick Clancy (Joliet Catholic) spurned the ‘Cats in favor of BC. And we’ll see both those players in the Eagles lineup on Saturday. Other NU recruiting targets followed suit in 2008. TE Chris Pantale out of New Jersey stayed closer to home and signed with the Eagles over NU and numerous other BCS programs. He too will play on Saturday. And we may also see 2010 TB Rolandan Finch toting the ball, given the rash of injuries BC has absorbed at the TB position. Finch too could have been a Wildcat, but chose BC instead. On the flip side, WR Charles Brown, DB Ibraheim Campbell, SB Jack Konopka and DE Quentin Williams will all likely play for the ‘Cats on Saturday, and all of them had to say “no” to BC to be wearing our school colors.

Last year was a key year in comparing NU’s football recruiting to what at that time had to be considered a more established BC football program. Still, the chinks in the BC golden helmets were beginning to take their toll. At the end of the 2006 season, head coach Tom O’Brien (current NC State head coach) voluntarily quit to take over another program within the same conference. Enter Jeff Jagodzinski in 2007 when the Eagles were ranked as high as No.2 in the country behind All American QB Matt Ryan. But that didn’t last long when Coach “Jag” was abruptly fired after the 2008 season for “exploring” other coaching opportunities. Now the Eagles begin their 3rd season under the direction of Frank Spaziani. He has guided BC to a relatively mediocre 15-11 overall record in his first two seasons punctuated by back-to-back losses in the Emerald City Bowl. All told, the coaching turnover and record decline go hand in hand as does the player turnover (BC’s player attrition rate is very high in the last 3-5 years) and the slide in BC’s recruiting stature. Enter Northwestern, with its comparative stability and upward trajectory, to fill the gap for those players looking for a big city, big conference, student athlete experience.

Beginning in 2010 and every recruiting season since, I think it’s fair to say that Fitz has dominated Frank Spaziani in the recruiting circles they keep. Sophomore DBs I. Campbell and J. Hall both chose the ‘Cats over BC, and the fact they come from Ohio and Pennsylvania adds value to those “gets”. Both of those states are key NU recruiting grounds, and they have historically been far kinder to the Eagles than to the ‘Cats in head to head battles. Then we turn to 2011, and we see Fitz protecting his home turf with the signing of Jack Konopka and Jerrell Williams from Illinois, both of whom said no to Boston College. And perhaps more importantly, we see Fitz and assistant coach Bob Heffner going into a BC recruiting stronghold – New Jersey – and taking  OT Shane Mertz, a huge “get”. And it gets better. The 2012 class again shows that NU can take down the Eagles in Ohio and Pennsylvania recruiting battles as Keystone state OL Adam DePietro and Buckeye state DT Greg Kuhar both spurned BC in favor of NU. The icing on the cake?  2012 commit OT Eric Olson pulls a 2008 Emmet Cleary move by looking right past his home state (Massachusetts) school on his way to committing to the Wildcats. Thank you Mr. Olson. Other top East coast prospects, including 4 star LBs Abner Logan from Massachusetts and Quanzell Lambert from New Jersey have stood up and taken notice. They too have the ‘Cats on their short lists of favorites.

The recruiting battles with BC aren’t over, that’s for sure. One geographic area where BC has had a decided recruiting advantage over NU is in Florida. And that remains true today. So it will be interesting to see how the recruitment of Ft. Lauderdale area star RB/S Traveon Henry ends up. The kid fits the mold of the modern day NU football recruit. He’s smart, skilled and can play with the big boys both on the field and in the classroom. If he doesn’t choose his home state FSU Seminoles, look for his recruitment to come down to a NU vs. BC battle. Beat BC this Saturday, and land a prospect of Henry’s stature out south Florida, and you can be assured that NU will have taken yet more ground from BC in the critical recruiting wars of the future.

By the way, a lot of the success the ‘Cats have experienced under Coach Fitz, and which is directly responsible for the improved recruiting, was made possible by less publicized recruits that worked their behinds off to become great college football players. That’s why a special LTP style “shout out” goes out to Jaylen Prater, the 15th and newest member of the 2012 recruiting class. Jaylen is a small school phenom who has played numerous different positions for his Wellston, OH HS team and projects to play LB for the Cats. He reminds me of the last undersized, small school Ohio HS LB to get overlooked by the Buckeyes and others. That was Chris Borland out of Alter HS in Dayton. And we all know how well he did at Wisconsin last year. Kudos to Jaylen for thinking big and for the ‘Cats in recognizing Jaylen’s talents.

Go Cats!

Fitz 51

  • FloridAlum

    BC also offered Malin Jones, so we’re 4-0 against them this year.

  • @Fitz51:

    Thanks for your nice summation of the NU recruiting status as it pertains to competition with BC. I specifically stay away from the recruiting circles but it is nice to read summaries of how NU is faring. I especially liked the analysis on how recruits are favoring NU over BC thanks to the program’s continuity – NU does an excellent job of keeping its players around/eligible until their collegiate carrier is done (while BC has already lost multiple players this offseason).

  • PurpleGuy

    Does anyone know of a Chicago watch party for the BC game?

  • wildcat6


    Just saw your predictions and summaries at – outstanding, thanks!

  • Flo

    @PurpleGuy, Kendalls in Lincoln Park is the official NU bar. Be sure to check them out for happy hour on Fridays too. I sure miss that place. I’ll be watching at the new Atlanta venue Hill Street Tavern! Go Cats!

  • PurpleGuy

    Thanks Flo! I am going to have to check it out Saturday morning. Go Cats!

  • Lake The Posts

    @all – be sure to check out the updated LTP Bar Network page. Plenty of changes and still some cities (ie. London) missing from the list. Email me with “adds”.

  • sailingcat

    Just wanted to confirm that we are definitely hosting a game watch at Kendall’s this Saturday! Look for an email Thursday from the Northwestern Alumni Club of Chicago with details. We will be hosting game watches there for every away game and bus trips from there to a couple home games (Michigan and Penn State).

  • 31southst

    BC fan here – I like the blog and it will be fun to read this week. Just be fair on the recruiting front, here are a few guys that have picked BC over Northwestern the last couple of years. No doubt that Fitz is doing better than Spaz but it hasn’t been a complete shutout.

    2012 OL Jim Cashman from NJ
    2011 OL Paul Gaughan from PA
    2011 TE Brian Miller from MA

  • Lake The Posts

    @31southst – thanks for adding this to the conversation. Will make sure Fitz 51 sees this and responds accordingly.

  • Fitz51

    31southst mentions 3 recruits that did indeed pick the Eagles with offers from NU this past year and for 2012. And in hindsight fairness to BC, I admit that I should have mentioned all 3. Miller and Cashman were great gets for BC and should see playing time early in their careers. On the other hand, the purpose of the article was not to provide a score card between the two programs. It was to provide just enough specific examples to support the assertion that Fitz and NU have turned the tables on BC when it comes to head-to-head recruiting. And I don’t believe these 3 players change the truth of that observation.
    One other angle to all of this that was left on the editing floor is the number of recent BC recruits that NU thoroughly evaluated and passed on. That too is evidence of a turning tide in the fortunes of these programs. Not long ago, NU signed prospects that fell below BC’s recruiting radar. Now, just the opposite is happening. Eaglets Nick Lifka, Victor Nelson, Andy Gallik and Dan Lembke all hail from fine Illinois HS programs, and all were well known to the NU coaching staff. So while we wish them the best when they’re not playing NU, the fact they were not offered by NU is relevant to the discussion of where these 2 programs are headed.

    Thanks for your comments 31southst. I hope you understand that our use of BC as a relevant measuring stick for the progress of our own football program is a great compliment to what BC has accomplished on the Hill. Go Cats! Fitz51.

  • nuftw

    This part is another reason to like these sorts of games. Beating Vanderbilt/Duke/Stanford/BC gives a leg up in recruiting as many of these schools try for the same targets.

  • 31southst

    Thanks and it makes a lot of sense why our two programs should be compared. I feel good about BC’s chances on Saturday but I’d much rather have your coach than ours.

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