20/20 Vision: Fitzgerald Signed For 10 Year Deal

Update: Teddy Greenstein broke the news that Fitz’s salary is estimated to be in the $1.8M per year range.  Note that I gave that credit to Teddy and not Chris Deluca. Check out the Twitter spat that ensued today between the Chitown paper rivals over which one of them broke the news on the contract extension.  The blog Foul Balls has all of the back-and-forth tweets here which is quite hilarious to follow.

As expected, Northwestern officially announced yet another new contract for Pat Fitzgerald today.  This deal is a 10-year contract that technically locks Fitz on the NU sidelines through 2020.  NU AD Jim Phillips has been working on the deal since right after the Ticket City Bowl when Michigan floated overtures about Fitz’s interest through a trusted source.  Surprisingly, Fitz denied that Michigan approached him as Lindsey Willhite of the Daily Herald wrote about here.  Technically that might be true as the school did not officially approach him but rather used a former Michigan player to make contact with him.  Regardless, this deal is yet another major effort by Phillips on top of his previous contract extension and increased pay, to show that he wants Fitz here for life.  If Fitz can lead NU to the type of year we’re expecting this season, the drumbeat of big name schools will continue to happen including Penn State as Fitz’s name is a popular one on message boards and among Nittany Lions fans as a potential JoePa successor.

The real win here for Fitz was the increase in assistant coaches’ salaries.  This winter Northwestern suffered a tad of a black eye when former NU OC and current Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson pilfered NU WR coach Kevin Johns.  It is no secret that NU wanted to keep Johns but didn’t have the funds to compete with Indiana.  When you’re losing out to Indiana on assistant coaches, the alarm bells go off pretty quickly.  The other obvious marketing tool in the tool box here is the commitment to facilities.  The Populous study is close to completion and the price tags are soon to be put on the a la carte menu of NU Athletics facilities with Ryan Field and football practice facilities at the top of the priority list along with Welsh-Ryan Arena.  It was no mistake that the carefully worded press release highlighted this facility upgrade almost as much as the contract.  You can see the full release here, but the key marketing angle by Phillips included this nod to the upgrade:

“Northwestern is committed to giving our football program all the necessary resources to do tremendous things on and off the field. We certainly are excited to receive the results from our Master Facility Plan which will help direct the next steps regarding our athletic facilities.” – Jim Phillips, May 10, 2011

Fitz is clearly excited about this and who wouldn’t be? He gets the resources to retain and attract assistant coaches, the facilities promise to compete with the top flight programs and of course more dough.  Fitz also put himself out there in a good way in his statement by inviting the fan base to “expect to compete for championships.”

I’m humbled and appreciative of the commitment shown by Northwestern” said Fitzgerald. “With this support from our administration, our coaches and players expect to compete for championships.” – Pat Fitzgerald, NU Press Release, May 10, 2011.

Northwestern’s private school status enables the university to keep the terms and dollar amounts of Fitz’s contract under wraps, but Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune had his previos contract estimated in the $1M-$1.5M per year range.  That was a far cry from the top ranks of the conference where guys like Jim Tressel and Kirk Ferentz are reportedly pulling in the $3.7M range and Ferentz, according to USA Today has a potential of a $1.75M max bonus (see entire coaches salary list according to USA Today here).  You’ve got to wonder if that bonus now is for beating Northwestern.  Fitz was likely in the 7th or so ranking range in terms of contract, ahead of Tim Brewster, Danny Hope, Bill Leach and even potentially Joe Paterno ($1.1M), but the stakes continue to change as Kevin Wilson at Indiana reportedly got a $1.2M per year salary with all kinds of bonus incentives which is double what Bill Leach was making.

Overall, this is a good thing. However, with increased commitment comes increased expectations.  Fitz has now got the program completely shaped with his imprint and has enough learning curve behind him that the on-field wins and losses need to continue.  There isn’t a fan out there who doesn’t think is the model citizen in terms of what a coach should be – emphasizing leadership, molding players and cultivating an environment of academic excellence (NU continues to best its own academic marks for football players including an amazing 3.02 team GPA average this past semester).   Now, Fitz needs to help the program take that next leap to competing for championships, as he said.  The program is at a point where consistent above average performance is expected.  The ‘Cats are looking to build upon the school record streak of three consecutive bowl games, but they must also break an increasingly infamous streak of losing bowl games (currently 8) as a start.  

You’ve got to think this is truly a dream job for Fitz, the former ‘Cat standout linebacker and two-time Bronko Nagurski Defensive Player of the Year award winner.  While expectations are rising from an increasingly more demanding fan base, NU is hardly the pressure cooker of big time SEC programs.  If you go 8-4 and win bowl games (9-5) you’ll get extension after extension.  An 8-4 season in the state of Alabama and you’re on notice.  That being said, we all take pride in the clean factor of the program.  Never a hint of impropriety or scandal on Fitz’s watch. Yet, every day around the country the foettotball news wire seems to be intertwined with a police blotter. Granted, NU is not perfect and I’m certain there are some screw-ups that we haven’t heard about, but there is no bigger pride we have then when one of our players goes to the postgame interview stand after a “w”. 

This isn’t just a homer stance on Fitz. LTP blog-crush, Presnap Read goes pretty far down this road with the Fitz-next-JoePa angle here today in his post.  Fitz isn’t just the face of the program, he’s becoming the face of the entire university.  By the time this contract ends, if all goes well, Fitz will likely be in the team photo of longest tenured football coaches in the entire country.  Considering the way he leads the program, isn’t that a good thing for him to be the front porch to the top-ranked academic school in the Big Ten and a perennial top ranked school in all of BCS land?

The most positive takeaway here is the fact that NU is indeed putting their money where their mouth is in terms of commitment.  Increased salaries, assistant coaches salary pool increases and the major granddaddy of ’em all facilities renovations point to substance and not sizzle. There is a small but vocal minority of this readership that doesn’t buy NU’s commitment to athletics. Well, I think when we get news of the depth of the facilities overhaul it will be the final stake in that argument. 

The bottom line is that I love this move.  Fitz is 34-29 overall with 24 of those wins coming over the past three seasons.  He will likely become the all-time wins leader by the end of next season or early in the 2013 season at the latest.  Fitz is one win behind Gary Barnett (35-45-1), two behind Ara Parseghian (36-35-1) and 16 wins away from surpassing the all-time leader, Pappy Waldorf (49-45-1).  Two of those three (Barnett, Waldorf) coaches share an honor that Fitz has yet to achieve – they’ve won at least one conference title.   There is no doubt Fitz is the right guy for this job and no one else I’d want to run the program at this point in our history and his history.  All of this off the field reinforcement now sets the stage for a no excuses on field performance review moving forward.  I’m eerily confident that this is the year we make that leap we’ve all been waiting for and perhaps even win the division. 

The final hurdle for NU to overcome its image challenge, a now 16-year and counting effort, is to pack Ryan Field with purple.  ‘Cats fans still get mocked by opposing fans and I’m certain opposing coaches based on the (lack of) gameday atmosphere.  This  is one place that you actually have control. We’ve gone a full week now without any new season ticket holders.  That’s got to change.  Let’s work together to leverage yet another piece of timely news to step up and bring someone new in under the tent. Who will step up and get the next shout out?

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  • D Ryan

    Great day for NU football fans, the players and new recruits. The facilities planning must be a done deal or Fitz wouldn’t have signed on for a decade – a crazy commitment compared to other NCAA coaches around the country. So I assume that LTP will cover this facilities thing with Pulizter Prize-like coverage! It’s going to be a great year, man, beating Nebraska there to kick off their entry to the Big 10 would be awesome.

    To that end, now, if we can only get the boys to wrap up and finish tackles!

  • NUmanager

    Love the contract. Great stuff. Great for recruiting.

    But why in the back of my mind to I keep going back to that 12-year contract Barnett signed in ’95? Those damn buyout clauses.

  • cece

    Awesome. Fitz is a great person and a true leader. Here’s hoping the University supports and concentrates more on getting seats in the seats than on what kind of chairs belong in some suite for a high roller. I’ll take 10,000 more people over 1000 high rollers any day.

  • Teddy Greenstein just reported on the radio that Northwestern wants an on-campus/lakefront facility so students don’t have to commute to Ryan Field at 6 AM every morning. They think that would really help to wow recruits.

  • Lake The Posts

    @NWH – Thanks for that news. I’ve been privy to that news/speculation for a couple of months but was not, in confidence of my sources, able to “go public” with it. Yes, the practice facility on the lakefront is a potential part of the overall plan. It’s not a done deal yet though.

  • GTom


    I hate to nit-pick, but Ara never won a conference title at NU. Last one before 1995 was Pappy’s in 1936.

  • @LTP – It has me even more excited for the report. An on-campus practice facility isn’t something I really considered before.

  • LookGoodInPurple

    LTP, I heard you broke the story… you should defend yourself on Twitter. (Sorry…couldn’t help it). Deluca is looking pretty silly right about now.

  • Lake The Posts

    @Gtom – no, PLEASE nitpick. Sorry for the obvious typo on Ara. I need everyone to chip in on correcting LTP to ensure that we get things done well.

  • jason

    Fitz will be here for life as long as the AD and University give him what he wants to turn this program into a winner. If they don’t do that, he’s gone. but they are willing to do that, so my money is on Fitz being the next JoePa.

  • Mark

    Agree that filling the seats is more important than filling them with high rollers (since I’m not in the latter category). Living in Ohio but close to Ann Arbor I’ve looked at the cost of Michigan and OSU tickets compared to ‘Cats tickets – UofM and OSU are approximately 5X as expensive since you can’t even get them without paying a seat license (“donation”). Over time it seems inevitable that winning consistently will increase the fan base but in the meantime there is no need to price current fans out of the market.

  • Icehockeycat

    2-cents here – agree a on-campus practice facility would at least get rid of a negative for recruits, but I don’t know if they need “prime” real estate (i.e., lakefront) to do it, although I’d be the first to admit I do not know where else it would go on campus. If a practice facility in conjunction with an a new on-campus “welsh-ryan” (dual-purpose of course for hockey of course!), well maybe that is the best we can hope for. Still, I hope like crazy that they fully, fully explore putting a lake front stadium in place and if (when…) they don’t, a full explanation as to why it does not work is given….

  • wildcat6

    Some interesting comments on the Fitz contract extension from AD Phillips on Adam’s blog, including addressing the buyout clauses:


  • PBRCat

    It is a bad day for all of the naysayers who love to second guess Fitzgerald’s decision making skills and are prepared to show him the door after every loss.

    Barring a future buyout, Pat Fitzgerald is going to be the headcoach of the Wildcats for years to come and, in time, he is going to be the program’s all-time winningest coach. Do the math.

    He needs only four more wins to secure second place in his own right and pass Barnett, Hanley, Parseghian and Walker in the process. What is of additional interest is that Fitzgerald is in a position to overtake the late Randy Walker in record setting time. Walk took seven seasons to reach the #2 spot on the NU Coaching Victories list while Fitz is in a good position to reach this plateau in his sixth season. Surpassing Pappy Waldorf (49 wins) is going to take longer, but I think that Fitz can catch him in under twelve years.

    Here’s hoping that Fitzgerald is the first NU football coach to win a hundred games!

  • NU68

    “It is a bad day for all of the naysayers who love to second guess Fitzgerald’s decision making skills …”
    Doesn’t take great skill to take this contract.

    Now he is to get everything he wanted … time to perform! You hang around long enuf and you are right … you will break the winningest records … even with an average team every year.

    I hope Fitz can take this team to the next level … it is one hell of a hurdle. If he can’t do it with a tougher schedule it is gonna be one sad 10 years.

  • Mark

    I thing Fitz’s career trajectory is definitely upward. Don’t want to jump into this too early but look at John Wooden – All American in college (Purdue), successful early as a coach, a person who talks of integrity and seems to be reaching his players, and at a location where greater success is possible but not inevitable. (And having grown up in Indiana during Wooden’s years at UCLA I know that he is alleged to have had ‘help’ in recruitment from Sam Gilbert.) If we can get back to the type of defense played in 2008 this team has a legitimate shot at the Legends and Big Ten titles – pressure on the QB and great secondary coverage and run defense. So if Browne, Mabin, Phillips, et al. step up like Wootton, Smith, Phillips, McMannis, we’ll be there. Of course we need Persa, especially since the schedule is challenging.

  • LF Cat

    @ Mark

    I think it is beyond “alleged” that Sam Gilbert helped. Wooden even admitted it later in his career.

  • PBRCat

    Although Fitzgerald assumed the head coaching position in 2006 due to Walker’s untimely death, I really do not fault him for posting a losing record that season. Since that time, the Wildcats have been bowl eligible every year and received bowl invitations in three of the four years.

    After close to two and a half decades of being a doormat and a total non-factor in the conference, I never thought that Northwestern fans would complain about football teams that were capable of playing .500 or better on a consistent basis, but I guess that simply demonstrates how far expectations have increased since 1995.

  • Taylor

    Fitz for another 20 years? Great job NU signing the contract with Pat. In my opinion he is the future of NU football. Congrats to Fitz and the Cats :)

  • Taylor

    * 10 years. Correction to the last comment.