>Big Ten selects Indy for 2011 Football Title Game

>Start making plans for Indy in 2011. What I believe will be the best ‘Cats team we’ll have in the Fitz era will be eyeing a Big Ten title slot in Indianapolis. The Big Ten Conference released the news today that Lucas Oil Stadium – pending a 30-day negotiating period – will be the site of the inaugural Big Ten Championship game in 2011. The deal is a one-year deal, meaning Soldier Field and other venues will be vying for 2012 and beyond. See the release here.

  • Dfarman

    >If NU is in the game, you can all stay at my house!

  • Doug

    >Really? An indoor stadium?! I think this is a terrible idea. In my mind the only option that makes any sense at all is Soldier Field. Chicago is the heart of the Big Ten, and any team (cept NU) could sell out the stadium just from its alumni who live in the city. And its outside, which should be a prerequisite. The only indoor football game I've ever been to was the 2003 Motor City Bowl, and we all know how terrible that atmosphere (and outcome) was.

  • NorthwesternHighlights.com

    >Domes are awful, but a rotation including one or more normal stadiums is about as good as we can hope for. There are going to be Big Ten Championship games in domes after 2011. Hopefully we can just avoid Detroit.

  • NUStudent2010

    >As someone from Detroit, I can tell you it is actually a very lovely city and unlike you all, I think holding the game outdoors would be a terrible idea. When everyone else plays in warmer climates and everyone has warm weather bowl games to get ready for, December football whether is the last thing these two teams will need. And I don't know about other domed stadiums, but Ford Field is actually a really great place (except for the team that plays in it) for football.

  • buckyor

    >I like the idea of rotating the game among 4 or 5 different sites, inclding Lucas, Soldier Field, Ford Field, and yes, even Lambeau.

    The Big Ten Championship game is going to sell out no matter where it's played, and who is playing in it- it will be that big a deal. And I think a rotation helps keep it fresh.

  • Marc

    >Not soldier field. It is a dump even after the remodel. By December the field conditions are always a mess.

    I think the indoor venues should have the first shots. If they prove sterile and unsupportive then the big ten should head outdoors. Cleveland should be the 1st outdoor stadium as I think it could produce good attendance, unlike soldier field or green bay(w/o the badgers playing).

  • John

    >Indy does have a retractable roof. Maybe they would consider leaving it open so we could enjoy some 'Big Ten weather' in the big game.

  • Dfarman

    >Big Ten should follow SEC's lead and pick a stable site for their championship game. SEC does it in Atlanta (an ACC city). Big Ten should do it annually in Indianapolis-centrally located, always does a nice job with big events (NCAA final four, etc.), great stadium, NCAA headquarters, etc.