Say “Wrigley”

Crazy.  Tell me that photo doesn’t give you shivers.  All the more reason why we need to win against Penn State this weekend so that game has even more at stake (read: bigger bowl).  I’m not sure who the owner is, but have had a few email it to me.  Happy to credit the owner once you fill me in.  A couple of other notes:

  • That is awesome. They disabled the webcam at Wrigley Field at the beginning of this week, so I haven’t seen anything from there since the grass was installed.

  • wildcat6

    It’ll be nice to see Jeremy Ebert catch one at the wall at the 368 sign in right-center for a TD, as I’ve seen so many Cub blasts fall into fielder’s gloves there for the final out of the inning.

    There’s not much room down the right-field line for benches, equipment, etc. Will both teams be lined up on the other side, the way they were at old Metropolitan Stadium for Vikings games?

  • The original mockup had both teams sharing the north sideline. It makes the most sense not only because of limited room on the first base line, but because having a team setup there would block quite a lot of views of the field for those in the club box seats.

  • David in Dallas

    This is cool, too:

  • David in Dallas

    Is it artificial turf or sod?

  • It’s sod. They finished laying it down last week.

  • Also, check out the photos of the exterior that the has been sharing on twitter:

  • Knickelbein5

    Anyone know if this game will be on ESPN3? I don’t get ESPNU. Or if not, anyone know of any good places in the Twin Cities to watch NU?

  • I’ve noticed that some or all ESPNU games have not been available on ESPN3, but that hasn’t been announced yet.

    @BigTenMark said on twitter that there will be an update tomorrow on start times and TV for games on 11/20 and 11/27. I don’t think it will be an update on everything, but we’ll see.

  • David

    The Stadium Journey Guy must not have found Wildcat Alley. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t appreciate the free Goose Island before the game.

  • Chadnudj

    @Knickelbein5 — don’t take this the wrong way, but are you sure you don’t get ESPNU? It’s pretty standard now with most cable/satellite packages (although apparently maybe not universally so), even if only in standard definition.

    If not, I’m POSITIVE you’ll be able to find a good sports bar in the Twin Cities to watch it….even if it’s an Illini bar (all the better for seeing all their sad, dejected faces after we beat them again)….

  • DT

    Sorry, but, the only shivers I get from seeing this photo of The Friendly Confines of Futility, are coming through the side of my window on a cool day… No thrill looking at this strange configuration, but– moreover, continued disappointment that the game is not being played, at the best boutique stadium environment in BCS level college football, a few miles due north in Evanston… That said, if they beat Penn State and Iowa, regardless of the venue, this becomes huge…

    Go Cats…

  • Doug

    1) I’m jealous of all of you who will be at the Wrigley game — I had to pass up tickets because of work. Worse, I don’t get ESPNU, I’m pretty sure that ESPNU games specifically aren’t on (presumably to generate revenue by pressuring people into paying for their sports teir, increasing ESPN revenue), and I have to work DURING the game, so i can’t even catch it at a bar. Oh well.

    2) The StadiumJourney folks must also not have visited north campus. At least a few years ago, there used to be a pretty decent tailgate scene in the SPAC lots…I recall Michigan grad students on a decked out old school bus getting me very drunk before they crushed my soul in 03, in addition to lots of NU fans every week…

    GO CATS!

  • Doug

    Oh, and does anyone know where they’e putting the students for the Wrigley game? Hopefully near the foul pole on the right field line, or in the blachers (that would be cool, huh)…

  • I’m sure some students can confirm, but I believe they’ll be in the CF and LF bleachers. I haven’t heard the exact location of the band, though.

    I’m curious to know how much of the east endzone will be blocked for those in the RF bleachers, particularly the bleacher box seats.

  • Doug

    Too bad they’re being put so far from the field — they’re our best shot at being loud.

  • NUdone88

    Thanks for sharing. This Lake The Posts blog is great. We need to spread the good news about the state of NU Football. 1970 to 1991 aren’t that long ago. Danny Mac on 670 The Score AM Chicago is a good supporter of Fitz and our program. So is Teddy G. from the Trib. The Big Ten Network is paying dividends too.

    Let’s get Ryan Field and McGaw Hall spiffed up soon. I see some amazing facilities on ESPN 4 days a week (small schools too). Let’s make a splash! Brent Musberger’s comment about we’re the Wrigley Field of Big Ten stadiums is true but growing old. Morti and Jim P are avid sports nuts so let’s ride their lake waves to more excellence at good ole NWU.

  • buckyor

    I think the Penn State game is on the Deuce, not ESPNU. It is scheduled so here in Maine.

  • 1stdownrar-rar-rar

    I’ve been a fan of this Wrigley game from the start, but I’ll admit I understood the initial skepticism by some. Were we giving up home field advantage just to play in front of a sea of orange at Wrigley to remind everyone that Illinois is really Chicago’s team?

    What a difference a few months make. Now it looks like not only will it be >75% purple on game day, but with the resurgent Illini, what are the odds we would have had anywhere near that kind of partisan crowd for this game if it were played in Evanston (where we’re currently 0-2 in conference play, by the way)? Is it possible that moving the game to Wrigley actually creates more of a pro-Northwestern environment than keeping the game in Evanston?

    Also, I love how they’re marketing the NU brand at the stadium (okay, except that logo). After so many years of watching Northwestern try to sell tickets by pointing to our big-name opponents (which still happens, and I’m sure will continue to happen), it’s great to see those purple banners outside the stadium: “Wrigleyville Classic – Northwestern Football.” Who are they playing? It doesn’t matter. It’s Chicago’s team. Not that I expected them to roll out the orange carpet for Illinois or anything, but…..well, I guess I kind of did.

  • Cyndie

    I think the field looks cool, although some people are going to have bad seats. I have gotten used to a big screen for all the replays so that will be different too. Still it should be good game. Go ILLINI!

  • Fighter

    Go Illini! Beat the Wildcats!

  • Wildcat99

    Boo lllini!!! Go Cats!!! I guess the illini fans that just posted don’t read too well… This is the NORTHWESTERN blog. The Land of Lincoln is OURS!

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  • uiucvarsity

    This is a dream come true. I love the Cubs. I love the Illini. I LOVE watching the Illini whoops on some little kitties at Wrigley Field. Fantastic! And I’ll be on leave for the game! GO ILL INI!!

  • Matt

    I think it’s great to see football back in Wrigley Field. I think the Chicago Bears should return to their original home field. Winning 8 Championships there. I bet some people have forgotten that.

  • Carolyn

    The Illini should be ‘bowl eligible’ come Sat night. Go Illini!!

  • Chaddogg

    Hey everyone, forgive the Illini for chirping in over here…..

    They’re just a bit excited to have a winning team this late in the year. And let’s face it, they’re just not as used to handling winning as we are. This bowl eligibility things is still new for them…..let them have a little pregame excitement before watching the Cats once again crush their hopes and dreams.

    GO CATS!

    (Wow, that was fun to write….)


    No, ESPNU games are not available on (only ESPN/ESPN2/ABC/GamePlan + syndicated games produced by ESPN are available there). This is obviously to drum up subscriptions for ESPNU, and I can’t blame them too much for doing that.

    Unfortunately ESPNU is still not available on a lot of basic cable packages even if it may be available on the satellite packages. I have Comcast in Evanston, and ESPNU isn’t available on Digital Starter (what I have). To get it, I believe you must upgrade to a higher digital tier or add on the Sports package.

    Note that the game time (2:30PM CT) and network (ESPNU) HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED as of this morning; OSU @ Iowa will be on ABC in the same time slot that day. It’s unfortunate that NU won’t get as much exposure nationally for the game, but it’s clear that Northwestern wanted a good game time to allow tailgating before & after and I think it was a good decision. I am definitely excited for the game atmosphere.

    Go ‘Cats!!!

  • NU_Roger

    I am glad that our Orange-Blue friends are getting chirpy since outside their Rose Bowl season in 2007, they really haven’t had much football excitement since 1990. With the permanent loss of Chief Illiniwek and the Sweet Sioux Tomahawk trophy, they need to find their gridiron mojo.

    When I invited a very good friend who is a football fanatic to the Wrigley game for his 50th earlier this season, he was resigned to the outlook that his Illini were going to get beaten down. (He will be wearing Purple “Fitz is my Facebook friend” tee as a condition of accepting my offer.)

    In other words, it’s not much of a rivalry if the other side doesn’t put up any resistance. That said, let’s protect the Giant Monopoly Top Hat trophy!

    I look forward to an exciting Wrigley atmosphere! Go Cats!

  • Mike

    Anyone know if they are bringing in video screens for the game for replays? They did for the Winter Classic when it was at Wrigley.

  • kinsella316

    @Knickelbein5 – I used to live in MPLS and last year a bunch of Cats fans would go to the Champps in Richfield on 66th and Lyndale to watch games. For the IL game last year there were probably 20 of us!

  • David in Dallas

    When do the tickets mail?!?

  • Mike


    I talked to someone in the ticket office yesterday. They are starting to assign seats and mail tickets today starting with the highest priced seats.

  • Andrew

    Photo was taken by my friend, who shared it on her facebook page. It’s private, but i tweeted the photo yesterday afternoon:

    Here is her website:

    I’m sure she’ll get some great photos on Saturday as well.

  • David

    Think about it…when was the last time there were three different Illini fans who posted on any thread on any blog? I am suspicous that they may have all been sitting in the same room.

  • JLE

    It will be a historic win for The Zooker and The Fighting Illini in Wrigley Field. I-L-L……I-N-I!!!

  • Knickelbein5

    @Kinsella316- Thanks!! I will be there to watch NU beat up on the Illini.

  • David in Dallas

    @ Mike: Thank you!

  • Illinois will be favored in that game. I’ve been offered tix at cost. Turned them down. Wrigley is a toilet in the summer and it will worse in the Fall. Enjoy your first sell out in 75 years Wildcats. It took a game at Wrigley to get you there.

  • @John O’Malley

    Most Illini fans were pretty respectful until you showed up. In any case, it will be Northwestern’s first sellout for ONE WEEK, since the 11/13 game against Iowa is already sold out. Illinois doesn’t seem to have sold out many games recently, anyways. I’ll refrain from further trash talk given NU’s 7-3 record against Illinois over the last decade; that pretty much speaks for itself.

  • Doc

    My question is WHY? Wrigley is a DUMP. I don’t even like watching baseball games there, let alone football. If you are going to have a game at a nice stadium try soldier field. This is possibly the dumbest idea i have ever seen.

  • tim

    John you’re an angry man, and free from the facts. Ryan Field has been sold out MANY times in the last 15 years, including the Iowa game in 2 weeks.

  • Henry in CT

    Illinois is 5-3 having already played the tough part of their schedule and they don’t have Iowa or Wisconsin this year and their last four games are projected wins. They should end up 9-3, be ranked in the top 15 and get a good new year’s day bowl unless NU spoils their season. The Wrigley game is the biggest game they have left so they should be up for it and NU’s season will probably be on the line at that point so this will be a big game. I wish I could be there. I have lots of good memories of watching those good Cubs teams in the late 60’s but they did have that 1969 collapse against the Mets that sort of set the tone for what came after. When I left Chicago I had come to associate the Cubs and Wrigley with blowing it. I really don’t think playing this game in Wrigley is a good idea but if we beat Penn St and play Iowa tough the following week then Illinois could be a very close exciting game.

  • @Doc

    Soldier Field was a real dump until a UFO landed in it. Unfortunately that didn’t do anything to fix the turf on the field.

  • And I liked the old Soldier Field.

    Bottom line is that there are people who don’t like Wrigley Field and/or the Cubs. Regardless, the appeal of Wrigley Field is significant enough to warrant such a one-time decision by Jim Phillips to draw interest in the program and it appears to have gone better than expected so far.

  • PBRCat


    “Unfortunately that didn’t do anything to fix the turf on the field.”

    My last visit to Soldier Field occurred when Northwestern and Oklahoma met in “The Pigskin Classic.” The game was played at Soldier Field because stadium renovations in Evanston could not be completed in time for this additional early game. I have often wondered if the 1997 Wildcat season did not end when D’wayne Bates went down with injury suffered on the crummy turf at Soldier Field? The Cats won the Pigskin Classic in decisive fashion, but missed bowl eligibility by a single game (the one point loss to Wisconsin on a late field goal following an NU fumble was also a killer).

    The highlight of our afternoon was talking to a recent graduate by the name of Pat Fitzgerald who was roaming around the parking lot after the game.

    Obscure Chicago history note: the Los Angeles Coliseum and Soldier Field were built using the same architects and virtually the same blue prints, but Los Angeles chose to construct their stadium on a larger scale (the venue was used to host the Olympic Games twice, 1932 and 1984) while Chicago built a smaller facility. Naturally, Chicago’s politicians managed to bring the project in for millions of dollars more than did the Los Angelenos.

  • PBRCat

    @John O’Malley

    During my tour of the Big Ten, I visited Memorial Stadium in Champaign and the Illini were unable to sell out their home finale against the Wildcats. This was true even though Illinois had a winning season and a significant portion of the stadium was closed for remodeling. You are not in a position to lecture the Wildcats about attendance figures.

  • Lake The Posts

    Well, well, well and we thought the Iowa game was going to bring out the rivalry banter. Indeed, I’m glad to see Illini fans have surfaced from the very long hide in the Groundhog hole. Kudos to your team as they’re playing well and thankfully for the rest of us this ensures that the Zooker will be on board for a while which is great since he’s good to lose at least 1-2 per year based on his game coaching. Hopefully that plays in to effect in two weeks. BEAT MICHIGAN! Can’t wait for the rumble at Wrigley.

  • buckyor

    I’m just impressed that the University of Illinois actually has fans. Who knew?

  • David

    I went to the 2005 NU game at Champaign. It was awesome. That was the last time Walker ran the fumbleruski. Hamlet took the ball 30 yards for a TD. Before the game every Illini fan we spoke with told us how badly they sucked. They seemed to embrace their position at the bottom of the conference. We bought the $17 ticket and moved to the 50 yard line about 10 rows up. The stands could not have been more than 30% full. You have to love being able to insult another fans team to their face and have them agree with you.

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  • mike engerman

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  • Go Illini! How exciting that I finally got my tickets as part of living in Wrigleyville. However, there should be more orange in town.

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