Taking The Purple Plunge

I’ve taken the plunge. The blog plunge. The Northwestern Football blog plunge. Our present day uber-niche wild west media world enables me to contribute to your procrastination habits by offering a perspective of NU football that hopefully helps satisfy the “how many days to kickoff?” bug we share.

In the interest of full disclosure I have selfish motivations. First, I’m trying to immerse myself in the blog world as part of my day job. Second, I am cursed/blessed with being a diehard Cats football fan. Third, I, like you, procrastinate and figure this perhaps can be a way to channel it constructively. So there you are – my opening salvo – the shot across the Ryan Field bow.

All 13 of us that consider ourselves diehard Cats fans can hopefully reminisce, stir the pot and keep the faith collectively. I have been beaten down by the lists Gods and feel that despite the alleged highbrow demographic of the Cat fan – I should create a list we care about. ESPN’s Top 100 college football moments – heh! If you don’t list NU’s win over ND in 1995 – you lose all credibility with me (I will repeatedly refer to this as the biggest college football upset in history – this is my go-to barroom debate – I’ve yet to lose in my own mind). So bear with me as I get my blog legs under me and kick-off with the first ever (to my knowledge) NU’s Top 24 football moments (tip of cap to #24, “The Real Deal”, of course -heretofor known as TRD). It launches on Monday.

I can only claim diehard status of 17 years, so please note – this blog acknowledges the ESPN era only (1979-present), with an emphasis on 1991-present. My first game was a Rice-NU game in September of 1991 – a drubbing in front of 14,000 fans. Despite this, I was hooked (I was one of 6 people who went to the Orrington to watch the next week’s game at Rutgers on satellite TV).

So, sit back, bookmark this link and get ready to start prophesizing, reminiscing an speculating, we’re going 8-4 baby!

  • The Thief

    >My first game was NU-vs-Northern Illinois in September 1990. We won and stormed the field (though it's laughable to storm the field following the defeat of NIU, then it was "required" after the horrendous 1989 season…).Somehow I found myself at the front of the crowd surrounding the north goalpost, then in the surge toward it, then hanging from the crossbar… until an overzealous DPS officer grabbed me in a chokehold (until he got rabbit punched by someone, at which point he started swinging a billy club). I got out of there quickly…Anyway, nice blog.