Please help me. I am a helpless Cat (fan). Our men’s team just played one of its best games of the year, yet still lost by 15 points at #10/#11 Michigan State 70-55. We had 2 free throws and don’t even pretend to care about rebounding. We are 0-10 in conference and heading for a certain goose egg on the season. You want worse? Our women’s team is far WORSE than the men’s team. They are 0-11 right now and you got it – we’re heading for the alltime worst combined men’s and women’s conference records in the same season. Just what our fair name doesn’t need – another place in the infamy record book. The whole reason I started this damn blog was to at least portray a positive image about NU FB since we’ve been more than respectable since 1995. I’m at wits end with hoops – ESPECIALLY considering several coaches I know and ADs think the women’s job at NU is a no-brainer perennial Top 25 program. When I was in school the women were drawing what the men draw now and the games were fun – and we were tourney-bound regularly. What a disaster. I don’t mean any disrepect to the hard-working players, but it is time for some sweeping change.
Please, Mr./Ms. AD-To-Be – step right in and make your mark. If I watch another Georgetown game where the offense is nearly the same scheme, but the major difference is the talent – ESPECIALLY the presence of a big man – I’m going to be sick.
  • T-Mill

    >I bring hardwood hope from my favorite sport: Indiana High School basketball.

    Oregon-Davis High School lost a near state record 53 games before finally breaking the streak in 2003. In 2007 they became the Class A (smal school) state champion int he same year their girls teama ccomplished the same feat, a first in Indiana history. There is hope!

  • Lake The Posts

    >Hope that we could beat them?!!! Thanks for the encouragement. For what it is worth, I think the declassification of Indiana HS hoops is one of the more tragic occurences in American sports. Is your high school coach available? Perhaps a package deal?

  • Matt

    >Actually, NU was only outrebounded 33-26 last night. Considering how badly we’ve been done in the past, that’s not too shabby. If there’s any silver lining, it’s the emergence of Jeremy Nash, who had 10 rebounds last night and is only 6’4″.

  • Lake The Posts

    >Aside from M. Thompson, Nash appears to be the only one who plays with passion and full-throttle enthusiasm when he is on the court. He makes terrible fouls, but aside from that, he at least makes things happen. His back-door assist last night was awesome.
    Regardless, our inability to crash the offensive glass and not take it to the whole makes it nearly impossible for us to win. You can’t win when you get crushed on the boards and don’t shoot free throws.

  • T-Mill

    >LOL! I went to Kokomo High School and they are currently coached by a guy a mere two years older than I. He was one of the main players on a 1996 team that started 19-0 and was ranked #12 in the nation that got upset in the state sweet 16. Coaching my Kats (we spell Wildkats with a K) is his dream job and he’s not leaving. They are currentyl 10-7 in his second year on the job with a very bright future after a 5-16 record last year with a kid that is currently at Southern Illinois.

    And yes, class basketball in Indiana is the greatest tragedy in the history of sports. My junior year in high school (1997) was hte last year of the real tournament and we made the last final 4. We played in front of 27,000 people that day, and it hasn’t been the same since.

  • BG

    >I watched the game on Sat., and it was amazing…despite the fact that we seemingly hit big shots when we needed them, and crashed the defensive boards (still no Offensive rebounds…ever!), I never got the feeling we were in the game.

    I actually feel bad for the players…especially Thompson and Coble. Is there any chance they stick around? Or is a mini-transfermania on the horizon. Who can handle losing this much?